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Two years on, the focus is clearer for Hindraf by G Narayanan and Anwar, who are Hindraf's real heroes?

A sea of aggrieved humanity descended to the center of Kuala Lumpur on that historic day on Nov 25, 2007 and that was the day Hindraf was born.

Even though it had existed as a loose grouping of just over 30 NGOs, the Hindraf we all recognise today was indeed born then. It was more of a phenomenon than an organisation on that day.

Many of us were swept along into that phenomenon because of what it meant to all of us. What happened that day was a crystallisation of something that had been brewing for a very long time in the minds of the Indians in the country.

hindraf british petition rally 251107 gandhi's sprayedThese include emotions of seething anger, disgust, bitterness, alienation and helplessness. All these deriving from a lifelong experience of being put aside, being put down, being treated with indignity, being sidelined, being discarded, being treated like sub-humans, being denied the most basic of rights, being denied equal opportunities and being given reasons and excuses which we felt totally helpless to do anything about.

Now after two years of struggle as an organisation, we have found a clear direction and a firm basis by which to engage in what will be a prolonged struggle - for the inertia of status quo is very strong.

We have removed the chaff from the wheat. Most of those who do not belong have found their way out. We have cleared ourselves of many wishful thoughts. We have a better understanding of reality.

hindraf british petition rally 251107 malaysian flagsWe know what the real issues are, who our true friends are and who our fair weather friends are and who our enemies are. Two years have given us much opportunity to engage the issues and to learn from the various struggles. We can see our mission clearer now for all that. And it is a historic mission.

Hindraf is a working-class movement and the Human Rights Party (HRP) is a working-class party. Hindraf and the HRP lead the Indian poor and marginalised. This is where we originated from - the fight against a convergence of racism by the Umno regime and economic exploitation by the power elite of the country.

Hindraf and HRP will lead the Indian poor and marginalised today to realise a new life for them.

This is our mission. The Indian marginalised and poor are factory workers, service workers, manual workers and often contract workers.

Constant struggle for only the basics

They are drivers, they are security guards, they are the cleaners, they are the gardeners, they are the helpers, they are washerwomen in restaurants, they are the criminals in prison, they are the dregs of Malaysian society.

They form the majority of the Indians in the country. What characterises the Indian society at large in Malaysia today is a constant struggle only for the basics of life. Compared with the other segments of society, you see a contrasting, vibrant, forward-looking set of programmes for them but this basic struggle for the Indians.

hindraf british petition rally 251107 plaza ampang hosedThe Indians are also the dispossessed in our society. They have no 'kampung' to go back to. They have no ancestral structures to fall back on. They only have their working power to live their lives by. And that too is being blocked in so many ways by the working of this racist system.

And to top this all, the poor and marginalised Indians have been kept in a state of ignorance for as long as they have existed in this country. This makes them a group that is most desirous of change and most in need of change.

NONETo bring about change is their historic role. But they do not yet recognise this role. Hindraf and HRP now have set themselves the agenda of creating this recognition and in the process, uniting this group under one umbrella and forcing change in the system. Forcing change through empowered participation in the political processes of government.

The Indian poor and marginalised have the most to gain from a change to the system and they have the least to lose by any change. Thus, they have the potential for leading change in this country like no other single group.

Hindraf has evolved over these two years to become that organisation that discovered this historic mission for itself and this historic role for the Indian poor and marginalised. This role requires political clout - something which cannot be realised through any existing arrangement.

hindraf rally butterworth 251108 crowd march to temple1The needs of the Indian working poor can only be met by a re-engineering of the basic groupings within the government, by restructuring the constitution of those holding the reins of power.

HRP, the political wing of Hindraf, has taken on as its objective to participate in all levels of government to bring about a change to the basic policies. This will mean a change for all the poor and marginalised, not just for the Indians.

But the Indian working poor, organised well and led well, have the potential for leading the charge and creating change for all the working poor and marginalised in the country.

The work of HRP has just begun. Hindraf forms the mass base and HRP becomes the wing that will take on the struggle for national policy changes. This is so clear now after two years of struggle. A journey of a thousand miles starts but with a single step.

Valga Makkal!

Anwar, who are Hindraf's real heroes?

Gandhi: I can only say that P Uthayakumar and some hardcore believers in Hindraf did a sensible and meaningful commemoration of the historical event two years ago.

Where are Thanenthiran, Vasanthakumar and Ganabatirau? Is holding a dinner to commemorate the solemn event a fitting move? Get down in the trenches like Uthayakumar to go all the way to submit the memorandum and keep the fire alive. Knock on the doors of the corridors of power to act on the plight of Indians.

Ranjit Singh: Anwar Ibrahim should take the trouble to do some background checks on this character (Vasanthakumar) before endorsing him. Anwar doesn't seem to learn from his lessons as he keeps recruiting hapless and suspicious candidates who eventually backstab him.

Imhindraf: Hindraf members, please set aside your differences for the benefit of Indians. Hindraf came about to protect the Indians worst-hit by Umno discrimination.

DC: Here we go, another one attempting to gain political mileage for his own benefit. Why didn't he raise the Kampung Buah Pala issue to Anwar? We are not going to see change until and unless these so-called Indian champions openly, and with indignation, raise our issues.

Lvbala: That should be the way, Anwar. "Our political landscape has changed. Indian, Hindu and Tamil problems must be seen and projected as a Malaysian problem."

We should stand as one. United regardless of race, ethnicity and religion. United we must stand and free this holy land from corruption. Make Malaysia proud. Be a proud Malaysian.

Murali: First Thanenthiran sold his soul to Umno and now Vasanthakumar and Ganabatirau have sold theirs to Pakatan for political mileage. These are the selfish people I have seen after Samy Vellu. We will see whether they will highlight and solve the Indian issues.

Let It Be: Hey guys, if Vasanthakumar is going to be a frog there's nothing all of us can do here. Whether he's a true Indian or a frog, only time will tell. The Indians are not blind and you can cheat them only once.

To be frank, the defining moment for Malaysia was when Anwar was sent to prison because the powers-that-e believe they can continue to mislead us. It made Anwar a better person, when otherwise he would be sucked into Umno's politics of deceit and corruption.

Hindraf did the right thing to come to Pakatan Rakyat and let all Indians rally together for a long and meaningful road ahead. Hope, trust, perseverance, loyalty and lastly sacrifice is needed for this journey.

Reaching out to all, Hindraf's theme for third year

Kris Khaira: Timber companies in Borneo steal from the vulnerable through illegal logging because of profit. For the same reason, oil palm plantations pay their workers of all races, including Indians, obscenely low wages. The common enemy here is capitalism, a system that prioritises profit over people.

Gibran: Hindraf is not racist; it started by taking up the plight of the suppressed Indians. If they are successful, the ramifications will be great because this allows other marginalised communities like the disabled, single mothers and the like to bring up their issues.

Hindraf's success is pertinent - we could best equate it with the civil rights movement in US in the 60s, once the African-Americans obtained equal rights other marginalised groups started fighting for their rights too. Let us support this movement.

Paradox: Dear Penan brothers, be prepared! Hindraf will join forces with you to help your struggles. Now, this is what we call the real 'Bangsa Malaysia'. Kudos to Hindraf!

Pau Line Yaacob: Hindraf is on the right path. Many misunderstand them as being a race-based organisation but there is no harm in raising the issues of your community.

Pairin raises KadazanDusun issues as well. Would you call him racist and not seeing larger Malaysian issues? Similarly Hindraf speaks for the marginalised Indians. In fact they are going a step further to incorporate the natives from Borneo. Well done.

Felda’s 2,000 ha of seaweed, 1,876 hard core poor to benefit. Indians excluded by UMNO (ref Sunday Star 22/11/2009 at page N10)


This is yet another classical case where especially the poor and working class Indians are yet again excluded from the national poverty eradication policy. Why hasn’t UMNO implemented any plans targetting the Indian poor and working class as they have done for the poor natives in Sabah and for almost all the Malay muslims in Peninsular Malaysia. The poor and working class Indians could for example be given opportunities in the Felda, Felcra, Risda, Fama, Agropolitan land ownership schemes or the thousands of acres for lifestock breeding. But in the 52 year old history of UMNO ruling this country there has been zero such schemes targetting the Indians but there is almost 100% such schemes targetting the Malay muslims. UMNO has to stop these racist and religious extremist based policies.

PKR S’gor RM380 Million sales. But only RM2 Million for 97 Tamil schools in Selangor. Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia.

PKR S’gor RM380 Million sales. But only RM2 Million for 97 Tamil schools in Selangor. Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia. But just like the previous UMNO Selangor State government it s now PKR’s turn to dish out these peanuts.

PKR Selangor should forthwith grant land to all 97 Tamil schools in Selangor. By doing so the Federal UMNO government would be forced to grant full aid and fully funded status to all this said 97 Tamil schools. UMNO will have no more excuses. Then this said 97 Tamil Schools no longer have to beg from the pre existing poor Indians Tamil school parents for chairs, tables, library, books and extension school buildings and replacing existing cow shed looking Tamil schools. PKR Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should not divert away from this real issue and give out peanuts like this RM2 Million.


HRP Secretary General

122,000 degree diploma in Polytechnics. Almost zero for Indians. (ref NST 22/11/09 at page 25)

122,000 degree diploma in Polytechnics. Almost zero for Indians. (ref NST 22/11/09 at page 25)

Our estimate is that only about 0.1 % of these places are given to the Indians. UMNO will never publicise the full list of the students with their names, identity card numbers, the critical courses they are enrolled in etc. This UMNO racist and religious extremist policy is specifically designed to exclude the Malaysian Indians from the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

Why exclude especially the poor and working class Indians into government Polytechnics and Universities in Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia


HRP Secretary General


Re: Forced to convert to Islam prevalent- Indian poverty link.

Your Reference :

In Reply :

Date : 28/11/2009

YAB. Dato Seri Najib Razak

Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Block Utama Bangunan Perdana Putra,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62502 Putrajaya.

Tel : 03-8888 8000 Fax : 03-8888 3444

E-Mail :

Re: Forced to convert to Islam prevalent- Indian poverty link.

S.Banggarma (27) a former occupant of a welfare home says she was forced to convert to Islam as a one year old child by the Penang Welfare Department. This actually arose out of poverty. “ She ran away from the said home at the age of 18 and later found her father who was living like a beggar”. Her poor parents left her to the charge of the Penang Welfare Department. (The Star 25/11/09 at page N26 and The Sun 25/11/09 at page 4). Instead of giving this child the best the said Welfare Department took advantage of this family and the seven year old child by forcing her to convert to Islam.

S.Banggarma denied that her natural father had converted her to Islam when she was one year old. If that was so why was she made to sign a certificate to enter Islam again when she was seven years old.

This sort of forced conversations and/or attempts to do so are quite rampant also in orphanages, welfare homes, fully residential government schools and other educational institutions.

In 2007, a 17 year old youth who was studying at a Vocational school formally complained to us that he was pressured by his peers to convert to Islam which he was resisting. Then one fine day he was taken to the school’s religious teacher (Uztaz) who then took them to the local Islamic religious department where he was duly registered as an Muslim and issued with an Islamic conversation card. This youth was then told not to inform his parents or anyone else.

On hearing this from his Indian school friends his father immediately rushed to the school and at about 11.30 p.m the very same day took his son away from that school even that very wee hours of the morning. And that was the end of his Vocational skills training and so was his future vocational career .

We had then written a letter to the then Prime Minister but up to date his forced conversation status was never reversed even by the present Prime Minister.

But imagine the mysery this family has to go through. This youth right up to this day is a practicing hindu. In fact after this “tragedy” he has become a stauncher hindu then he ever was before. But nobody could help this boy not even the Malay-sian Courts because of UMNO’s thick racist and religious extremist policies.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Most non muslim parents fear sending their children to even the few places allowed to them in fully residential schools and institutions.

Article 11 of Federal Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, but on the ground level the UMNO Islamic religious affairs department officers reign supreme and take the law into their own hands. We are perplexed because even the national PAS Spritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar, YAB Dato Nik Aziz has said that in Islam there should be no forced conversation. And it is the bounden duty of the majority muslims to protect the minority non muslims especially the 7.5% Malaysian Indians.

How then are we supposed to work towards Malay-sian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia. How then are we Malaysians supposed to interact, foster genuine national unity and national integration and co-exist as fellow Malaysians or as human beings in the first place.

We hereby urge your goodself to intervene and direct the Penang Islamic Religious Department to undo and reverse S.Banggarma’s forced conversation to Islam. Further we urge the Prime Minister to issue a circular that there shall strictly be no conversation of minors and youths below 21 years of age at all government schools institutions and bodies. And for all Malaysians who claim that they were forced to convert to Islam they be granted their said Constitutional right to revert to their original or any other religion of their choice as is provided under Article 11 of the Federal Condtitution. Mr.Prime Minister, these state of events are completely unnecessary. We could instead optimally utilize our time and energy and focus on nation building in the true One Malaysian sprit championed by your goodself.

Please, let us move on and move forward.

Kindly revert to us accordingly.

Thank You,

Your Faithfully,



Secretary General ( pro-tem)



We can do better


The back half of these rows of terrace houses started coming down two weeks ago.

It was on this desolate road at Kampung Sentul Pasar that we met Raja. His family i

s one of a handful left inhabiting the remains of houses, which once provided shelter

for KTM staff. Sections of his roof are covered with frittered sheets of tarp.

“I'm okay with being resettled in a flat,” says Raja in Tamil. “But why send me and

my family packing to a place deep at the fringe of Puchong? How do I start again?

How do I find work? I was born and raised here in Sentul Pasar. My support is here.

Sini boleh cari kerja – tolong bawa lori, angkat barang. It's as good as taking away my livelihood.”

His voice remains even, but it gets raspy from the built-up frustration.

“Macam mana mau dapat susu untuk anak?” he gestures towards the

direction of his wife and five-month-old baby.

Raja's problems highlight the core issues in the nation's task of resettlement

and the urban poor. It's one thing to have a Zero Squatter policy, but another

when we examine the means to this end. Current mechanisms lack a basic virtue: Heart.

These are human beings here.

For too long, we have relied on Cold War-era social housing ideas and methods.

We cannot rely on just one model – the 750 sq ft high-rise apartment unit –

for the whole country. Nor can we simply decouple a family from its roots and

economic links. True, these projects provide shelter. But they sever ties.

They are not conducive for larger families. In many instances, these resettlement

exercises are a continuing stigma to those who have been relocated.

And how do you accommodate members such as these?:


We need choices. The late scholar-architect Chen Voon Fee once iterated: “For a building or a place to genuinely thrive, you have to maintain the patterns that exist. You cannot subvert. You mustn't overwhelm.”

There are sufficient affordable housing models from around the world, most notably Balkrishna Doshi's Aranya Community Housing project in Indore, India. It was undertaken by the local government, the Indore Development Authority. Implemented in 1983, this boldly imaginative project has been recognised numerous times over, including being awarded the Aga Khan Prize in 1995.

In her book, Architecture beyond Architecture, Cynthia Davidson writes about the project:

"But perhaps more important than the design goals this project has achieved are the social goals that it promotes, by creating common spaces where Muslims, Hindus, Jains and others in this neighborhoods can mix, the project promotes co-operation, neighborliness, tolerance and cohesive social relationships. In addition, it actively provides a socio-economic mix that provides for cross-subsidies and financial viability."

From Kampung Buah Pala and Kampung Tanjung Tokong in Penang to the Sentul heartland of Kampung Chubadak, Kampung Tanah Lapang, and Sentul Pasar, we see the ravenous appetite of redevelopment displacing thousands of citizens who are without the might of money.

In more than one instance, it has become political baggage leading to the fall of incumbents during elections. All this will not change without more imaginative models and policies on social and affordable housing. The existing bodies need more sensitivity and collaboration in dealing with urban redevelopment. Progress must come with a heart.

So far things do not look too good if inhumane scenes such as these taken at Kampung Tanah Lapang continue:

tlpg3Fellas, you don't spray 'ROBOH' on a house. No matter how stubborn the occupants are, you just don't. The act betrays how the various parties involved view these people.


What is it?

The lessons can be found right in the very streets where these structures are being torn down. Yesterday at the dusty lane of Kampung Sentul Pasar, while listening to Raja, we saw this:


See the hands. See how they tenderly intertwine.

A boy, Indian Malaysian, was leading an elderly man - so aged his back could not straighten - down the path. The man is a Chinese Malaysian. His legs were full of sores. Together they carried their packed meals.

Slowly. Ever so slowly, they walked.


The boy was leading grandpa home.

The other side of Malaysia

This is a side of Malaysia you don’t often see, a world hidden from us. Here, we get a peek at the sad conditions inside an immigration detention centre.

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PKR Selangor Indian EXCO mondore’s 20k wayang kulit paper politics.

PKR Selangor Indian EXCO mondore’s 20k wayang kulit paper politics.

This RM 20,000.00 is supposed to be for all the students in Selangor who had scored 7As’ in their UPSR. And this 20k would be hatch and rehatched by this PKP mandore maybe 20 times at 20 different presentation ceremonies or more over and over.

This PKR Indian Exco mandore has a P. A who is an ex DAP mandore. This PA has been specifically assigned to maintain a good rappourt with especially the Tamil press and to permanently mislead the Indian community and with the view to keep his Indian EXCO mandore boss afloat politically in Selangor. This Selangor Indian EXCO Mandore will never get to the point in at least procuring his “tuan” PKR Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid in granting Selangor state government land to all 97 Tamil schools in Selangor. Get to the point Mr. EXCO Mandore and stop your MIC style paper politics. We have had enough of this under the 50 year old rule of Selangor and Malaysia by UMNO who were ably assisted by their MIC mandores



Hindraf is just not about the Indian dilemma.

On 25th November 2007 will go down as the greatest demonstration of the expression of a state of hopelessness of the Malaysian Indians living in independent Malaysia. It was a day of showing outwardly years of displacement and marginalization by selective policies, their actual state of mind.. It was a culmination of a long journey of neglect that has made many Indians more disadvantaged than others .The irony is the bulk of Tamils who came to Malaysia under the indentured labour system of the British were from the lowest caste stratification of the Indian society. Post independent India evolved an affirmative action program that has moved this lot up mainstream society, by educational support and government programs. Those who came to Malaysia lost out on this post Independent Indian program but on the contrary faced further discrimination and hardship by the UMNO government . With India’s emerging economic growth and the political conviction to create an equitable society, India has become a land of opportunity thus proving the decision of the forefathers decision to get on that ship to Penang wrong. The tear gas canisters that were indiscriminately fired on that 25th Nov. 2007 was a classical demonstration of a reminder by the government of the day that it has no human compulsion or moral responsibility to those who were trusted upon them by the British colonial masters. Thus the initiative by Hindaf Chairperson Waythamoorthy to submit a memorandum to the British government on that day was a symbolism, to show the world that there is an historical distortion of responsibilities between pre independent Malaya and post independent Malaysia governments.

The issue today we are still struggling to realize is not peculiar to Indian causes alone, just because Hindraf has presented an Indian case. If the government both BN/PR does not realize its failure to create an equitable society based on pure economic parameters it will eventually lead to multi faceted social consequences which will be more difficult and costly in terms of remedy in years to come. Hindraf is just a forerunner of similar marginal community support groups and they need to succeed because the ramifications will be great as Hindraf’s success will pave the way for other minorities groups who are in a similar plight to seek representation and attention for their cause. Hindraf is the catalyst for the expression of those who need attention, who need support, who need affirmative programs. Such groups need not be limited to race based or religious based, it could be the disabled, the single mothers, the homeless, the urban squatters and so forth. Hindaf actions could be well equated with that of the civil rights movement in the 60’s. Once the civil rights bill was endorsed by congress other marginalize communities were also able to raise their plights and problems too.

It is therefore very pertinent that all level minded, civic conscious true Malaysian look at Hindraf as an expression of the disadvantaged then to look at it from a racial prism. It will be for the nations good if movements like Hindraf succeed in the democratic space to bring about changes in the socio-economic landscape of this nation of ours .It will set the pace for others to follow through and will enable the evolution of an empathetic, and caring Malaysian generation.

We should also look at the hindraf rallies as a real cry for freedom. Their success will endorse greater democracy in the country and will turn the page of old politics of misrepresentation and distortion. We will close the book on the old politics of race against race, gender against gender, ethnic group against ethnic group, religion against religion.

Written by Malini Dass

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Hindraf members commemorate Nov 25 rally at KLCC with Photo








(Photo above even went it was raining we didn’t move from where we sat) Valga HINDRAF Makkal Sakthi






மலேசிய இந்தியர்களின் எழுச்சி நாள்

DSC_0043 இன்று ஹிண்ட்ராப் பேரணி நினைவு நாளை முன்னிட்டு பல இடங்களில் பிரார்த்தனைகள் நடைபெறவுள்ளன. இடங்கள் பின்வருமாறு:

இங்கிலாந்து / பெல்ஜியம் / ஆஸ்ரோலியா / அமெரிக்கா

1. ஹாய்கேட் முருகன் கோயில் (லண்டன்), 2. விநாயகர் கோயில் (விம்பிலேடன்), 3. ஸிரி துர்க்கை அம்மன் கோயில் (ஈலிங்), 4. ஸிரி கிருஷ்ண மண்டீர் கோயில் (பெல்ஜியம்), 5. ஸிரி முருகன் கோயில் (ஆஸ்ரோலியா), 6. ஸிரி சித்தி விநாயகர் கோயில் (நியோக்)


1. முனியாண்டி ஆலயம், பிராய், குமார் 012-5390250, 2. முத்தாளம்மன் கோயில், புக்கிட் தம்புன், அண்ணாதுரை 017-4107244, 3. சுந்தரேசா மீனாட்சி கோயில், மாரான் 012-5557522, 4. குயின் ஸ்திரிட் மாரியம்மன் கோயில், செல்வம் 016-4827974, 5. விநாயகர் கோயில், பித்தஸ் பார்க், ராஜு 019-4574855), 6. முனியாண்டி கோயில், தஞ்சோங் கோர்ட், பார்லிம், சங்கர் 016-5656917, 7. ஸிரி கட முனீஸ்வரா கோயில், ஐலான் பார்க், (குமார் 013-4745451, 8. கிருஷ்ணன் கோயில், சுங்கை டுவா, ராஜன் 012-4589835, 9. மாரியம்மன் கோயில், புக்கிட் தெங்கா, சுந்தர் 016-4907650, 10. காளியம்மன் கோயில், கெலுகோர், மாரன் 012-5557522, 11. பூமரத்தம்மன் கோயில், கெலுகோர், கலை 012-5637614, 12. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், சிம்பாங் அம்பாட், பாபு, 13. ஸிரி அர்காசியம்மன் ஆலயம், நிபோங் திபால், லெட்சுமணன் 012-25585758, 14. ஸிரி சித்தி விநாயகர் கோயில், நி.திபால், லெட்சுமணன் 012-25585758, 15. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கலிடோனியா, லெட்சுமணன் 012-25585758, 16. ஸிரி மஹா காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், லாடாங் கிரியான், லெட்சுமணன் 012-25585758, 17. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், தரஸ்கிரியான், லெட்சுமணன் 012-25585758, 18. ஸிரி முருகன் ஆலயம், கம்போங் பாரு மாக் மண்டின், சாமி 012 4125723, 19. முனியாண்டி கோயில், பெர்மாத்தாங் பாவோ, சங்கர் 017 4693317 / 012-25585758

நெகிரி செம்பிலான்

1. முருகன் ஆலயம், லோபாக், சிவா 019-6944693, 2. பால தண்டாயுதபாணி ஆலயம், சிரம்பான், முருகையா 016-2478830, 3. சுப்ரமணியர் ஆலயம், நிலாய், மோகன் ராவ் 019-6211103, 4. ஸிரி முருகன் ஆலயம், மம்பாவ், திருமதி.நாயகி 019-2762511, 5. ஸிரி செல்வ விநாயகர் ஆலயம், தெமியாங், பராம் 013-2787176, 6. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், தம்பின், கண்ணிஸ் 012-6323843, 7. ஸிரி அம்பாள் ஆலயம், லுகூட், சிவம் 019-6621948, 8. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் கோயில், ராகவன் 016-2764859, 9. ஸிரி கருமாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பீடி, கோமளம் 012-3877352, 10. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், லாபு, உதயாகுமார் 012-3749427, 11. ஸிரி காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், குவாலா சாவா, ரமேஸ் 019-6929984, 12. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், ராசா, நாவலன் 016-6025269, 13. ஸிரி முத்துமாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், சிரம்பான், பிலோமீனா 014-3268114, 14. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் கோயில், பீடி, கிருஷ்ணமூர்த்தி 014-9331219, 15. பால தண்டாயுதபாணி ஆலயம், ரந்தாவ், சந்திரசேகரன் 019-6509159, 16. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், ரந்தாவ், ஞானவேலன் 016-6340659, 17. அருள்மிகு அகிலாண்டகோடி பிரம்ம நாயகி ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்பிகை, குவாலா சாவா, ரகு துரைஜெயா 016-6511393, 18. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், அதர்தன் தோட்டம், செல்வராஜு 013-2550835, 19. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், லுகூட், வீரப்பன் 019-6220549, 20. ஸிரி ராஜ ராஜேஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், ஸ்வாங், பாலா 014-3247140


மூருகேசன் 012-7792503 மோகன் 019-7102895,

1. முருகன் கோயில், ஸ்கூடாய், 2. முனீஸ்வரன் கோயில், தம்போய், 3. முருகன் கோயில், ஜாலான் வாடியானா, 4. மஹா மாரியம்மன் கோயில், ஜொகூர் பாரு, 5. அம்மன் கோயில், கூலாய், 6. அம்மன் கோயில், உலுதிராம், 7. முருகன் கோயில், ஜாலான் கோலாம் ஆயேர், 8. மாரியம்மன் கோயில், ஸ்கூடாய், 9. காளியம்மன் கோயில், மாசாய், 10. முனீஸ்வரன் கோயில், பாசீர் கூடாங், 11. மாரியம்மன் கோயில் குலுவாங், 12. முருகன் கோயில், மாசாய், 13. முனீஸ்வரன் கோயில், பிலாந்தோங், 14. ராஜ காளியம்மன் கோயில், ஜொகூர் பாரு, 15. முருகன் கோயில் தாமான் கோத்தா யோங் பேங், 16. முருகன் கோயில் சிகாமாட், 17. மாரியம்மன் கோயில், சாஆ, சிகாமாட், 18. மாரியம்மன் கோயில், ஜாலான் ஆஸ்பித்தாள் குலுவாங், 19. ஸிரி சங்கிலி கருப்பர் ஆலயம், தாமான் ஸ்கூடாய், கார்திக் 016-7558457


ராமு 016-4919956

1. செண்ட் மைக்கல் தேவாலயம். அலோஸ்டார், டானியல், 2. கருமாரியம்மன் கோயில், அலோஸ்டார், கனகசிங்கம், 3. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் கோயில், அலோஸ்டார், குமரகுரு


ராமேஸ் 019-5235528

1. ஸிரி சித்தி விநாயகர் தேவஸ்தானம், சித்தியவான், 2. மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், லாடாங் பில்ஹாம், 3. மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், லாடாங் சோகோமானா, 4. ஸிரி கிருஷ்ண ஆலயம், அயேர் தாவார், 5. மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கம்போங் கோலும்பியா, 6. கல்லுமலை ஸிரி சுப்ரமனிஅயம் கோயில், ஈப்போ, 7. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் கோயில், புந்தோங், 8. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் கோயில், புந்தோங், 9. ஸிரி நாகம்மாள் கோயில், ஈப்போ, 10. கந்தன் கல்லுமலை கோயில், சிமோர், 11. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் கோயில், புந்தோங், 12. வெள்ள விநாயகர் கோயில், தெலுக் இந்தான், 13. மஹா மாரியம்மன் கோயில், தெலுக் இந்தான், 14. சீத்தாம்பாள் மாரியம்மன் கோயில், தெலுக் இந்தான், 15. ஸிரி நாகம்மா கோயில், தெலுக் இந்தான், 16. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் கோயில், தெலுக் இந்தான், 17. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், பத்து காஜா, 18. ஸிரி காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், பத்து காஜா, 19. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், தெலுக் இந்தான், 20. ஸிரி சித்தி விநாயகர் ஆலயம், குபு காஜா ,21. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், உத்தான் மெலிந்தாங், 22. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், உத்தான் மெலிந்தாங், 23. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பாகான் டத்தோ ,24. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், லாடாங் பிஜி, பாகான் டத்தோ, 25. ஸிரி சிவமுனி ஆலயம், பாகான் சிராய், 26. ஸிரி ராமர் ஆலயம், பாகான் சிராய், 27. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பாகான் சிராய், 28. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், சுங்கை சிபுட், 29. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், சுங்கை சிபுட், 30. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கம்பார், 31. ஸிரி நாகமுனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், கம்பார், 32. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், கம்பார், 33. ஸிரி மஹா முத்து மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், திரோங், 34. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், புருவாஸ், 35. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், புக்கிட் கந்தாங், 36. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், சிலாமா, 37. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பாடாங் ரெங்காஸ், 38. ஸிரி காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், கோலா கங்சார், 39. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கோலா கங்சார், 40. ஓம் ஸிரி சடாமுனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம் தைப்பிங், 41. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், கிரிக், 42. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பாரிட் புந்தார், 43. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், பாரிட் புந்தார், 44. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், பாரிட் புந்தார், 45. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், கோலா குராவ், 46. ஸிரி தில்லை காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், பாகான் சிராய், 47. ஸிரி சிவன் ஆலயம், பாகான் சிராய், 48. ஸிரி விநாயகர் ஆலயம், பாரிட் புந்தார்


1. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், தஞ்சோங் சிபாட், மணி/ராஜா 017-8857619, 2. ஸிரி காளியம்பாள் ஆலயம், தாமான் செந்தோசா, ராஜா 017-8857619, 3. பால சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், போர்ட் கிள்ளான், ராஜா 017-8857619, 4. ஸிரி ராஜ மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், செந்துல், நவா 016-6446885, 5. ஸிரி துர்க்கை அம்மன் ஆலயம், செந்துல், நவா 016-6446885, 6. முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், செந்துல், நவா 016-6446885, 7. அருள்மிகு துர்க்கையம்மன் ஆலயம், செலாயாங், சிவா 019-3418620, 8. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், மிட்லாஸ், தியாகு 012-6195862, 9. ஸிரி வட பத்ரகாளியம்மன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், பாலன் 012-2640478, 10. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், ஹரி, 016-3197018, 11. ஸிரி காஞ்சி காமாட்சி அம்மன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், விக்கி 017-3032808, 12. ஸிரி வீரபதி விநாயகர் ஆலயம், ராவாங், சத்திஸ் 014-6649730, 13. ஸிரி சுப்ரமனியர் ஆலயம், உலுயாம் பாரு, குமார் 016-9075657, 14. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், புகிட் ஜாலில், பாலா 019-2166205, 15. ஸிரி தண்டாயுதபாணி ஆலயம், காப்பார், சாமி 017-3469650, 16. ஸிரி அகிலாண்டேஸ்வரி ஆலயம், காப்பார், சாமி 017-3469650, 17. சங்கிலி கருப்பன் கோயில், ராவாங், செல்வம் 016-3137840, 18. சுப்ரமனியம் ஆலயம், பத்துமலை, நவா 016-6446885, 19. சிவன் கோயில், கிள்ளான், மோகன் 012 3122267, 20. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், கலா 014-3318235, 21. ஸிரி வாயுபுத்ரா ஆலயம், ராவாங், புகன் 017-2785635, 22. ஸிரி முனீஸ்வரர் ஆலயம், ராவாங், சரஸ் 017-2554048, 23. ஸிரி காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், நாதன் 017-3800596, 24. ஸிரி மதுரைவீரன் ஆலயம், ராவாங், சுந்தர் 019-3733541, 25. ஸிரி சங்கிலி கருப்பர் ஆலயம், செராஸ், மணி 013-6092699, 26. ஸிரி பாலதண்டாயுதபாணி ஆலயம், காப்பார், சாமி 017-3469650, 27. ஸிரி நாககன்னி ஆலயம், காப்பார், பாராம் 017-3469650, 28. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கிள்ளான், மணி 019-2463181, 29. ஸிரி சங்கிலி கருப்பர் ஆலயம், புக்கிட் ஜாலில், சாந்தி 012-3766433, 30. ஸிரி கருமாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், பந்திங், ராஜ் 019-2295445, 31. ஸிரி மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், மேரு, சாமி 017-3469650, 32. ஸிரி கற்பக விநாயகர் கோயில், கிள்ளான், மணி 103-6092699, 33. செண்ட் ஜோசப் தேவாலயம், செந்துல், சாந்தி 012-3766433, 34. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், காப்பார், சாமி 017-3469650, 35. ஸிரி வீரபத்ர காளியம்மன் ஆலயம், தாமன் மேடான், ஸிரி 012-2587345


1. ஸிரி சுப்ரமணியர் ஆலயம், கேமரன்மலை, சிம்மாதிரி, 2. ஸிரி முருகன் ஆலயம், கேமரன்மலை, சிம்மாதிரி


1. ஸிரி சுப்ரமணியர் ஆலயம், கோத்தாபாரு, தர்மன், 2. ஸிரி மஹா மாரியம்மன் ஆலயம், கோலா கேரளா, தர்மர்

Hindraf anniversary: Presenting PM with roses

Hunger strike to mark Hindraf's 2nd anniversary

Hindraf 25th November uprising 2nd anniversary at KLCC

At about 9 a.m 18 Hindraf hunger strikers and about 100 hindraf supporters had gathered at KLCC, from 9.00 a.m onwards. At 1.30p.m seven year old Vaishnavi, the only daughter of Hindraf Chairman P.Waytha Moorthy arrived together with her mother Nageswari Hindraf lawyers P.Uthayakumar and Manoharan Malayalam and gave away roses to the 18 Hindraf hunger strikes and supporters to signify UMNO’s unfulfilled Hindraf 18 point demands dated 12/8/07 There was a large presence of the local and international media and also the police force.

P.Uthayakumar in his brief address recalled that one person had died, about 300 arrested, and thousands of others were attacked with chemical laced water cannons, tear gas fired at them and beaten up or injured.“Today we remember and recognize all their sacrifices he said.

P.Uthayakumar also paid tribute to all the thousands of Hindraf supporters who held nationwide prayers and campaigns for the release of the Hindraf lawyers from 514 days of ISA detention. P.Uthayakumar said he has no regrets and took his detention as a part of the struggle as in every people power struggle, a sacrifices have to be made. P. Uthayakumar said the struggle for Hindraf’s 18 point demands and to put the Malaysian Indians into the national mainstream development of Malaysia after having excluded them for 52 years would continue.

Lawyer Manoharan Malayalam said that it brought him memories of the 25th day of November 2007 when he drove here today. Manoharan asked the government of Malaysia to stop all the discrimination against the Malaysian Indians.

The hindraf motivational song Tholvi Nelaiyena ninai thal was sung. After three shouts of Hindraf, Makkal Sakthi and Manitha Urimai (human rights) the Hindraf supporters dispersed peacefully.

P. Uthayakumar had occasion to say that “this was what exactly we had intended to do even on the 25th day of November 2007 but was brutally attacked, arrested and tortured by UMNOs’ Malay-sian police force and the Hindraf lawyers detained without trial for 514 days under the ISA.

S. Jayathas

Information Chief, HRP


Hindraf flowers and letter to P.M Najib shun. Hindraf 25th November 2007 uprising 2nd Anniversary.

Hindraf had last week written to Prime Minister Najib Razak that they would be present at the Prime Minister’s office at Putrajaya today the second anniversary of the 25th November 2007 Hindraf peaceful uprising.

But we were told by one police Inspector Shahrom and then Superintendent Mak Pak Choh that none of the Prime Minister’s Secretaries were available and only some desk secretary would be present to receive our latter and flowers.

Seven year old Vaishnavi Waytha Moorthy, Hindraf’s frontline future torch bearer and carrying the message of peace by her father and exiled Hindraf Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy waited but even the Prime Minister’s desk secretary had refused to come down to greet meet and accept her gesture of flowers.

Police Superintendent Mak then told us that we had to disperse in ten minutes time or we would be arrested. P. Uthayakumar instead gave the desk officer Huzairi two minutes to come down to meet us. When he did not arrive, the dejected seven year old Vaishnavi was forced to leave the bouquet of flower to Prime Minster Najib Razak and her father’s letter at the doorsteps of the Prime Minister’s Putrajaya office. There shouts of Hindraf Makkal Sakthi and Manitha Urimai were said before we all left the Prime Minister’s office doorsteps.

At 4.00 p.m outside the Prime Minister’s office a short prayer was held and then drinks were served to the 18 hunger strikers and other supporters to break their hunger strike. These 18 Hindraf hunger strikers were protesting against the non fulfillment of Hindraf’s 18 point demands dated 12/8/2007 by the Malay-sian One Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak.

S. Jayathas

Information Chief.

1Malaysia dirobohkan: Kampung Tanah Lapang set to be demolished

by Nathaniel Tan

Saddened to hear of another upcoming demolition >:(

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Sentul not far from this place lately, and recognise the area. The villagers insist they won’t move until they see our 1Malaysia PM.

My friend who lives them commented on how kurang ajar it was to go and spray paint ‘roboh’ on someone’s house.

“We should go to PM’s house and spray paint ROBOH there, see how he likes it,” she said. Yeah man.

Seems like it’s quite a muhibbah village, but it looks like 1Malaysia is more like 1Malaysia dirobohkan.

The families there say they’ve lived there for 100 years. That’s before Najib’s father was born.

What would it take for these flers to have some damned compassion?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hindraf members commemorate Nov 25 rally - Malaysiakini

About two dozen Hindraf supporters gathered at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre shopping mall this morning to take part in a hunger strike to commemorate the second year anniversary of the movement's mass gathering.

Led by Hindraf activist S Jayathas, the group arrived at the KLCC entrance at about 9.10am. Sixteen of them were wearing orange coloured Hindraf t-shirt. Most of them also have anti-ISA badges on them.

They plan to observe an 18-hour hunger strike until 4pm to represent the movement's 18-point demands to the government to alleviate the plight of the Indian community in this country.

"The 18-point demands are meant to alleviate the ethnic Indians Malaysians from hardcore poverty.

"There is no guidance and opportunities for the Indians, so many turn to crime. The government knows about the problem but is not taking action," said Jayathas.

One of those participating in the hunger strike T Samy, 32, said he joined the group to highlight the "sufferings" of the Indian community.

"The government should open their ears to the Indian plight. Treat us fairly," said Samy, an engineer from Klang, Selangor.

The police - numbering about 24 - are monitoring the situation.

The KLCC management meanwhile had requested the group not to sit on the pavement as it would disrupt their business.

Memo to PM too

Although the group agreed to this request, the police had then asked the group to disperse following complaints from the property owners. The police also told the group that they were involved in an illegal gathering.

NONEJayathas refused to stop the hunger strike and split his group into smaller groups of four to continue with the hunger strike.

Later today at 1pm, a group of children will present the hunger-strikers with garlands before proceeding to Putrajaya to hand the same 18-point memorandum to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

On Nov 25, 2007, some 30,000 mobilised in the streets of Kuala Lumpur following a protest rally called by Hindraf to submit a memorandum to the British High Commission on the situation of Indians here.

The government had banned Hindraf last October.

Hindraf 2nd Anniversary


International/Nation wide Prayer- Temple List


1. Highgate Murugan Temple London
2. Vinayagar Temple Wimbledon
3. Sri Thurgai Amman Temple Ealing
4.Sri Krishna Mandir Pales Straat Belgium
5. Sri Murugan Temple Brisbane Australia
6. Sri Sitti Vinayagar Temple New York


Location Lead Contact #

1. Muniandy Temple, Jalan Baru, Perai Kumar 012-5390250

2. Muthalaaman Kovil, Bukit Tambun, Anna Turai 017-4107244

Simpang Empat, Batu Kawan

3. Sunderasa Meenachiamman Temple, Waterfall Maran 012-5557522


4. Queen Street Mariamman Temple, Penang Selvam 016-4827974

5. Vinayagar Temple, Fettes Park, Penang Raju 019-4574855

6. Muniandy Temple, Tanjong Court, Farlim, Penang Shankar 016-5656917

7. Sri Gada Muniswara Temple, Island Park, Penang Kumar 013-4745451

8. Krishnan Temple, Sungai Dua, Penang Rajan 012-4589835

9. Mariamman Temple Bukit Tengah Sundar 016-4907650

10. Kaliamman Temple , Gelugor, Penang Maran 012-5557522

11. Poomarthaman Temple , Gelugor, Penang Kalay 012-5637614

12. Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Simpang Est, Babu

Simpang Ampat,Penang

13. Sri Argasiamman Alayam,Jawi,N.tebal Letchumanan 012-25585758

14. Sri sithi Vinayar Temple,N.Tebal Letchumanan 012-25585758

15. Sri Maha Mariamman temple,Kalidonia,N.Tebal Letchumanan 012-25585758

16. Sri Maha Kaliamman Temple,Ldg Krian,N.Tebal Letchumanan 012-25585758

17. Sri Maha mariamman Alayam,Transkrian,N.tebal Letchumanan 012-25585758


1. Murugan Alayam ,Lobak Siva 019-6944693

2. Sri Balathandayuthabani Alayam,Seremban Murugayah 016-2478830

3. Subramaniar Alayam,Nilai Mohan Rao 019-6211103

4. Sri Murugan Alayam,Mambau Mrs.Nayagi 019-2762511

5. Sri Selva Vinayagar Alayam,Temiang Param 013-2787176

6. Sri Muniswarar Alayam,Bt.5,Jln.Tampin Kannis 012-6323843

7. Sri Ambal Alayam,Lukut,PD Sivam 019-6621948

8. Sri Maha Mariamman Kovil Ragavan 016-2764859

9. Sri Karumariamman Alayam,Bt.6,Jln.PD komalam 012-3877352

10. Sri Mariamman Alayam,Bt.3 Jln.Labu uthayakumar 012-3749427

11. Sri Kaliamman Alayam,Bt.5,Kuala Sawah. Ramesh 019-6929984

12. Sri Mariamman Alayam,Jln.Rasah Navalan 016-6025269

13. Sri Muthumariamman Alayam,S’Ban Est Philomeena 014-3268114

14. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Bandar PD Krishnamoorthy 014-9331219

15. Balathandayutha Bani alayam,Rantau Chandrasegaran 019-6509159

16. Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Ldg.Linsum,Rantau S.P Nyana velan 016-6340659

17. Arulmigu Agilandakodi Bhrammana Nayagi

Sri Maha Mariammbigai,Kuala Sawah,Rantau Ragu Duraijaya 016-6511393

18. Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Ldg Atherton. Selvaraju 013-2550835

19. Sri Maha Mariamman Lukut,Dat.Segar,PD Veerapan 019-6220549

20. Sri Raja Rajeswarar,Tmn.Tuanku Jaafar,Swang. Bala 014-3247140

JOHOR -Murugesan (012-7792503) / Mohan (019-7102895)

1. Murugan Kovil (Skudai) JB.

2. Muniswaran Kovil (Tampoi) JB.

3. Murugan Kovil (Jalan wadiana) JB.

4. Maha mariayaman Kovil (JB Town)

5. Aman Kovil (Kulai Besar) Kulai JB.

6. Aman Kovil (Dato chelam) Ulu Tiram JB.

7. Murugan Kovil (Jalan Kolam Air) JB.

8. Mariayaman Kovil (Sutra Moll) Skudai JB.

9. Kaliyaman Kovil (Masai) JB.

10. Muniswaran Kovil (Pasir Gudang Hiway) JB.

11. Mariyaman Kovil Paloh (Kluang) JB.

12. Murugan Kovil (Masai) JB.

13. Muniswaran Kovil (Plentong) JB.

14. Raja Kaliyaman Kovil (JB)

15. Murugan Kovil (Taman Kota Yong Peng) JB.

16. Murugan Kovil (Segamat) JB.

17. Mariyaman Kovil (Chaah) Segamat JB.

18. Mariyaman Kovil (Jalan Hospital Kluang) JB.

19. Sri Sangili Karuppar Alayam,Tmn Skudai,JB (Karthik 016-7558457)

KEDAH Ramu (016-4919956)

1.St.Micheal Church, Alor Setar - Daniel

2.Karumariamman Temple, Alor Setar -Kanasingam

3.Sri Mariamman Temple,Alor Setar -kumaraguru

PERAK Ramesh (019-5235528)

1.Sri Sithi Vinayagar Devasthanam - Sitiawan

2.Maha Mariamman Alayam - Ladang Belham

3.Maha Mariamman Alayam - Ladang Sogomana

4.Sri Krishnar Alayam - Ayer Tawar

5.Maha Mariamman Alayam - Kg.Columbia

6.Kallumalai Sri Subramaniam Temple, Ipoh

7.Sri Mariamman Temple, Buntong

8.Sri Muniswarar temple, Buntong

9.Sri Nagambal Temple, Tmn.Rifah, Ipoh

10.Kanthan Kallumalai Temple, Chemor

11.Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Kg.Chikkidi, Buntong

12.Vella Vinayagar Temple, Jln.Changkot Jong, Teluk Intan

13.Maha Mariamman Temple, Jln.Changkat Jong, Teluk Intan

14.Seethambal Mariamman Temple, Teluk Intan

15.Sri Naagama Temple,jln Sittambaram Pillai,Teluk Intan

16.Sri Mariamman Temple, Jln Kekabu,Teluk Intan

17.Sri Subramaniar Alayam, Batu Gajah,Perak (Bala)

18.Sri Kaliamman Alayam,Batu Gajah,Perak (Bala)

19.Sri Maha Mariamman Temple,Bidor,Teluk Intan,Perak (Arumugam)

20.Sri Sithi Vinayagar Alayam,Kubu Gajah,Perak (Nathan)

21.Sri Muniswarar Alayam,Hutan Melintang,Perak (Murthi)

22.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Hutan Melintang Perak (Murthi)

23.Sri Maha Mariamman alayam,Bt.9,Bagan Datoh,Perak (Murthi)

24.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Ladang Biji,Bagan Datoh,Perak (Murthi)

25.Sri Sivamuni Alayam,Ldg Gula Division 55,Bagan Serai,Perak (Muniandy,Ravi)

26.Sri Ramar Alayam,Ee Seng Est.Sg.Gedong,Bagan Serai,Perak (Muniandy,Ravi)

27.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Semmangol,Bagan Serai Perak (Muniandy,Ravi)

28.Sri Subramaniar Alayam,Sg.Siput,Perak (Rachagan)

29.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Kemunting,Sg.Siput,Perak (Rachagan)

30.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Kampar Est,Kampar,Perak (Jega)

31.Sri Naga Muniswarar Alayam,Temoh,Kampar,Perak (Jega)

32.Sri Muniswarar Alayam,Batu Putih,Kampar,Perak (Jega)

33.Sri Maha Muthu Mariamman Alayam,Trb Est,Trong,Perak (Jega)

34.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Beruas,Perak (Maniam)

35.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Laurdardale Est,Bkt.Gantang,Perak (Thanarajan)

36.Sri Subramaniar Alayam,Selama,Perak (Siva)

37.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Padang Rengas,Perak (Siva)

38.Sri Kaliamman Alayam,Kati Est,Kuala Kangsar,Perak (Sivasingam)

39.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Senggang Est,Kuala Kangsar,Perak (Sivasingam)

40.Om Sri Sadamuniswarar Alayam,Simpang Halt,Taiping,Perak (Jeya Mohan)

41.Sri Subramaniar Alayam,Grik,Perak (Muniandy)

42.Sri Maha mariamman Temple,Parit Buntar,Perak (Sivakumar)

43.Sri Subramaniar Temple.Parit Buntar,Perak (Sivakumar)

44.Sri Muniswarar temple,Tg.Piandang,Parit Buntar,Perak (Sokalingam)

45.Sri Subramaniar Alayam,Kuala Kurau,Perak (Sokalingam)

46.Sri Tilai Kaliaman Temple,Bagan Serai,perak (Jeeva)

47.Sri Sivan Alayam,Bagan Serai,Perak (Jeeva)

48.Sri Vinayagar Alayam,Simpang Lima,Parit Buntar,Perak (Sundram)


1. Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Tanjung Sepat ( Mani /Raja 017-8857619 )

2. Sri Kaligambal Temple ,Taman Sentosa ( Raja 017-8857619 )

3. Bala Subramaniam Temple , Port Klang ( Raja 017-8857619 )

4. Sri Rajamariamman Temple , Sentul ( Nava 016-6446885 )

5. Sri Thurgai Amman Temple , B.B Sentul ( Nava 016-6446885 )

6. Muniswarar Alayam , Sentul Jln Tanah Lapang ( Nava 016-6446885 )

7. Arulmigu Sri Thurgai Amman Temple, Selayang ( Siva 019-3418620 )

8. Sri Mahamariamman Temple , Midlands ( Thiagu 012-6195862 )

9. Sri Vada Bathrakali Amman ,Rawang ( Balan 012-2640478 )

10. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple , Rawang ( Hari 016-3197018 )

11. Sri Kanchi Kamathchi Amman Temple, Rawang ( Vicky 017-3032808)

12.Sri Veerapathy Vinayagar Temple, Rawang ( Sathish 014-6649730 )

13. Sri Subramaniam Temple, Ulu Yam Baru ( Kumar 016-9075657 )

14. Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Ladang Bukit Jalil ( Capt Bala 019-2166205 )

15. Sri Thandayuthabani Temple , Kapar ( Saamy 017-3469650)

16. Sri Agilandeswari Temple, Kapar ( Saamy 017-3469650 )

17. Sangali Karupan Temple, Rawang ( Selvam 016-3137840 )

18. Subramaniam Temple, Batu Caves ( Nava 016-6446885 )

19.Sivan Temple,Klang (R.Mohan 012 3122267)

20.Sri Maha Mariamman,Kg.Muhibah,Rawang (Kala 014-3318235)

21.Sri Vayuputra Alayam,Rawang ( Pugan 017-2785635)

22.Sri Muniswarar Alayam,Rawang (Saras 017-2554048)

23.Sri Kaliamman Alayam,Rawang (Nathan 017-3800596)

24.Sri Madurai Veeran Alayam,Rawang (Sundar 019-3733541)

25.Sri Sangili Karuppar Alayam,Tmn Awana,Cheras (Mani 013-6092699)

26.Sri Balathandayuthabani Temple,Kapar (Samy 017-3469650)

27.Sri Nagakanni Temple,Sementa,Kapar (Param 017-3469650)

28.Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Bt.Ampat,Klg (Mani 019-2463181)

29.Sri Sanggili Karuppar Alayam,Bkt.Jalil. (Shanti 012-3766433)

30.Sri Karumariamman Alayam,Banting (KM Raj 019-2295445)

31.Sri Mariamman Alayam.Golconda Est,Meru (Samy 017-3469650)

32.Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil,Kg,Jawa,Klg (Mani 103-6092699)

33.St.Joseph Church,Sentul (Shanti 012-3766433)

34.Sri Maha Mariamman temple,Tmn.Sentosa,Kapar (Samy 017-3469650)

35.Sri Veerabatharar Kaliamman Temple,Tmn.Medan,PJ (Sree 012-2587345)


1. Sri Subramaniar Alayam,Tanah Rata,Cameron (Simattri)

2. Sri Murugan Alayam,Kuala Terlah,Cameron (Simattri)


1. Sri Sivasubramaniar Alayam,Kota Bahru,Kelantan (Tharman)

2. Sri Maha Mariamman Alayam,Kuala Kerla Est,Kelantan (Tharman)