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Amidst the various unfounded and malicious allegations, HINDRAF is publishing its accounts to the public for their scrutiny.

Hindraf was formed in December 2005 and it only came to limelight in August 2007 after I had filed a class action against the UK Government on Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary independence celebration on August 30th 2007 in pursuit of the systematic marginalized state of the Malaysian Indians.

The accounts prepared by an independent Public Accounting firm regulated in Malaysia for the funds that were collected is attached herewith The full accounts are also available at our website at , , and

A brief run down on the accounts are as follows -

a) Total funds received from Hindraf Enterprise and subsequently placed in the care of trusted individuals is RM 119,814.20

b) A further sum of RM110, 000.00 was cash collected through personal donations, which was initially placed in the hands of Paparaidu a/l Veeraman has been placed in interest bearing clients account of Messrs Kumar Hashimah & Co.

c) A sum of RM35,000.00 was banked into my credit card account by ASP Vasanthakumar whilst I was away from the country on 8th December 2007which is now placed in the hands of the accountancy firm.

d) Total fines paid for Hindraf supporters charged in court and for their travelling allowances, accommodation etc., is RM 111,706.60

e) A sum of RM 50,000.00 that was collected from members of the public to bail P.Uthayakumar was handed over to Ganapathi Rao a/l Veeraman, one of the ISA detainees who had nominated his brother Paparaidu a/l Veeraman to stand as bailor and deposit the said RM50,000.00 in court under the name of Paparaidu a/l Veeraman. Paparaidu and/or Ganapathi Rao had refused to return to HINDRAF the said bail sum of RM50, 000.00 vide his lawyer’s letter dated 14.12.2009.

f) The total amount collected by Hindraf from the account of Hindraf Enterprise is reflected in our accounts. This is only the sum that we are aware of the portion of the money that came into our possession to our trusted HINDRAF allies by the transfers made by ASP Vasanthakumar.

g) The total amount collected for and on behalf of Hindraf by Hindraf Enterprise has to be made public and accounted for by ASP Vasanthakumar. We are only accounting for that portion of the money that came into our possession by the transfers made by ASP Vasanthakumar.

h) The funds collected were for the purpose of dealing with the costs of the cases arising from the various arrests of HINDRAF activists. The funds were specifically never collected for the purpose of the civil suit filed in the British Court as some have alleged.

In summary therefore, the total amount that we have to account for is RM451,617.51. The expenses we have incurred so far is RM163,278.05. The balance is RM 288,339.46 which includes RM 82,182.28 nationwide fund raising dinners organised in 2008 to collect for Hindraf activities less RM61,090.00 receivables i.e. the sum of 227,249.46 is entrusted with the Public Accountant as of 31st December 2009.

I now wish to comment on the collected funds and on the various allegations on the misappropriation of the funds.

From the summary of the accounts above, one can see that none of the money received from the public by Hindraf has been used to finance any purpose other than what it had been collected for, least of all my stay here in the UK. These accounts show the lie, mala fide and mischief in their allegations.

When ASP Vasanthakumar first came to our attention about 3 months before the ISA detentions on 13th Dec 2007, he claimed he was a Bank Officer. We allowed him to handle all the Hindraf funds. He had sole responsibility for the funds before the detention. He collected the funds into HINDRAF Enterprise, a stationary business he registered in his personal name and made himself a Director.

Based on the sums received from ASP Vasantha Kumar and that he was in control of , it creates an irrationality amongst HINDRAF supporters as to why ASP Vasanthakumar would lodge a police report against Uthayakumar on 7th January 2008 ie 3 weeks after his “ISA arrest” claiming that Uthayakumar and his family members had collected large sums of money which may total RM700,000.

The same ASP Vasanthakumar and his cohorts have over the last 6 months continuously defamed me although he was responsible for collected funds which he alleges totals up to RM700,000.00 and this sum was further inflated to Millions by Ganapathi Rao. At the material time I was not in the country nor had any access to the alleged funds as the signatory for the HINDRAF ENTERPRISE account is solely within the control of ASP Vasantha Kumar.

In the first week of January 2008 i.e. 3 weeks after the arrest of the Hindraf lawyers, I had issued media statements urging the public not to donate any money to any middlemen and to channel the funds directly to the affected families and my statements were carried by all the major mainstream Tamil papers and Malaysiakini. It was also posted in the official blog of Hindraf and many other independent Blogs.

As such, it defies logic and rationality as to why I am now subjected to continuous serious allegations of funds collection and misappropriation other than to seed unwarranted suspicion and doubts by ASP Vasantha Kumar as part of the government’s “operasi padam HINDRAF” conducted by the Police Special branch to permanently erase Hindraf and its struggle from the minds of the people and to cause confusion and mistrust.

HINDRAF is a movement of conscience and humanity to uplift the systematically marginalized Malaysian community in Malaysia. It only seeks to show up the truth and the reality that is faced by the deprived lot daily.

It is unfortunate that certain DAP leaders have fallen prey to the Special Branch ploy and had repeated the malicious allegations in their pursuit to defend their own political agenda based on hearsay and for their political benefits as opposed to the voice and need of the marginalized community.

HINDRAF’s enemy is the oppressive system led by UMNO. UMNO for its part seeks to permanently erase HINDRAF from the annals of Malaysia, using these and various other treacherous tactics. No matter how hard they try, we will try harder. Truth and justice is on our side. We are well equipped morally for this struggle.

Hindraf well-wishers must be prepared for the truth as the truth always prevails as we continue to be defiant for a humane and moral cause.

Thank you.

P. Waytha Moorthy.













Rumoured PKR MP's defection is "nonsense"

Prominent PKR elected reps in Penang have refuted a media report speculating that an MP from their party ranks in the state could be defecting.

“There is no truth to it,” said Penang state exco member Abdul Malik, of the report that a Penang PKR MP could soon become a ‘BN-friendly’ independent. “It’s just speculation.”

“Nonsense,” said Batu Uban state assembly member Sim Tze Tzin (PKR) in a text message from overseas. “Concerted attack to make PKR look bad before Anwar’s trial.”

The party has four MPs in Penang: Anwar, Zahrain, Yusmadi and Tee Beng.

One journalist said Zahrain has also denied the speculation.

PKR: Bekalan air dinafikan 20 masyarakat india merana

KURUN, 27 Januari- Sebanyak 20 keluarga masyarakat India yang merupakan penduduk di Taman Murni sedang merana kerana tiada air selama 4 hari. Mereka menghadapi masalah tiada air kerana tidak ada air yang dikeluarkan oleh saluran air yang disambung di taman tersebut. Penduduk taman ini telah membuat aduan tentang ketiadaan air di saluran kepada Jabatan Pembekalan Air Daerah dan juga negeri sebanyak 15 kali. “Namun pegawai yang berkenaan tidak mengambil sebarang tindakan untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini” kata Panneerselvam salah seorang penduduk taman tersebut. Disebabkan tiada bekalan air ramai yang menghadapi kesusahan untuk. pergi bekerja, tidak dapat masak, kanak- kanak tidak dapat pergi ke sekolah. Jabatan Bekalan Air Negeri tidak mengendahkan masalah kami. Malah mereka tidak menunjukkan sebarang inisiatif untuk menolong kami kata Puan Neelawathy. 20 keluarga masyarakat India merungut bahawa sekiranya masalah ini berterusan di mana dan kepada siapa mereka harus mengadu? (Malaysia Nanban 27/01/10 di muka surat 2).


UMNO: Rumah ibu tunggal India dirampas

PORT DICKSON, Januari 26- Ibu tunggal bernama Puan Jayarani (44 tahun) yang tinggal di Taman Bandar Sungkala, Batu 6, Jalan Pantai, Port Dickson, tidak mampu membayar cukai tanah selama 6 tahun akibat kemiskinan hidup selepas pemergian suaminya. Kini beliau menerima surat bahawa rumahnya bakal dirampas oleh pegawai dari Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson ekoran tunggakan bayaran cukai tanah. Puan Jayarani mempunyai 4 orang anak. Dia menjalani kehidupan dengan menggunakan wang sebanyak RM600 yang diberi oleh anak lelaki sulungnya, beliau terpaksa membayar duit ansuran rumah sebanyak RM 200 sebulan. Salah seorang anak perempuannya sedang belajar di kolej luar negeri. Jayarani terpaksa menghantar RM1000 kepadanya tiap- tiap bulan untuk perbelanjaan pendidikan. Anak perempuan kedua beliau telah kemalangan yang menyebabkan kakinya patah dan terpaksa berehat di rumah. Anak bongsunya sedang belajar di sekolah rendah tamil. Puan Jayarani yang sedang bertarung dengan perbelanjaan seharian terkejut mendapat surat yang mengatakan rumahnya bakal disita. (Tamil Nesan 26/01/10 di muka surat 2)


Ex MB Nizar, Gobind Singh @ Ops Padam Hindraf forum

A counter 25th November Ops Padam Hindraf operation led by ASP Vasanthakumar A/L Krishnan of the E 3 M Division of the Bukit Aman Federal Police Headquaters was held in Bidor, Perak over the weekend (Malaysia Nanban 27.1.2010 at page 7)

It is regretted that especially ex Perak Menteri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin and Gobind Singh participated in this Ops Padam Hindraf forum which has been “franchised” to police mandore ASP Vasanthakumar to lead.

Just last Sunday 24/1/10 at a public forum at the Pillayar Temple in Nibong Tebal, Penang, a middle aged lady speaking up from the floor even cried when relating about this ASP’s similar banner in a Tamil Daily carrying the pictures of P. Waytha Moorthy and P. Uthayakumar with a cross on it. Res Ipsa Loquiteour .

The Penang DCM II and ex Perak DAP exco mandores are trying to play “paper politics” by compromising some local Tamil newspaper reporters by keeping them in their (these mandores) payroll. They would merely be one time elected representatives as in the post 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally. The Hindraf people power would reign supreme in the 2012/2013 general elections

These DAP and PKR mandores can fool some of the Indians all the time and all the Indians some of the time. But they cannot fool all the Indians all the time especially in the post 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally era.

Even the mastermind MIC successfully played this paper politics game for 50 long years but it no longer works since the 25th November Hindraf Rally and thereafter.

To all these DAP, PKR, PAS and the police mandores keep trying harder!

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Poor Indian denied funeral rites hall low cost flats

In almost all PPR, DBKL and other low cost flats the malay muslims without even asking are given a surau funeral rights hall (rumah mayat) and a multi purpose hall.

But for almost all the PPR, DBKL and other low cost flats, hundreds of thousands of Indians have to beg for even the very basic rumah mayat to conduct their loved ones’ last funeral rites. This extent of racism, religious extremism and UMNOs’ malay muslim supremacy does not happen in any part of the world expect in One Malaysia.

P. Uthayakumar




22,000 Tamil school pupils in standard one nationwide

(Makkal Osai 5/1/10 headlines). But even after 52 years of independence and with 120,000 Tamil school pupils nationwide, UMNO is still refusing to grant full financial assistance for all the 523 Tamil schools nationwide.

Similarly the PKR, DAP and PAS state governments of Selangor (98), Penang (28) and Kedah (58) are refusing to grant state government land to all the Tamil schools in their respective states, the single factor that is preventing tamil schools from becoming fully government assisted.

P. Uthayakumar


Indian poor kidney patient denied government aid

Nirmala (31) has to spent about RM 810.00 per month on her kidney malfunction. Her husband earns a mere RM 750.00 per month as an unskilled security guard. But for the 2010 Budget only RM 48 Million has been allocated for the Indian poor.

But then UMNOs’ 1,016,799 graduates from the racist and religious extremist Biro Tata Negara (UM Buliten 21/6/09 at page 19) graduates see to it that Nirmala and hundreds of thousands of other such medically needy cases do not get help simply because they are Indians, whereas even divorcee muslim women are getting government assistance.

One Malay-sia!

P. Uthayakumar



20 top schools 99% deserving Indians denied places


In all the aforesaid 20 top schools, 99.9% of the deserving Indian students have been denied places by the racist, religious extremist and supremacist UMNO regime. Each of these schools are given more than RM 500,000.00 each and up to slightly less than a million (The Sun headlines 26/1/2010).

UMNO Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the Ministry’s target was 30 more such schools next year and 50 in 2012. We believe the student intake into these 20 schools are into hundreds of thousands.

But 99% of the deserving Indian students have been and are excluded from these 20 top schools in One Malay-sia for the only reason that they are non malay or non muslims. For example the 817 Tamil school pupil’s who had scored all the 7As’ in UPSR last month are denied entry.

UMNO has never and will never make public the full list of names of these 817 top and high achieving students and in which 20 top schools they are in now.

P. Uthayakumar.