Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hindraf Human Right Defender, Veeramorgan passed away

Veeramorgan the great activist passed away today at Selayang hospital due to a heart attack.

The late Veeramorgan is among 18 who were arrested recently in brickfields police station during a peaceful protest march to demand medical treatment for P. Uthayakumar.
Veeramorgan is also among those ardent HINDRAF supporter in demanding the freedom in m'sia for the ethnic indian community.

Last year he also took part in hunger strike with 12 other people demanding the government to accept HINDRAF's 18 demands.

What I can say is late brother Veeramorgan's contribution to HINDRAF's struggle for M'sian Indian's freedom is uncountable.

Dear all,
let us pray for god to bless his soul so that it rest in peace.
His struggle to indian freedom will be remembered forever.
Also pls pass the msg around and attend to offer a last "anjali" for his "athma shanti"
Raj(son) h/p 0146332484 (pls forward your condolence to him and indicate "makkal sakthi" as it could ease their lost)

"aum namasivaya"
aum shanti.....