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3rd August - Hindraf Jalur Gemilang launching and live conf from London

Vanakam to all,

Malaysia would be celebrating its 51st National Day on this 31st August.In conjunction to this, HINDRAF Malaysia would be launching it first JALUR GEMILANG festival.
Below are the details of the event,

Date : 3rd August 2008 (Sunday)

Time : 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

Venue : Dewan Pandu Puteri WP ( Girl Guide Hall )
Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad,
Brickfield , KL

Hindraf invites all Malaysian to join this occasion which also includes some updates of Hindraf activities, futures plans and etc.Some prominent opposition leaders from Pakatan Rakyat and NGO leaders would be joining in as well.

The highlight is also a live teleconfereing with P.WaythaMoorthy, Hindraf Chairman from London on the current updates and issues.
Please come in unity to support the sacrification made by the HINDRAF leaders and be united in the struggle of rights freedom.

Pass this to all thru emails, flyers, sms or posters.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi
Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi
Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Any concern or direction pls email to

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letter from WMP to Sgor MB on Tamil School

(Hindu Rights Action Force)

Y.A.B. Tan Sri Dato’ Abd Khalid Bin Ibrahim
Menteri Besar Selangor
Pejabat Menteri Besar Selangor
Tingkat 21, Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah,

Tel: 03-55141119/5544701340503
Shah Alam
Fax: 03-551 90032


(1) Land for SRJK (T) Seaport, Petaling Jaya and Simpang Lima, Klang Tamil Schools.
(2) Land for a Tamil School in Lindungan with 10,000 Indian families.
(3) Land for all Tamil Schools, Hindu Temples, Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites further to Section 76(AA) of the National Land Code.

With reference to the aforesaid matter, we hereby formally apply to the Menteri Besar of Selangor for state freehold land for the SRJK (T) seaport SS7, Petaling Jaya and the Simpang Lima Tamil School, Klang.

The Tamil Nesan and New Straight Times 14/07/08 at page 13 reported that the Parent Teachers Association of this SS7 Seaport Tamil School Mr. Purshothaman at a public meeting with MIC President had asked the present 0.6 hectare land to be increased to 1.2 hectares, Samy Vellu replied “Why don’t you see Pakatan Rakyat?” for the extra land. You people don’t understand how it works (i.e. under UMNO it does not work) Tamil School.

In the same news report the Kg. Lindungan area which has 10,000 Indian families also in need of a Tamil School. The Tamil Nesan in its front page report on 14/07/08 reported that the Simpang Lima Klang Tamil School which is the biggest Tamil School in Malaysia with an enrollment of 2,152 students and 97 teachers are having a shortage of land space and classrooms. They had asked the Deputy Education Minister who had visited the school for land for this school to be expanded.

We hereby apply that land be alienated to those Tamil Schools and the intended Tamil School in Kg. Lindungan according to Section 76 (AA) of the National Land Code where the State can alienate freehold land for a public purposes or when there are special circumstances (NST 01/06/08 pg 14).

To the Menteri Besars of Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan further to our letters to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, YB Lim Kit Siang and Dato Seri Hadi Awang dated 21st April 2008 we hereby appeal that state government land be alienated further to Section 76 (AA) of the National Land Code to all Tamil schools, Hindu Temples, Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites in these five States. With this state land these Tamil schools will automatically become fully aided government schools and will not be looking like cow sheds any more. The Hindu Temples which are also the heritage of this country will stop being demolished. The Hindu Crematoriums and Burial Sites will no longer demolish and/or relocated at the smallest excuse of development.

This our appeal is not excessive as almost immediately after taking over power in Selangor, and Perak 130 hectares and RM 100 millions approved for the pig farm project and 60,000 TOL occupants of New villages in Perak were given freehold titles (Utusan 05/04/08 pg 14). After all this Indian appeal is, for public and not private or commercial purposes as above.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

P. Waytha Moorthy

YAB Dato Seri Ir..Haji. Mohammad Nizar bin Jamaluddin,
Menteri Besar Perak
2nd Floor, Bangunan Perak Darul Ridzuan
Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab
30000 Ipoh Tel: 05-254 9384
Perak Darul Ridzuan Fax: 05-254 5324

Mentri Besar Kedah
Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Negeri Kedah
Wisma Darul Aman
05503 Alor Star Tel : 04-7301957
Kedah Darul Aman Fax : 04-7310000

Y.A.B Mr Lim Guan Eng
Penang Chief Minister,
Chief Minister's Office,
Level 28,
10502 Penang
Tel: 04-2614424 04-6505112
Fax: 04-261 3003

YAB Dato Tuan Guru Haji Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat
Menteri Besar Kelantan
Tingkat 3, Bangunan PAS Kelantan
Jalan Datuk Pati
15000 Kota Bharu Tel: 09 748 1131
Kelantan Darul Naim Fax: 09 746 1873


PS from WMP on Why Uthaya refused ISA rehab program which violates UN Rules



Re: P. Uthayakumar refuses to attend ISA rehabilitation programme by Police Special Branch which is in violation of Article 95 of the U.N standard Minimum Rules.

Mr. P. Uthayakumar was on 10/07/08 requires to attend a rehabilitation programme organized by the Police Special Branch and to be conducted by Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Agus bin Yusof of the National University of Malaysia (UKM).

On two previous occasions last month and again this month a Police Special Branch Acting Commissioner of Police (ACP), Superintendent of Police and a DSP wanted to rehabilitate Uthayakumar but Uthayakumar refused to meet them. Uthayakumar’s position is that this is in violation of Article 95 of the United Nations (U.N) Standard Minimum Rules for the treatment of prisoners which provides that prisoners without charge are not to be subjected to Rehabilitation.

Further Uthayakumar’s detention is in violation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) 1948 of which Malaysia is a signatory, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 1976, Article 3, 10, 11(1) of the U.D.H.R specifically provides that there shall be no detention without trial, provides the right to personal liberty and to a fair trial and that a person is innocent until proven guilty. Especially after having studied law and practiced law for sixteen years and also an active legal practitioner and himself a human and civil rights Lawyer Mr. Uthayakumar is unable to accept any form of sentence to imprisonment for a term of two years and continuing indefinitely at the pleasure of the Executive without trial and not having been found guilty by a court of law.

What more to be rehabilitated after the Judgment of Prime Minister Badawi of Malaysia who acted as Judge, Jury, Prosecutor and Executioner. Mr. Uthayakumar’s struggle is against the marginalisation, discrimination, oppression, suppression, equality and inequal opportunities and the permanent colonialisation of the ethnic minority Indians in Malaysia through lawful and peaceful means.

Badawi and the UMNO controlled government of Malaysia refused to even reply to the hundreds of letters, memorandums, and protest notes and running into thousands of pages scores of civil suits, it would appear that it would be a crime to champion equality and equal opportunities, Malaysian Bar Resolutions, hundreds of police reports etc. and when having exhausted all these avenues over a period of sixteen years of peaceful campaigning Uthayakumar organised a 100,000 Hindraf peaceful assembly at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre on 25/07/2007.

The Badawi regime took this as a threat to their authoritarian rule especially so in view of the then imminently impending general elections which we believe had to be postponed to 08/03/2008. Badawi’s excuse was that Uthayakumar and the three other Hindraf lawyers were threat to “national security”. Badawi’s reason for not having them prosecuted in an open court of law was their said detention was based on “intelligence information” which could not be tendered in open court, meaning there is no credible evidence and/or Uthayakumar and Hindraf has an avalanche of evidence as the aforementioned thousands of pages of documents and photographs which the Badawi regime can not or would not be able rebut. Thus Uthayakumar and the other 3 Hindraf lawyers have now been detained for eight months now.

P. Uthayakumar’s and Hindraf’s legal and peaceful struggle would continue irrespective until the rule of law is observed and justice is served. People power “Makkal Sakthi” will prevail one day.

Thank you,

P. Waytha Moorthy


VOH- UMNO demolishes 2nd Hindu temple since GE2008

Voice of Hindraf:

UMNO demolishes second Hindu temple since the 8th March 2008 General Elections without a valid court order and in total disregard for Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

UMNO has also committed a crime punishable with a two years jail term, contrary to 294 (defiling a place of worship), 295 (disturbing a religious assembly), 296 (inciting religious hatred) and Section 441(criminal damage) of the Penal Code (Tamil Nesan 18/06/08 pg 4).

Even one cartoon of Nabi Muhammad caused so much anger in UMNO and the "multi –racial" community in Malaysia. But here the very idols the Hindus had been praying to at the Port Dickson Sri Muniswaran Hindu temple was demolished using a bulldozer and backed by 10 Port Dickson Land/District Officers and 20 Policemen.

This does not happen to any Malay Muslim Mosques and suraus. But it is only in Malaysia that the supposed "multi-racial" opposition parties PKR, DAP, PAS, Civil Societies and the Print and the Electronic media does not raise even their little finger. So UMNO has had a free hand over the last 50 years in bullying the mere 8% minority Indians and backed up by their police force, army, and the civil service.

M. Ravi PKR the state assemblyman could not stop the said demolishment. His boss Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would lose Malay Muslim votes if they condemned this Hindu temple demolishment. So they pretend that they see no evil, hear no evil and therefore speak no evil. But have to acknowledge that in the PKR, DAP and PAS ruled states, no Hindu temples have been demolished since the March 8th General Elections.

The Indians and forces of "Makkal Sakthi" people power must go for self help which is allowed in law. They must form a legally trained group who invoke the citizens arrest power even if it means arresting the authorities themselves. But "Makkal Sakthi" must be prepared for the consequences and be prepared to pay the price for the eventual abuse of power and malicious and vindictive action by UMNO's police, Attorney General and UMNO's Courts. This is the only way to stop any further Hindu temples demolishment in Malaysia.

Send large scale SMSes and get as many people as possible to come to the temple which UMNO wants to demolish.

Vote UMNO out completely in the 2012/13 General Elections and vote for People Power "Makkal Sakthi".

VOH- Malaysian Indians are still Marginalised in Education Rights

Voice of Hindraf:
More foreign student were given opportunities in USM but where is the Malaysian Indians education right there ?

Comment from NST news-02July2008, pg 20

USM taken 115 foreign students from 13 countries, mostly to do post graduate studies (NST 02/07/08 pg 20).
But thousands of Indians are denied places in the local universities what more to do post graduate courses. UMNO would rather help foreign students prosper in their quest to make the Indians the new "coolie" (near slavery) by 2020 when Malaysia would become a fully developed country and the Malay Muslims the Masters.


Voice of Hindraf:
Tamil School field snatched in Teluk Intan.

Shop lots built under PKR, DAP and PAS state government in Perak. The 73 year old Thiruvalluvar Tamil School in Teluk Intan football and playing field had been snatched up by the Teluk Intan Municipal Council to built shop lots (Tamil Nesan 12/06/08 pg 7).

This atrocity of this nature does not happen to any Malay or Chinese Schools in Malaysia. It only happens to Tamil Schools. Why? Because the Indians in this country are soft target and a target of being bullied by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government. In civilized societies like in the West, minority's rights are protected by the majority.
But in UMNO controlled Malaysia, the Indians are bullied, taken advantage of and bulldozed with impunity at every available opportunity.
What even supposed multi racial PKR. DAP and PAS government in Perak stands by and watches quietly like UMNO. PKR, DAP and PAS does not care as it merely involves the politically, economically and not international attention drawing community.

TV3 on 11/06/08 at prime time news covered some Malay Muslim Felda settlers who had yet to be paid compensation of up to RM 800,000 for their land taken about eight years ago. Good coverage by TV 3 as some of the beneficiaries are old while others have passed away. But the very same TV 3 would not highlight the plight of this Tamil School or almost all of the critical Indian issues because again it involves merely the Indians.

The only solution forward is Indian political empowerment. People Power "Makkal Sakthi" have to act at the appropriate time.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

VOH - Education Rights, Malaysian Indians is still been marginalized !!

Voice of Hindraf 18 July 2008

Tamil kindergarten not allowed in vacant wawasan school building which also houses the SRJK9T) Mukim Pundut Ipoh (NST 03/07/08 Pg 23).

In fact almost all Tamil schools do not have kindergartens to cater for the Indian poor. To the contrary almost all Malay schools have kindergartens in almost every Malay Muslim village. This is the height of UMNO’s racism extremism and with impunity. PKR, DAP, PAS, BAR Council, Suhakam, NGOs, Civil Society, Activists and the Print and Media does not care very much.

11A and no PSD scholarship for Indian student (Tamil Nesan 27/06/08 front page).

Not only did Samuel Raj from Klang get 11As but he has also active in sports, played badminton, school debater etc. Samuel Raj’s father is security guard with the Klang Municipality and his mother is a kindergarten school teacher. Raj’s ambition of doing medicine is now dashed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government. UMNO will play wayang kulit and ask you to appeal to PSD. Samuel Raj did so and his appeal again rejected without basis. Had he been a Malay Muslim, Raj would by now have been in the some medical university. The opposition PKR, DAP and PAS would argue that not all Malaysians are rich but they divert away from the fact that for all Malay Muslim students the sky is the limit when they want to pursue their education in any field of their choice but not for Samuel Raj who never asked to be born as an Indian.

As his parents could not afford to earn send him for tuition Samuel Raj studied very hard and made the grades for Medicine but now denied a PSD scholarship because he is of ethnic Indian origin. Samuel Raj is one of the thousands of Indians who are suffering in silence and deprived of their fair opportunities to realize their academic dreams because of UMNO’s racist and religious extremist policies. This UMNO control Malaysian Government is about the only government in the world which would stop a citizen from realizing his full academic potential on the grounds of race and religion. Start early. Spread this word that the evil racist and religious UMNO must be completely wiped out in the 2012/13 general elections. As PKR, DAP and PAS too does not care for the Indians, keep a look out for Makkal Sakthi people power who would speak out without fear or favour especially for the Indians. We make no promises but promise to stand up. Speak up and fight for the thousands of injustices as in the case of Samuel Raj.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.

VOH- Why so much of gap in religious enhancement allocation ?

Voice of Hindraf - Why so big Gap ?
18 July 2008

RM 428 Million for building for mosques and suraus from 2005 to June 2006, (approximately RM 120 Million per year).
But Hindu, Chinese temples and Christian churches only RM 8 Million or approximately RM 2.5 Million per annum for about 10 million Hindus, Christian and Buddhists.
RM 0.25 cents per non Malay per year as revealed in Parliament but UMNO’s Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Johari Baharum (NST 4/7/08 pg 18).

Never mind the 25 cents per Hindu per year but in every three weeks one Hindu Temple is being indiscriminately demolished by the racist and religious extremist UMNO.
And PKR, DAP, PAS, BAR Council, Suhakam, NGOs, Civil Society, Activists and the Print and Media will stand by and watch quietly. We have to end up fighting our very tough and uphill battle.

Our only hope forward is Indian Political Empowerment!

Paurnami Pooja for Hindraf Update

A group of Hindraf well-wishers gathered at Sri Selva Vinayagar temple at Serendah ,

Selangor , on 17th July 2008 to take part in the monthly Powrnami Pooja, seeking Almighty's blessing for a speedy release of P.Uthayakumar , R.Kengatharan , M.Manoharan, V.Ganpathy Rao and T.Vasanthakumar who currently detained without trial under the Internal Security Act ( ISA) of Malaysia on the unproven grounds of threatening national security by organizing a peaceful rally, seeking Minority Indian rights in this country.

The supporters also prayed for Mr.Waythamoorthy , the Hindraf chairman who is currently in London to be back home as a free man soonest possible. A well mannered group of youths from Kuala Kubu Baru and Serendah area led by Mr. Hari and Mr. Jeeva organized this event.

The prayers started at about 8.30pm and about 100 devotees took part in this prayers. Mr. Paramasivam lead the Maha Miruthiyunjaya ( Thriambaga ) mantra chanting. Men , women, youths and children joined him chanting the mantra with full of emotions. Very strong positive vibration was felt for the next 45 minutes. The mantra was chanted for 108 times then followed by special archanai for all the 6.

Also present were National Hindraf coordinators Mr.Selvam who is also the Selangor state Hindraf coordinator, Mr. Jayadass National Hindraf Information Coordinator and Mr.Sambulingam from the national coordinators team. Food was served after the prayers and the event has come to an end at about 10.00pm.

The struggle continues....

On another related prayers, a group more than 100 whom were Hindraf supporters did the similar prayers at well known Kerling Sri Murugan temple which located along the federal trunk road towards Ipoh.

The nearby neighbourhood Hindraf Makkal Sakthi supporters as far as from Tanjung Malim, Hulu Selangor and Kerling joined in the prayers and 108 times Maha Miruthiyunjaya ( Thriambaga ) mantra chanting.

The devotee later served with anathanam sponsored by a group of well wishers.

The similair prayers are also conducted by groups around the nation with one wish that is speedy release of all Hindraf leaders and betterment of Malaysian Indians in general.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi


Kannan R

Hindraf National Event Coordinator.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hindraf wants dialogue with PM

Hindraf wants dialogue with PM
Athi Veerangga Jul 16, 08 7:19pm

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should have a dialogue with leaders of the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) if he is sincere in his efforts to improve the lives of the Indian community in the country.

Exiled Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy wants the dialogue session to be a closed-door affair and on a one-to-one basis between Abdullah and, either himself or detained Hindraf legal adviser, P Uthayakumar.

"If the prime minister and his government are sincere and honest in wanting to resolve all outstanding issues on the political and socio-economic status of Malaysian Indians, I am prepared to return for the dialogue session," he told Malaysiakini in a telephone call from London.
He added that the dialogue must be held soon if the premier is committed to putting an end to the dilemmas facing the Indians in the country.
"I am prepared to return to Malaysia to have a dialogue with the prime minister. But only the prime minister and not any other political leader
," he said.

However, Waythamoorthy is convinced that Abdullah would detain him under the Internal Security Act if he returned to attend the dialogue.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar told Parliament on Tuesday that an arrest warrant had been issued for Waythamoorthy since before the last general elections.
Besides Uthayakumar, four other Hindraf leaders – M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau and T Vasantha Kumar have been detained for two years under the ISA for allegedly being involved in a rally on Nov 25 last year.

`Empty promises'

Waythamoorthy called for the dialogue with Abdullah because the prime minister's office was the "rightful authority" in the country to resolve the problems facing the Indians.
Under the Barisan Nasional government, MIC and its president S Samy Vellu represent the interests of the Indians. Waythamoorthy said this an arrangement was "rejected by the Indian masses when they voted against BN in the recent general elections" and urged the government to do away with it.

The Hindraf leader also listed down 18 issues that Hindraf wanted Abdullah to address immediately. Among them are the non-existence of kindergartens in Tamil schools, high suicide rate among Indians, indiscriminate demolition of Hindu temples and direct discrimination, marginalisation and racism against Indians, both at the public and private sectors.

Waythamoorthy also slammed past and present prime ministers for turning the MIC general assembly into an annual event to make empty promises to mislead the Indian community.

http://www.malaysia news/86249

Thursday, July 17, 2008

HINDRAF 18 Point demands remains, KP Samy and Raidu, pls stop 'behind scene' amendments

Hindraf 18 Point Demands

By G.Kanchana

I refer to the statement made by K.P.Samy (Makkal Osai 15/07/08 Pg. 2 )

“Who is the true warrior” ? (Poorata Waathi )

Mr. K.P. Samy in order to defend Datuk Subramaniam has succeeded in exposing to the entire nation the secret collusion of some who tried to compromise the 18 point demands of Hindraf.
Which is the truth Mr. K.P.Samy :-

The Hindraf 18 point demands which were carefully drafted without ‘fear or favour’ to portray, reflect and incorporate the true marginalisation and discrimination of the Indians in the past 50 years, which was presented openly to the Prime Minister at Putrajaya on 12/08/07, attended and witnessed by about 5000 people.
The so called memo which was, altered, adjusted and modified thus compromising the true demands and grievances of the Indians that was apparently handed over to the Prime Minister ‘behind closed doors presumably’ at some point of time by Datuk Subramaniam .

Who gave these perpetrators the right to covertly manipulate the one and only Hindraf 18 point demands which since November 25th 2007 Rally, has been proven to be wholeheartedly accepted by Indians. Who is Raidu to act as coordinator when he clearly has no status to do so.

Who are the others who called themselves ‘Hindraf ’ who had conspired and schemed in this intrusion of the 18 point demands. Who are the so called established and reputable legal firm that assisted in this invasion. The Hindraf 18 point demands are not to be manipulated, it speaks the truth although unacceptable by some who have been compliant all the while.

The Federal Constitution of Malaysia that enshrines the rights of the people of this nation was battered and distorted to emphasise the special powers of a certain group but at the same time infringing and contravening the rights of many others. We will not allow a similar manipulation and violation to the Hindraf 18 Point Demands that we “Makkal Sakthi” are holding close to our hearts and working very hard to achieve.

Why an attempt to change the 18 point demands?
The Kg Medan incident did happen, just like many unanswered deaths in police custody and likewise issues. Why turn a blind eye on these issues? We have a right to know what actually took place. Any unlawful death has to be answerable. An inquiry will reveal the true nature of the incidence, unless of course the truth is unacceptable by some. It took us nearly 30 years to ask the questions on ‘Maika Holdings Funds” and yet no answers. We cannot wait another 50 years to demand an inquiry into Kg Medan issue, it’s now or never. If Datuk Subramaniam is indeed exceptional within the MIC he must show his support to the Indian community first by answering the much frequent and repeated question of what happened to the ‘Maika Holdings Funds’. Otherwise we have no choice but to keep believing MIC is no different from the Government when it comes to accountability and transparency, or even worse.

Asking for compensation instead for the victims, is shameful and degrading. Can any amount of money close the chapter (unanswered) on the Kg Medan incident or bring back the lost lives. Will it make any better the suffering of those injured and traumatised by the terrible incident. This compensation request seems to imply that “the Indians if thrown a few pennies will shut up”. It’s no longer the case, not after November 25th 2007 awakening.

Why the fear in questioning the Malay privileges. The Federal Constitution declares equality amongst it citizens. Didn’t we the Indians shed our blood for the independence of this country? Didn’t we work equally hard and contribute to the prosperity and development of this great nation? Are we lesser off people than others?. Why then are we still being told not to question the Malay privileges?. The fear and inhibitions of the Indians got washed off with ‘chemical laced water’ on November 25th 2007.

Yet again the Indians are being coerced not to question the Malay privileges. Exactly what the MIC ‘mandores’ have been doing the last 50 years.

On another point, why Mr. K.P.Samy do you wish to portray Datuk Subramaniam as
a hero behind the Hindraf struggle for the Indians when such recognition deservingly belongs to those incarcerated for upholding justice and the rights of the Indians and the people “Makkal Sakthi” who are the true heroes alongside the remarkable bravery of many uprising heroines.

If passing a memo ‘behind the scene’ to the PM and receiving promises from the PM “just before elections” indicates warriorship ‘Poorata Waathi’ then you are truly testing the intelligence of the Indians. I quote Uthaya’s words here “You can fool some Indians some of the time but you can’t fool all the Indians all of the time”. The support and efforts presumably by Datuk Subramaniam has to be seen to be believed, he should come forth and declare support for Hindraf and the 18 point demands. Until then there are many who will presume that he, like many others in MIC has his own interest to protect first.

How can we ever believe or trust Datuk Sri Samy Velu to be in dialogues with the government for the release of the Hindraf 5 leaders, when early upon the arrest he declared the PM to have done the right thing. What a contradiction ! Where is the truth here Mr. Samys ????

History shows there is only one person in ISA detention who had fought for Human Rights and the Indians vehemently without ‘fear or favour’ for many years now and continues to do so from within his cell. We believe the person who did not sign the so called secret document was P.Uthayakumar. He is a man of principles unwilling to compromise in the name of Indians. ‘Ondre solvar, ondre saivar’ ( his words are his actions) Even today he will not beg or negotiate for his release. “Who is the true Warrior (Poorata Waathi)” here????

Hindraf ‘Makkal Sakthi’ will follow this approach and through its chairman P.Waytha Moorthy, the Coordinators and Supporters the struggle will carry on.

Mr. K.P. Samy, you “or those behind you” have done a wonderful deed in bailing and supporting those detained after the rally. For this we truly appreciate your contribution towards the Indian struggle.

What ever said and done there is only one Hindarf “Makkal Sakthi” and one 18 Point Demands… not what took place “ BEHIND THE SCENES”.

Vaalga Hindraf ‘Maakal Sakthi’.

ps.. refer to the attached link original version of 18 point demands by Hindraf to PM
and at on the news of 18 demands in Mkini.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Letter from WMP to Sec Gen. Comonwealth Parliamentary Association

135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square

Secretary General
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
Suite 700, Westmnister House
7 Millbank London SW1P 3JA

15th July 2008

Dear Sir,

RE: Request to raise serious Human Rights Issues at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meet in Kuala Lumpur from August 1-10, 2008.

Democratically elected representative at Selangor Legislative assembly Mr.M.Manoharan denied his rights to serve his constituents.
4 other HINDRAF leaders and workers detained under draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) without trial for raising legitimate issues affecting minority rights.
P.Uthayakumar one of the detainee denied right to seek medical attention for heart ailment.
51 years of neo colonization of ethnic Malaysian Indians by the majority Malay UMNO led Government.

HINDRAF is a NGO formed to protect the legitimate rights of the ethnic Malaysian Indian community but the Malaysian Government has refused our application to be registered as a formal organization. We have been raising serious Human Rights issues pertaining to the rights of the minority ethnic Indian community since 2005 and from November 2007 our organization is seen as a threat to national security and thus on December 13th 2007 5 key persons linked to our organization were arrested under the draconian Internal security Act (ISA) which means detention without trial. They were arrested after the mass protest organized by HINDRAF on 25th November 2007 and were accused of creating unrest in the country. One of the detainee Mr.P.Uthayakumar is continuously being denied his right to seek treatment for the silent heart attack he suffered at the national heart Institute but are deliberately taken to a district hospital which does not have the facilities.

In the recently concluded general elections on 8th March 2008 one of the detained person Mr.M. Manoharan had contested whilst in custody and without given the opportunity to campaign had won the seat comfortably but till today he is denied his right to serve his constituents. This is a serious affront to basic principles of human Rights which need much intervention from your esteemed organisation.

I now write to you to table an agenda on the above 2 pressing issues at the next Commonwealth Parliamentary Association meeting to be held in Kuala Lumpur between the 1st August 2008-10th August 2008 and to raise the matter with the Malaysian Government.

In the Harare Commonwealth Declaration, 1991, the heads of government of the countries of the Commonwealth had reaffirmed their pledge that were set out in a Declaration of Commonwealth Principles agreed by their predecessors at their Meeting in Singapore in 1971 amongst them being that;

They believe in the liberty of the individual under the law, in equal rights for all citizens regardless of gender, race, colour, creed or political belief, and in the individual's inalienable right to participate by means of free and democratic political processes in framing the society in which he or she lives;

They recognise racial prejudice and intolerance as a dangerous sickness and a threat to healthy development, and racial discrimination as an unmitigated evil;

They oppose all forms of racial oppression, and they are committed to the principles of human dignity and equality;

Malaysia, being one of the so called materially developed Commonwealth members in every possible way has breached and failed to uphold its declaration and fundamental principal of the Commonwealth in affirming human rights and good governance for the Malaysian Indians with its practice of continued oppression and suppression towards their ethnic citizens.
Although the cold war is far gone, but in Malaysia, the government is in cold war with the ethic groups and minority mainly the Malaysian Indians for voicing their grievances and plight to be treated as a citizen with equal human rights and freedom through their totalitarianism and government apparatus to silence the dissenting citizens.

The Malaysian government continues to undermine human right and civil liberties issues although they had pledged to the Harare Convention and their membership with the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Nearly all the International Human Rights instruments adopted by United Nations bodies since 1948 elaborate principles set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights states in its preamble that it developed out of recognition of the fact that

"in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ideal of free human beings enjoying freedom from fear and want can only be achieved if conditions are created whereby everyone may enjoy his economic, social and cultural rights, as well as his civil and political right".

HINDRAF's crusade in Malaysia on the plight of the ethic Malaysian Indian has been along this paradigm nationally and internationally so that through this process a member of the society should be able to achieve his/her conscious of human dignity and worthiness for the society without any systematic marginalization or discrimination based on one's origin or suppressive law and system that defies humanity.

I attach herewith brief notes on the issues raised by HINDRAF.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

P.Waytha Moorthy

Happy Birthday to Waythamoorthy

Happy Birthday to our Hindraf Chairman, Mr Waythamoorthy.

W aythamoorthy, a name which every Malaysian Indians are chanting now
A nd your bravery with courage esteemed in the eye’s of the world,
Y et the ruling government try to inter the truth,
T he truth and facts will prevail soon,
H eartfelt good wishes from Malaysian Indians will accompany the struggle,
A step of yours backed by thousands of us,

M erely hungry to gain back the freedom and our vanished rights,
O ur struggle will persist with your leadership,
O ver the years a star is born now to save the plight of Malaysian Indians
R ight now your heroism is undisputable,
T rust of the nation Indians right at your palm now,
H indraf is the savior now, championing the rights of Malaysian Indians
Y es, today the nation is praying for your homecoming,

May God bless you. Happy Birthday Sir, we Malaysian Indians are truly proud of you. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and your family with good health and wealth.

We understand that you may not remember that today is your birthday as you are busy alone there with the struggle for us, but we thank you and the Lord on this day as our journey is long.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi
Vaalge Waythamoothy

On behalf,
From all the Malaysian Indians.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Paurnami Prayers Updates - 17th July 2008

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Hi all,

There will a special paurnami prayers in month to get the bless from Lord for speed release of our Hindraf leaders and also for the good health of them.
Details of the prayers as below :-

Date : 17th July 2008
Time : 7.30 pm
Venue : Sri Selva Vinayagar Temple, Serendah, Selangor

Pls come united and show our unity.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Sunday, July 13, 2008


13TH JULY 2008.



HINDRAF calls upon the Prime Minister to stop the nonsensical statements meant to cheat and short-change the Malaysian Indians. 51 years of these ridiculous promises are enough and the Malaysian Indians can no longer be bullied into believing these promises. Let us not go far. Let us analyse all the promises the PM made year out during his tenure as Prime Minister. Every MIC annual AGM’s have seen empty promises made to pacify the loyal ethnic Malaysian Indian Community. I challenge the Prime Minister to go back on his previous statements and prove how much of those promises have been fulfilled by him. If the PM cant prove what promises he had delivered, then HINDRAF is fair in branding him a bully and cheat.

As the Prime Minister of the country he should have committed himself to making all Tamil Schools fully aided and a time frame should be set to implement those promises. Then he would have the admiration and respect of the Malaysian Indian community. HINDRAF cautions MIC not to fall into a trap of “merging and consolidating” Tamil Schools with less than 50 students. Whilst it looks and is worded intelligently, that is definitely a threat to the very existence of Tamil Schools.

HINDRAF calls upon the MIC not to be continuously blinded by the empty and cynical promises made by the PM . The idea of merging and consolidating is a cheap attempt to reduce (further) the number of Tamil Schools in the country. If the PM was truly sincere then why not commit to build new Tamil Schools with modern facilities in new townships where the Indian community have founded their new “settlements” as a result of being displaced when their estates are acquired by the Government. By forcibly and systematically reducing the number of Tamil schools tantamount to erasing the cultural background of the Indian community.

HINDRAF maintains the promises made at the general assembly is nothing but a sham intended to mislead the loyal Indian community. MIC should stop inviting UMNO leaders to its general assembly only to be made fools and who are “compelled” to garland and sing praises of the PM and pretend to feel good that “finally” help are on the way and the “great saviour” would make good his promises.

Enough of cheating the Indians Mr. PM. We repeat our 18 point demand made to you on August 12 last year which would most practically resolve the issues and undo the 51 years of oppression suppression and marginalization of the Indian community.

P.Waytha Moorthy
Currently in London

Thursday, July 10, 2008



The idea of a Think Tank originated from Thomas Clarkson, an Englishman who founded the Society for the Abolition of The African Slave Trade in 1782.

Today HINDRAF seeks a Think Tank for the Malaysian Indian who are in a way indirectly enslaved and discriminated with the oppressive law and system in Malaysia where there a lack of equal education, business, economic and religion opportunity.

There are about 1.8 million Indian population in Malaysia and probably a few hundred thousand more who have left the country permanently or on a temporary basis. Whichever way, you look at it, they are all of Malaysian Indian origin.

HINDRAF call upon all the Malaysian Indian domestically and abroad to participate in this Think Tank process and act independently in a collective manner to achieve the goals of HINDRAF for the Malaysian Indian to be treated equally and fairly in Malaysia.

HINDRAF is not a political party, nor works on financial gains or political recognition but solely to protect and enhance the quality of life for Malaysian Indian and for its future generation in equality with the other Malaysians.

In order for this to be progressive, Malaysian Indian need to come up with ideas and their participation to embark in this long struggle to create a better Malaysia and this can only happen if we seek the truthness in HINDRAF's quest for equality and fairness on humanity basis.

Just thinking of an idea is not sufficient but the ability to mobilize it collectively for the society to achieve the goal is pertinent. Therefore HINDRAF welcomes ideas and suggestions from Malaysian from all walk of life to contribute in this struggle.

Domestically, we have conducted many public activities in highlighting our plight to pressure the government. HINDRAF would like suggestion from the public how they can contribute and participate to enhance these events and provide their expertise and skills. Such examples as providing transport, logistics, research, organizing awareness campaign, temple prayers, civil disobedience, sponsorship of an event and so forth can be an idea with equal participation from the contributors.

Although internationally, HINDRAF has obtained prominence in the plight for the Malaysian Indian plight, we need to up the tempo to continue our pressure reform the government in relation to the Malaysian Indians.

Malaysian Diaspora can contribute by activating their expertise and skills in their own areas such media, research, legal, technology, public relation, contact in their respective countries to propaganda the Malaysian Indian cause internationally to achieve the goals.

HINDRAF believe with a concerted effort from all of us, we will be able to achieve our goals for our society as we the People rule not the government. All ideas are welcome but the idea alone would not suffice unless and until the public is also interested in participating in achieving the goals of HINDRAF for the Malaysian Indians.

It took 20 years from the time Clarkson started his think tank until Britain passed the first anti-slavery law and 26 more years after that until slavery was finally abolished throughout the realm.

HINDRAF has just started the crusade and your ideas and participation is important to create a truly fair and livable society for Malaysian Indian in Malaysia.

Please email your ideas at and how you can participate and provide your expertise for us to bring it to a higher awareness domestically and internationally to create the change that HINDRAF seeks for the Malaysian Indian in Malaysia.

Please understand that this Think Tank is voluntary, without any monetary benefits but only with the hope and believe that your participation and act can advance the goal of HINDRAF to protect and enhance the position of Malaysian Indian in par with the other Malaysians in the basis of humanity for a nation building. Yes!! Your contribution will awaken and create the awareness what is just and fair amongst other Malaysians.

Waytha Moorthy



Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Photos taken during Protes Turun 2008

More pictures on recent Protest Turun at Kelana Jaya Stadium are available at below site

Hindraf Makkal Sakthi did took part in this rally as we are the directly and badly affected due to the fuel price recent increase at most of our Malaysian Indian community ( 70% or more) are poor or hardcore poor.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Behind the revolt : Hindraf Rally 25-11-2007 ( Video Clip)

http://www.malaysia 16048.html
[url=http:// www.malaysiakini .tv/video/ 16048.html] Behind the revolt :: Hindraf Rally 2007[/url]

Hi all,
This is a good piece of research clip done by Malaysiakini team.
To Malaysiakini team, you guys deserve the recognition by Alexa to be number 1.

This clip reveals many issues of Malaysian Indians and core reasons that brings HINDRAF out.
It is must watch video clip by all Malaysians to truly understand the revolt of Hindraf rally and thier struggle.
Let us focus on the primary issues tht still have not be resolve and stay united.

Our Hindraf leaders have done the awakening and awareness, it is our responsibility to be be apart of historical struggle of right.
The truth is known by the world on the relaity of Indians in Malaysia, the Umno led government still being blind and ignorance.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Kannan Ramasamy
Hindraf National Event Coordinator

ISA been misuse by Home Minister - Parliament heat again

Anis NazriWed Jul 09, 08 10:13:34 am

MYT KUALA LUMPUR, 9 Julai (Hrkh) -

Sesi penggulungan perbahasan KajianSeparuh Penggal bagi Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) semalam mencuritumpuan ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat.Ia bermula apabila Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Dato'Chor Chee Heung menyentuh berkenaan isu ISA, yang dianggap masih perlu digunapakai diMalaysia.Dr Lo'Lo' Mohd Ghazali (PAS-Titiwangsa) bangkit membantah penggunaan ISA di negara ini dengan menyatakan bahawa ianya disalahgunakan Menteri Dalam Negeri.

"ISA ini telah disalahgunakan menteri terbabit dengan menahan atau melanjutkan tahanan seseorang itu tanpa sebarang alasan kukuh mengapa ditahan. Sebagai contoh, dua tahanan ISA iaitu Mat Sah Satray dan Shamsuddin Osman telah disambung penahanannya selama dua tahun lagi menjadikan lapan tahun. Tak cukupkah tempoh enam tahun untuk menyiasatdan mengumpul bukti?" soal beliau di Dewan Rakyat, semalam.

Beliau bangkit membantah cadangan Dato' Paduka Ibrahim Ali(Bebas-Pasir Mas) untuk menggunakan ISA terhadap mereka yang terlibatdengan 'sabotaj ekonomi'. Bagaimanapun, Speaker Dewan Rakyat, Dato' Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia bertindak menegur Lo' Lo' agar tidak membawa isu lain yang boleh dijadi bahan perbahasan.

Sementara itu, Chee Heung dalam jawapannya menyatakan bahawa ISA adalah satu akta pencegahan dan masih diperlukan serta akan digunakansecara adil.Beliau juga menafikan dakwaan yang mengatakan menteri menyalahgunakankuasa berkaitan ISA ini.

Ketika ini M Manogaran (DAP-Telok Intan) bangun meminta penjelasan Chee berkenaaan seorang tahanan Hindraf, P Uthayakumar yang dinafikan haknya untuk mendapatkan rawatan. Chee, kemudiannya menyatakan bahawa Uthaya telah diberikan haknya untuk mendapatkan rawatan sambil menegaskan bahawa mereka yang ditahan di bawah ISA tidak dianiaya."Mereka yang ditahan di bawah ISA akan disiasat berkenaan dakwaan yang dikenakan terhadap mereka. Jika mereka sudah pulih dalam tempoh empat tahun, contohnya mereka akan dibebaskan. Jika belum, ia akan disambunglagi dua tahun. Bukannya sampai mati," tegas beliau.

Ketika ini beberapa ahli parlimen Pakatan Rakyat bangkit bagi memohon penjelasan, bagaimanapun tidak diberi laluan oleh Chee. Sementara itu, Ir Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam) ketika bangun memohon penjelasan menyatakan bahawa semua tahanan ISA yang disiasat perlu dibawa ke mahkamah untuk dibicarakan."Saya rasa tak betul, tak tepat bahawa apabila ditahan di bawah ISA itu tidak zalim dan dilayani secara adil. Itu satu pembohongan. Jika dah siasat, ada bukti, bawa ke mahkamah. 'That's is justice'," kata beliau dan mendapat tepukan daripada Pakatan Rakyat. - mks._

Letter from WMP to Mr Thanethiran (Hindraf National Coordinator)

135-3 Jalan Toman 7
Kemayan Square 70200

7TH July 2008.

Dear Tanendran

I have been monitoring the Tamil press for the last few days and am sorry for the predicament you are involved in.

I note with concern that suddenly there appear many groups who claim to be representing HINDRAF and founders of HINDRAF and have thrown various allegations against you. Many of the allegations are unfounded, unwarranted , trivial in nature and are calculated to break HINDRAF and portray that HINDRAF is a disorganised organisation.

There is no doubt that HINDRAF is a young organisation which has been deliberately refused registration by the Government so that they could continuously accuse us of running an illegal organisation.

It is also clear that the Police Special branch which have been working hard to break this powerful organisation is gaining limited success with the help of irresponsible individuals and Media.

In the current circumstances I urge you to remain calm and refrain from issuing any statements for the next few days at least. Let us give our detractors an opportunity to fulfil their Karma. In this way we would also know for certain who is with us genuinely and who are the opportunists who reaps at our cause and at the cause of our struggle.

I also take note of individuals who mislead the community by pretending to be championing our cause. There also appear to be people who are only interested in monetary factor and do not see the larger community interest.

I once again urge you to remain calm and apologize for putting you in a difficult position to face such criticisms.

P.Waytha Moorthy


Photos taken during protest against IGP and AG

Pls view the below sites for more photos taken during the protest.


Kannan R


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Uthayakumar refuses to 'beg for freedom'

Our courageous Mahatma-ji Uthayakumar is an example to us all.

Uthayakumar refuses to 'beg for freedom'

Mkini- Jul 7, 08 1:03pm

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P Uthayakumar did not meet with Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar because he was not prepared to beg for an early release.

The minister had visited the Kamunting detention centre on Saturday to meet with the five Hindraf leaders who are being held without trial under the Internal Security Act (ISA).
However, Uthayakumar had refused to meet Syed Hamid. The former's brother and Hindraf chairperson Waythamoorthy has today issued a statement explaining why.

He said Uthayakumar had asked family members who visited him over the weekend to inform the public that he deliberately refused to meet the home minister for the following reasons:

1) The intentions of the minister was clear. The minister had expected the detainees to plead their predicament and their jail conditions and beg for an early release.

2) He (Uthayakumar) believes in the Hindraf struggle and has no regrets for the incarceration he faces.

3) The minister had on previous occasions lied and mislead the Malaysian public that Hindraf was a threat to national security.

4) He (Uthayakumar) maintains that his is a just struggle for the freedom of Indian Malaysians from permanent colonisation of the neo-colonialist Umno government which has suppressed, oppressed and marginalised the Indian community for the last 51 years.
Feels proud

"Uthayakumar urges all Hindraf supporters to remain focussed in the struggle and feels proud to be able to 'serve Indian Malaysians' by taking their plight to prison.
"He feels the draconian ISA law that is used against him and his incarceration should be used to expose the atrocities, marginalisation and oppression of the Malaysian government against the Indians here," read the statement.

Uthayakumar and four other Hindraf leaders were detained shortly after organising a mammoth rally last November which saw tens of thousands taking to the streets.
The government later accused the movement of being an extremist outfit and labelled its leaders a threat to national security.

The other four in detention together with Uthayakumar are M Manoharan, T Vasantha Kumar, V Ganabatirau and R Kenghadharan.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Letter to Mrs Vasantha on her recent remark in Star

by G. Kanchana

I would like to refer to Mrs. Vasantha Kumar's (Mrs Vicneswary) statement in the STAR (02/07/08)
The wife of ISA detainee and Hindu Rights Action Force coordinator K. Vasantha Kumar seems oblivious to the fact that all the Hindraf wives and families are very much in the same shoes as her, some even worse with their elderly parents seriously ill and others having to close down their legal firms.
Mrs. Vickneswary doesn't seem to understand that all the families were left in a lurch and suffering just like her. This applies to the Hindraf 6 and all ISA detainees. This is the cruelty of ISA. Every wife travels the six hundred kilometers on their own, to their husbands. I wouldn't at all like to sound childish and attack her on what support she has given to the other families. After all Uthaya did suffer serious medical issues in detention and Waytha's daughter underwent surgery, did Vickneswary help or morally support any of these families let alone visit them. What is this attitude of some of the wives waiting for those in the front-line of Hindraf to visit them and keep them informed. There is a lack of communication between some of the wives and Hindraf, however it must be remembered the circumstances and events that contributed to this division. Was it Mr. Vasantha Kumar's false police report or some of these wives preference to make their own and secret dealings with Government officials and politicians for the release of their husbands. Why was Hindraf or its coordinators never informed or what was was the purpose of the so called "secret" meetings and appeals. Many thought this as betrayal as it involved persons that Hindraf accused as the reasons behind the downfall of the Indians.Despite this Hindraf made no comments and preferred to be of the opinion that it was the individuals right to pursue the matter in which ever manner they chose. However ties were severed. Hindraf has and is still openly fighting for the release of ALL the ISA detainees. Further, Hindraf as it had before Nov 25th is still continuously fighting for the rights of the Indians. Day after day its chairman Waythamoorthy the coordinators and supporters are constantly fighting for the Indians. Everyone knows, it is Hindraf that brought about the changes in this country today. You only have to flip through the papers and the internet to see the amount of works still being done. What may I ask is Mrs. Vickneswari's contribution or infact some of the other ISA wives participation in this continuous struggle for the Indians. Infact there is a particular wife who has come into a lot more power since the General Election 2008 but has yet to bring out any issues concerning the Indians that would complement her husband's struggle.. As to the lack of financial assistance all the wives individually received some sort of financial aid directly from the persons/individuals/groups giving it. Although the money's were given to the individual wives it was given in spirit because of Hindraf. So whatever money you received was from Hindraf. Please don not expect a cheque signed by Waythamoorthy at your door step, the HIndraf struggle is a struggle from the heart it has no monetary value. We know of all the financial assistance you received, right up from the Al-Jazeera collection, the donations from temples and well wishers up to K.P. Samy's contribution. It would be totally unappreciative for you to now say you did not receive any. Totally ungrateful ! Ask Mr. Raidu he would have more knowledge in this matter.We noticed soon after the Dec 13th arrest how Mr. Vasantha Kumar's mindset seemed to have drifted towards money alone. His involvement in Hindraf had only been three months (and under scrutiny as well ) and yet his expectations were very high and very monetary. While Mr. Uthayakumar behind bars is still very much active in HINDRAF and its future plans, Mr. Vasantha Kumar, your husband was busy asking for Hindraf money. And now it you! Utter humiliation. My serious advice to you would be to stop listening to the ill advices of some who are keen to cause a division in Hindraf. The struggle for the Indians by Hindraf will carry on regardless of those who betray it.Some Hindraf wives, their children, mothers, siblings, families, friends, coordinators, supporters and many others are still in the front-line of this struggle and continuously doing the job.Sitting back, depressed, complaining and blaming others is not going to do you any good. Making such remarks and statements to the press is not damaging to Hindraf but rather to yourself and your husband. You are a HINDRAF 6 wife, be proud of it……. but most of all ACT it !


135-3 Jalan Toman 7
Kemayan Square 70200
Negeri Sembilan



On the 5th July 2008 Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had visited Kamunting Detention camp where amongst others the 5 HINDRAF leaders are held.
He had requested to meet all 5 but Mr.P.Uthayakumar had refused to meet the said Minister and this was commented upon by the Minister.

Mr.Uthayakumar had asked members of family who visited him after that to inform the general public that he had deliberately refused to meet the Home Minister for the following reasons:

a) The intentions of the Minister was clear ie that the Minister had expected the detainees to plead their predicament and their jail conditions and beg for an early release.
b) He believes in the HINDRAF struggle and has no regrets for the incarceration he faces.
c) The Minister had on previous occasions lied and mislead the Malaysian public that HINDRAF was a threat to National Security.
d) He maintains that his is a just struggle for the freedom of the Malaysian Indians from permanent colonization of the neo colonialist UMNO Government which has suppressed, oppressed and marginalized the Malaysian Indian Community for the last 51 years.

Mr.Uthayakumar urges all HINDRAF supporters to remain focussed in the struggle and feels proud to be able to “serve the Malaysian Indians” by taking their plight to prison. He feels the draconian ISA law that is used against him and his incarceration should be used to expose the atrocities, marginalization and oppression of the Malaysian Government against the Malaysian Indians.

This was his parting words to his family members:

P.Waytha Moorthy

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HINDRAF calls for the resigning of Tan Sri Gani Patail & Tan Sri Musa Hassan.


RE: HINDRAF calls for the resigning of Tan Sri Gani Patail & Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Both top Government Officers have too much allegations pending against them.
Restore public confidence in Criminal Justice system.

The two top most Government Servants come into question for the Malaysian public and their impartiality with the recent fiasco involving Anwar Ibrahim. Anwars allegation that he has the evidence implicating IGP Musa Hassan and the AG Gani Patail in misconduct and abuse of power including fabrication of evidence in the cases launched against him in 1998-1999 is serious and undermines public confidence in the administration of criminal justice in the country.

Until recently the politicians were shackling the public with its use of force and fear against the public but today we are seeing the top Government officers entrusted to hold high offices are using the same chain of command to serve their own purpose against the interest of the general public.

Both these personalities have been under the radar for various allegations but today they are exercising their wide people mandated to suppress a quest for a free, fair and just country to serve their own purpose as well as their masters.

For one, the trumped up charges of attempted murder of 31 people with attempted murder of a single policeman defies all logic and common sense in a public rally that HINDRAF had carried out. Thereafter, Uthaya Kumar being charged with sedition and bailed out with an amount of RM50,000 when the maximum penalty is only RM5,000 if found guilty. Then you have all the unsubstantiated and unfounded alleging with terrorism.

What is transpiring in Malaysia today is somewhat a land of anarchic wholly orchestrated by the ruling government and its hand picked executives to suppress and suffocate the society today to their whim and fancy without any regard for the well being of the public and its future generations.

The recent event of Anwar Ibrahim, would show that it is not race, religion, color that makes the difference but how the ruling government and its top civil servants continue to exercise their mandate against the interest of fairness and justice for the public.
HINDRAF already had its calling and it will continue to pursue what is fair, just and truthful for the Malaysian Indian society but now calls upon all Malaysians to stand up and act to seek the resigning of Tan Sri Gani Patail and Tan Sri Musa Hassan as eventually it concerns Malaysia as a multicultural society that has always been tolerant and ever forgiving.

Malaysian ruling administration and their hen pecked executives with their antics have definitely tainted their image domestically and internationally on the desecrated state it is heading towards for the glory of the few at the expense of its society.

Malaysians had enough of the antics of the AG and IGP colluding on many occasions. HINDRAF calls upon their resignation to restore public confidence in the administration of criminal justice in the country.

Waytha Moorthy