Sunday, January 24, 2010

One year on, Kugan's mom still in anguish - Malaysiakini

It is often said that time heals all wounds, but not so for the family of A Kugan,who died under mysterious circumstances while in police custody a year ago.

kugan prayer family 230110 indra nalla thambiHis mother, N Indra, 41, broke down when met on Tuesday night at their family home in Bukit Kinrara, Selangor, during a prayer ceremony to mark the first anniversary of his death.

"I do not have the heart to carry out the prayers ceremony... I'm in agony over his death and the way they took his life... There is no meaning to it," said Indra, in between her sobs.

She said she tries to console herself that Kugan (left) is still alive and working out of town, to help her get through each day.

As Kugan disappeared during the Hindu ponggal festival last year, every time she heard the 'happy ponggal' greeting last week, Indra said, she broke down as memories of her deceased son flooded back.

On Jan 20 last year, Kugan, 22, was pronounced dead after he went missing for five days.

While he was missing, his family searched numerous police stations to no avail after receiving an anonymous tipoff.

kugan ananthan 230109On learning later that their Kugan (left) was dead, his family tried to claim his body at the morgue, only to be overcome with shock upon finding laceration marks and bruises all over his body.

Despite glaring the evidence, Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar claimed that autopsy results showed Kugan had died of "liquid in his lungs".

Mother yearns for justice

This was debunked when an independent second autopsy was performed and found that he had in fact died of kidney failure from severe beating.

Ten months later, after widespread public outcry, the Attorney-General's Chambers eventually charged constable V Navindran on two counts of causing "grievous hurt" while trying to extract a confession or information.

The relatively mild charge shocked many because Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail had initially classified the case as murder and initially 11 police personnel were said to have been involved.

Unsurprisingly, Indra told Malaysiakini that she was unhappy with the outcome of police investigations.

"All 11 must be punished. They must face the death sentence for committing murder, so what happened to my son will not happen to others," she said.

kugan prayer family 230110 familyOther than the family, the prayer ceremony at her home was attended by a small delegation of Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) activist and Human Rights Party (HRP) leader P Uthayakumar.

Indra's lawyer N Surendran lamented that despite the tragedy which befell Kugan's family, the police not only failed to prosecute swiftly, but also appear to have deliberately complicated matters for them.

"Instead of helping a grieving family, they made it difficult every step of the way, to the extent of refusing to surrender tissue samples (of the deceased). This is why the mother is still weeping today," he said.

AG's 'token charge'

Uthayakumar described the causing "grievous hurt" charge against the constable as a "token charge" by the attorney-general when it should have been murder or attempted murder by more individuals.

He justified this by citing the aftermath of the November 2007 Hindraf rally, where more than 40 individuals were charged for attempted murder of a police personnel.

Unlike Kugan's heavily damaged body, the police personnel involved received a mere five stitches to his head, allegedly after iron rods and bricks were hurled at him.

The extent of the police personnel's injuries were confirmed by Abdul Gani in an interview in December 2007.

PKR Selangor : No equal business opportunities for Indians ( refer Sinaran 23/01/10 at page s 13 )


S.Radha , a poor yoga teacher has to beg for business opportunities form a PKR Selayang

Municipal councilor . S . Radha was merely given ( a verbal ) support for her to get a stall from the Majlis Perbandaran Selayang ( MPS ) to do business but the pro PKR Sinar newspaper misrepresents and publishes “ Hidup guru yoga kini berubah “

Nothing may happened to S.Radha after this but the PKR propaganda has been done.

Even if Radha gets the stall, thousand of others Indians are denied business opportunities . But UMNO and PKR will tell us that the Indians are not interested in doing business . But just see for your self the thousands of small shops put up for Thaipusam at Batu Caves and nationwide . After Thaipusam ,these Indians will be denied licenses permit to do business etc by UMNO and PKR .


The Kampung Laksamana Mariamman hindu temple Batu Caves is to be demolished in two weeks ( Malaysia Nanban 23 /01/10 page 10 )

Under the 50 years old UMNO regime rule one hindu temple was demolished in every ten days this PKR Selangor state govermoent is refusing to grant land to all hindu temples and gazette the same accordingly . The PKR Menteri Besar of Selangor can just acquire the land to this Kampung Laksamana hindu temple and all hidu temples in Selangor , give the land titles to these hindu temples and gazette them accordingly. But the PKR,DAP,PAS state governments in Selangir Kedah, Penang (and earlier Perak ) will

never do it.

How than are these PKR ,DAP and PAS any different from the UMNO regime ?



UMNO : RM 48 million welfare help in 2010 Budget but Muniandy leg amputated gets zero ( Sinar 23 / 01 / 10 at page S24 )

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hundreds of Indians in Muniandy”s position are denied welfare help frpm UMNO simply because they are Indians .

One Maly –sia ?

UMNO : Cruel religious separation of mother Indira and her 20 month old daughter. ( The Star 23 / 01 / 10 at page N3)

Article 11 of the Federal Constitution guarantiees freedom of religion but UMNO their Islamic affairs department and the UMNO High courts separates a hindu mother from her 20 month old daughter . The mother cried when she was briefly reunited with her daughter at the High Court in Ipoh . This Hindu mother in all likehood is not going to get Justice in UMNO Courts

This cannot be the law anywhere in the world. These does not happen in any other part of the world except in Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay – sia .