Saturday, October 4, 2008

PM Hari Raya Open House in PWTC

PM Hari Raya Open House PWTC we went as PEACE loving Malaysian citizen, to forgive PM for what he have done to our Hindraf Lawyers who speak out of marginalization, discrimination and permanent colonization of UMNO lead government. We told PM that please release HINDRAF 5, RPK, all ISA detainees and Abolish ISA. PM said he will look into it. We want our Hindraf lawyers to be release soon as possible before Deepavali. In the event the PM still don't want to release our hero's then I urge all Malaysian Indian to celebrate Deepavali in a moderate way, no open house. Everyone should go to temple and pray for the release of our hero's who fought for our rights and for our children future. How can the families and we celebrate Deepavali went our Hero's are in ISA. Lets get united for we are one. We hope PM will release them soon as they are not terrorist, they only fought for our rights as Malaysian citizen.

We are dissapointed with Bernama, RTM and TV3 for saying that we acted rudely. We came with peace and we left in peace that's our way. Please report without fear of favour.

Thank you.


National Information Coordinater

Valga Makkal SAKTHI


Dear Prime Minister sir, why you did that to us?

There was never once we came without informing. Every our visit to meet you Mr. Prime Minister, has been informed either thru an open letter or a personal letter to you. Your senior officers are well informed of our planned visits, be it in Putra Jaya, Parliament or in the latest development in PWTC on your Hari Raya Open House. Malaysia’s (probably the world’s) youngest human right activist VWaishnnavi ( 6years old) approached your senior officer in Putra Jaya on 22nd September 2008 and informed him in writing that she will be attending the Hari Raya Open House function planned to be held at PWTC with some 10,000 Hindraf supporters .

In return Mr. Prime Minister sir, your secretary thanked the delegation and assured us that this would not have the objections of the PM and the PM would be glad to welcome visitors to his open house. Adding on to this, your press statement dated 29th September 2008 published by unit Komunikasi Pejabat Perdana Menteri , PUTRAJAYA, extended an open invitation to ALL the rakyat of Malaysia to attend the Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House that to be held in Dewan Tun Razak of the 4th floor at PWTC on the 1st Syawal 1429, between 12.30 and 4.30pm. What else needed for a Malaysian citizen who upholds the principles of Rukun Negara to accept and attend your Hari Raya Open House function? So we came Mr. Prime Minister .

We came with hopes and love. We came as citizens of Malaysia to wish our Prime Minister “Selamat Hari Raya” and in return instead of ‘Ang Pows’ we want to request for freedom of our innocent Hindraf heroes from the unlawful Barbaric and draconian ISA detention .

What could be wrong in that sir?

Instead what happened to us?

Why did you humiliated us ?

Why did you stopped us at the entrance of the PWTC ?

Why did you embarrassed us in the eyes of our fellow Malaysian brothers??

Why did you treated us as criminals ???

Why did you performed body search as if we were there to harm you????

Why Mr. Prime Minister ??? Why?...Why??…Why..????

Was that because we are poor Indians?

Was that because we are weak Indians?

Was that because we in your opinion untouchables?? !!

Why Mr. Prime Minister ? Why? Why you did that to us ??

Was that you or was it those around you in the name of advisors did all this?

We were consistently provoked ever since we stepped into the PWTC premises.

You yourself saw how the hand made Hari Raya card by a six years old kid was torn by your officials . Imagine the time and the effort of that poor girl to get the card done. Imagine how she would have dreamt to pass it to you on your Open House. That wasn’t a petition or a memo. A simple hand made Hari Raya Wishing card !!! And dozens of police officers stormed in an attempt to confiscate and tear it of. What? Is this necessary at all for a wishing card? Mr. Prime Minister sir , we all know those were meant to provoke us and in return expecting us to retaliate , but we will never get provoked because Hindraf believes in Ahimsa and that is exactly how we are going to be in rest of our struggle. Even then the Main stream medias under your control has blamed and accused us for unruly behavior and as trouble makers and said Hindraf supporters never respected the Hari Raya . God knows the truth and you too should attempt to seek for one.

Only if we were treated like citizens and were let to see you as the rest , our presence most probably would have went unnoticed. Too bad your advisors had decided otherwise. One may ask why we chose the Open House, our answer , Prime Minister has avoided all our calls to meet him else where . We have no other choice but to accept his invitation to his open house, look into his eyes and tell him what we have to. That’s all. Finally when we shook your hands Mr. Prime Minister didn’t you actually felt Hindraf guys are after all not that bad as been described to you all these while? Indeed that is the truth sir. Our Hindraf leaders are innocent. Release them from ISA. Our demands are basic needs of a poor community , fulfill them. Hindraf is done then. Wake up sir, realize the truth and execute your power as Prime Minister to all.. Otherwise Hindraf never decided to stop.

Hindraf wishes you “ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri , maaf zahir batin.

Vaazhge Hindraf…!!!

Sambulingam Wisvalingam

Hindraf National Coordination Team

2nd October 2008.

Navarathi Prayers by Hindraf

Hi all,

Below is the poster of Navarathiri Prayer held by Hindraf for the betterment of Malaysian Indians in general and release of all Hindraf lawyers from ISA.

Date : 30th Sept to 9 Oct 2008, daily from 7.30 pm omwards
Venue : Sri Raja Mariamman Alayam, Sentul , KL
( Belakang Sentul Timur LRT stattion )
Contact : Ms Latha 016 601 9703 or Selangor State Coordinator Mr Selvam

Other temples that conduct the Navarathiri prayers for Hindraf were,

1. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Sg Puyu, Butterworth
2. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Jasin, Melaka

Pls join them and pray for the divine intervention in this struggle.

Vaalge Hindraf