Thursday, March 5, 2009




P.Waythamoorthy had undergone an emergency angioplasty at a heart center in London on March 2, 2009. (Upon his request, we are withholding the name of the hospital).

During the said procedure cardiologist had found that he has a very rare heart condition ie enlarged heart on the right and abnormal heartbeat (ventricular tacha cardia) which in most cases can lead to ventricular fibrillation or sudden death.

The doctors are unsure on the cause of the swelling on the right part of his heart and have confirmed that there are abnormal formations of tissues in the said area.

On March 4, 2009, the doctors have confirmed that bearing the rare condition of his heart, he will need an implant and the said operation is now scheduled for next week.

Bearing the rare condition of his heart, further investigation and operations would be carried out by the doctors in London to look into the cause and treat P. Waythamoorthy accordingly.

In lieu of the risky heart operation that P.Waythamoorthy would undergo, and the subsequent need for him to be cared by his family member and loved ones, we call upon the Malaysian government to urgently and immediately address the following issues;

~ The Malaysian government to issue a new Malaysian passport to replace the revoked passport to P.Waythamoorthy and this to be made available for him or his representative to collect from the Malaysian High Commission in London.
~ The Malaysian government guarantees the safe return of P.Waythamoorthy to allow him to recuperate with his family members and loved ones.
~ The Malaysian government guarantees that P.Waythamoorthy will not be subjected to any arrest, harassment or charges upon his return including under those under ISA.
~ The Malaysian government’s assurance and guarantee that he will be allowed to return to London for follow up checks and possible further operations.

Lastly, the Malaysian government’s unconditional guarantee that his life will be protected from any form of persecution upon his return and no harm shall befall him.

Thank you.
(Hindraf- New York)