Friday, April 15, 2011


Shah KiritBy Johnson,

I watched the video clip on his talk yesterday and i felt ashamed as a learned man like Shah, As the leading da’wah officer at IIS, he has been delivering talks and giving courses on Comparative Religion for ten years now. He is also the Da’wah Ambassador at SABA Islamic Media Sdn Bhd, having joined the organization in 1999.

Knowing his background of being a da'wah, he failed to understand the meaning of spreading peace, love and unity which Nabi Muhammad (pbuh) practices since Islaminception in the 7th century.

“If anyone kills a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he kill the whole nation: and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole nation” (Qur’an 5:32). He have touched the sensitivity issue of the Hinduism on our believes and practices which have been existing much more longer then any religion existence in this universe.

Understanding Hinduism takes a life time journey and even many Mahaguru's and many of these mahaguru's don't even talk about their depth of knowledge and always remain calm and the search for them have still not ended.

But for a convert of 12 to 15 years into Islam , Shah who was Kumar at one time ... can talk as if he knows so much about Hinduism and its practices. It is very sad that someone who is in the early 50's of age talk without having any background of spiritual learning's of Hinduism religion.

He even compared Tri Murthy ( Hinduism ) and Trinty ( Christianity) which he identify as similar. As i am not a scholar in Religion ... I could identify that the Christian believes in Trinity as THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is what have the Christian's believed for ages and it was proven to them as believers to practice what they have been taught by the priest and the Vatican . A Roman Catholic Priest will go through a process of learning doctrines and theology for not less then 8 to 10 years.

I fail to understand that Shah Kirin a Muslim convert few years back dare to talk about other religion of which he have so little knowledge of it ... A true Muslim and a real Islam believer never would talk bad of other races, in fact he will talk more about the goodness of Islam to his own people for betterment of living as a follower of ALLAH swt.

As i was watching the video and looking at the people who gathered to hear his ceremah, i could see the blank on their faces as they don't even have the slightest knowledge of Hinduism. That will make the Muslim Brother's and Sister's confused.
What comparative studies Shah is talking about ... ????????

Is he trying to say that he knows better then Ulamak's ( The Indian Muslim preachers from india). Many of the Ulamak's,which i have met and known personally have not even utter a single word on other religion . This Ulamak's are so knowledgeable and always preaches of unity, helping people who are in need, love , care , understanding and tolerance among mankind. I have listen to the masjid India Imam besar giving sermons or kutubah on friday's and they speak so well that the devotes just sit inside the masjid for more then 2 to 3 hours just to hear a intelligent ulamak speaking but on the other hand other mosque's can't hardly bear 1 hour of Jumaat prayers and also kutubah. That's how Islam is divided in comparing the Masjid India , Masjid pakistan and our local Masjid.

It is important thing is to clean your own house first before you, Shah, point your dirty finger to another people home ... Build your own people ( the Muslim's) in true Islamic practices and teach them the real teaching of Islam that is to respect, love , care and do justice to all mankind as that is what Nabi Muhammad (phub) will expect a Leader like you to do ...

Clean your our house first that's the point here .... As the Indian's and the Hindu's have home ( not house to be precise ) ... Note : A house is just a building but a home which the Hindu's live is long existed even before Islam came into existence ... that's what i meant be comparing a house and a home ...

In your speech, shah, you have shown pictures of Tri Murthy , which i don't comprehend. the reason of my saying is , Muslims doesn't believe in statues or idol's or pictures as in the house of a Muslim ...never have they have anything except Scriptures on Arabic writings only BUT you have been carrying this pictures all around your seminars in your bag .... that show's you shallow believe in the practices of Islam... What Nabi Muhammad (phub) preaches is what u should follow. Never have i heard anyway in the Qur'an, Nabi Muhammad (phub) carries pictures of deity to preach Islam.

Whatever your reasoning maybe, I can't comprehend or understand your intention doing such a wayang kulit . What are you trying to prove in this video , shah? Where in Islam teaching have you learned to humiliate other races.

i am sad sincerely from bottom of my heart and my sorrow most felt for your father, your mother, your siblings , your relatives and also your past generations such as your great grandfathers and grand mothers , as they were Hindu's and practiced Hinduism for few hundred years and here u , kumar became Shah overnight have disgrace your own family ...

In Islam , we learn and believe that

" Surga di bawah tapak kaki Ibu ....

Heaven is beneath the footsteps of a MOTHER

If only your Mother watches this video and if she condemns you then be sure enough that your place is not in heaven , my brother Shah . i wish and pray that she doesn't watch this video and hope she will never condemn you, shah ..

My advice to you brother Shah , insaf lah dan bertuabat selagi ade masa .
Hidup nie pendek jadi jagalah tata susila kita , berdepolamasi dan banyak ber isti gafar agar kita menjadi orang orang yang beriman ... Amin

I wish you brother Shah all the best and may ALLAH guide you and your undertakings ... Wasalam