Thursday, May 29, 2008

Is Home Minister ready for resignation if proven lying to Msian?

Brief Press Statement 28.05.


I refer to the latest press statement by the Home Affairs Minister that the Government has not revoked my passport.

I repeat my earlier statement that I was informed by the British Immigration officers at Gatwick Airport that my International Passport has been revoked by the Malaysian Government on the 21st April 2008.

Is the Honourable Minister saying the British Government mislead me? If they had “inadvertently” revoked my passport and are willing to undo what had been done, I would accept it in a gentleman manner. But by throwing a blanket denial risks jeopardising the good diplomatic relations with Britain. I wouldn’t want to be in the centre of a diplomatic row with Britain over a silly conduct by the Malaysian Government.

However if he still wants to stand by his statement, my question is “is the Home Minister willing to resign should I provide the proof”.

Dato Syed Hamid Albar has until Friday 30th May 2008 to “clarify” the issue failing which I will proceed with Police Report on the Minister on the 31st May 2008.

P Waytha Moorthy
If we could rememebr well, this same HOME Minister earlier said that Mr Waytha's passport is been revoke because it is expired and he can renew in the nearest Malaysian Consult Office. After Mr Waytha proved that his passport will only expire in 2010, now the Home Minister caught lying and continous further lies to the Malaysian in general that in system Mr Waytha's passport is still valid and not revoked.
We have seen how the death Mongolian ad her sister's data was erased in our Malaysian Immigration system even she hold valid travel documents.
Home Minister should correct his statement or else he may face reaction on his action.
Admin Hindraf

Rights watchdog (FIDH) lobbies for Hindraf 5 release

Mkini- Rahmah Ghazali May 28, 08 5:42pm

An international human rights watchdog today urged the government to immediately release the five Hindraf leaders presently being detained under the Internal Security Act.
The watchdog also wants the government to repeal the colonial era law which provided for detention without trial.

The International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), in a report released today, said that the five Hindu Rights Action Force leaders should be released immediately and unconditionally as their detention was arbitrary.

FIDH also urged the government to similarly release all other ISA detainees who are being held without valid legal charges.The five Hindraf leaders - P Uthayakumar, M Manoharan, R Kenghadharan, V Ganabatirau and T Vasantha Kumar - were detained on Dec 13 last year for allegedly being a national threat for organising talks and demonstrations highlighting the plight of the Indian community here."I perceive personally ISA is a risk to Malaysian security because if there are people who have committed terrorist offences, we have to know what they did."But in fact, it is all unknown," said Laurie Berg, an Australian lawyer, who was present during the release of the report.

She added that everyone has a right to know when someone was detained under the ISA and on what grounds they were being detained."(However) it's impossible to know why anyone is detained under ISA and we might have to just speculate the reason," Berg told the press conference held at Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Kuala Lumpur today.According to an official figure, some 70 people are presently being held under the ISA.

Appearance before a judge vital

The report also said that the physical and psychological integrity of the five Hindraf leaders should be guaranteed in all circumstances.It also added that the five should have access to their legal counsel, medical assistance and family members.In recent months some of the Hindraf leaders, especially Uthayakumar, have complained that they were not being afforded proper medical treatment.The Federal Court had recently thrown out the appeal by five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders to be released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).The ruling meant the five have almost exhausted their legal battle and will have to remain detained under the security law.

Berg said that the report prepared by the Paris-based organisation would be submitted to the Malaysian government, the European Union and the United Nations.Apart from repealing the Act and releasing all ISA detainees, the watchdog also recommended that:
All arrested under the ISA should be brought before a judge to be informed of the charge(s) being preferred against them.
The detainees must be allowed access to their lawyers and family.
Everyone must be tried in conformity with international fair trial standards.‘

Not interfering'

Berg also brushed aside questions when asked if the report would be perceived as interfering in Malaysian affairs."We are just trying to encourage the government to do what it has told the international community it will do in respecting the human rights," said Berg."What we can do is to get Malaysians to see what we believe is their own interest to abolish ISA and also to create more secure and prosperous nation."The press conference was hosted by Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) and was attended by the families of the detainees, including Vasantha Kumar's wife K Vickneswary.

Amnesty Int releases human rights report-card of Msia

Mkini-Tarani Palani May 28, 08 7:04pm

Amnesty International (AI) has reiterated the call for police reform in Malaysia, stating that “at least 10 people died in police custody in 2007”.

This was one of the key issues raised in its Annual Report 2008, launched simultaneously worldwide today. The event in Malaysia was held in Petaling Jaya.Other concerns highlighted by the London-based NGO in relation to Malaysia were on detention without trial, migrant workers, death penalty, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and rights of transsexuals.

AI-Malaysia executive director Joseph Paul said the report makes note of the denial of a wide spectrum of human rights around the world, even 60 years on since the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights was ratified.However, affected groups are showing “growing impatience”, as seen in recent rallies by monks in Myanmar, as well as those organised by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections and the Hindu Rights Action Force in Malaysia last year.

The 398-page report states the facts and “is not subjected to our own sense of morality and ethics”, he added.Campaigns co-ordinator K Shan said Malaysia has yet to repeal laws left behind by the colonial administration and which “continue to undermine human rights”. These include the Internal Security Act (ISA), Emergency Public Order Preventive Ordinance, Sedition Act, and Printing Presses and Publications Act.

‘Agony for families’

During the launch, Norlaila Othman - who runs a campaign to free ISA detainees - spoke on the adverse impact of the preventive detention law, especially on the families.Her husband, Mat Sah Satray, 45, is among those currently held at the Kamunting detention camp in Taiping, Perak. He was arrested in 2002, initially for alleged involvement with the KMM group, but this was later changed to Jemaah Islamiah and Al-Qaeda.AI-Malaysia added a copy of the report would be sent to the Prime Minister’s Department as has been done in previous years.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

21-5-08 Vwaishnavi Birthday wish - Abolish ISA, celebrates in Parliament

Meanwhile Hindu Rights Action Force leader P Waythamoorthy's daughter approached parliamentarians today on her birthday, requesting the government to release the five Hindraf members detained under the draconian securities law.

She also wished for the safe return of her father from London.Accompanied by her mother K Shanthi and several other Hindraf delegates Vwaishhanavi celebrated her birthday in the Parliament lobby and delivered roses to members of Parliament present.

"Her father is championing for the rights of Indian Malaysian overseas because the Malaysian government has not given him a chance to return," said N Gobalakrishnan (Padang Serai-DAP).
"Waythamoorthy's daughter is celebrating her birthday here in hopes that the MPs will abolish the Internal Securities Act (ISA)," he said.

Several members of the opposition and Hindraf delegates chorused birthday greeting to Vwaishhanavi, followed by calls to abolish the ISA.The delegation was earlier stopped at the gates of Parliament, denying them entry. However authorities allowed them in as opposition MPs approached to welcomed the delegation.

Parliament chief administrator Kamaruddin Mohd Baria was heard complaining that the crowd turned the Parliament lobby into a market street because of the entire commotion.

Urgent Motion to Abolish ISA in DUN Selangor

Usul tergempar ISA di DUN S'gor

May 26, 08 12:54pm

Wakil-wakil Pakatan Rakyat akan membawa usul tergempar di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Selangor hari ini bagi membantah penahanan berlanjutan seorang rakan mereka M Manoharan bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA). Usul tersebut dijangka dibawa oleh ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Kampung Tunku, Lau Wen Sang, petang ini.M Manoharan (foto), yang menang atas tiket DAP di kerusi Kota Alam Shah, kini ditahan di kem Kamunting, Taiping sejak Disember lepas.

Aturan mesyuarat DUN hari ini memuatkan usul, antaranya, yang berbunyi: "Bahawa dewan ini mengkritik penahanan Yang Berhormat M Manoharan dari Kota Alam Shah dan aktivis Badan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu (Hindraf) yang lain serta menggesa Kementerian Dalam Negeri agar membebaskan semua tahanan ISA."Manohan dan empat lagi pemimpin Hindraf - P Uthayakumar, V Ganabatirau, R Kengadharan dan K Vasantha Kumar - ditahan pada 13 Disember selepas terbabit menganjurkan perhimpunan 25 November lalu.

Hindraf backs Bangsa Malaysia conceptTuesday

May 27, 2008


The Government should implement the Bangsa Malaysia concept to give equal opportunities to all Malaysians, Hindu Rights Action Front national co-ordinator R.S. Thanenthiran said.

He said the concept, which recognised a citizen not by his colour, religion or his cultural background, could help promote greater unity."We should give the Bangsa Malaysia concept a chance. Political parties should no longer be race-based."Politicians should also stop using racial and religious sentiments that could disunite the people," he said yesterday.

On Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said it was important for Malaysians to identify themselves as Bangsa Malaysia and not by their race.Thanenthiran also called on Indian youths to continue using tolerance, patience, love and peace in their approach to resolve problems."Similarly, we wish the Government will accept our requests to sit down and talk amicably about Hindraf's concerns," he said.

Hindraf Chairman's Passport Was Never Revoked - Syed Hamid

May 26, 2008 19:15 PM

PUTRAJAYA, May 26 (Bernama) --

Once again, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar has refuted allegations by lawyer P. Waytha Moorthy that the government had revoked his international passport.

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairman had claimed that his travel document was cancelled."The Ministry of Home Affairs has been informed by the Immigration Department of Malaysia that the Malaysian international passport issued to Waytha Moorthy s/o Ponnusamy is still active in our passport and travel document system.

"In other words, the Malaysian government has never made any cancellation to the mentioned travel document," Syed Hamid said in a statement here today.

Last week, Waytha Moorthy and Amnesty International claimed that the Hindraf chairman was victimised by the Malaysian Government and that his international passport had been revoked.Waytha Moorthy, who has been living in London since he fled the country last December, has sought asylum in Britain, Amnesty's Washington-based Asia-Pacific advocacy director T. Kumar announced last week.The activist, Kumar claimed in news reports, had planned to visit Washington for talks with leaders of the US Congress and Amnesty and other rights groups, but was unable to do so because his passport was revoked.

Kumar said Waytha Moorthy only became aware of his passport's revocation when he returned to London from Geneva after talks recently with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.Syed Hamid said: "Waytha Moorthy is now believed to be overseas and is still free to travel internationally. "-- BERNAMA



Another prove of lie, earlier this is the same Minister whom said that Mr Waytha's passport is been expired and that is why the system revoke it. Now he claim everything is ok and Mr Waytha can travel freely !!!

What is he talking? How can Mr Waytha travel when the passport is been held by British Immigration under the system revoke.

Home Minister should explain to British Immigration to release the passport and not telling the passport is active in system, We know how the Mongolian details were erased from database of our Immigration, she was able to come to Malaysia and holding the return ticket but her name was not in Immigration !!

All funny thing and alteration are possible in this Bolehland.

Dear HomeMinister, we are seeking you to ask your counterpart there on what make them to hold the passport. The truth will reveal soon.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

S'gor to aid ISA families

Mkini - May 26, 08 6:54pm
The Selangor government will provide financial and welfare assistance to families of those held under the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows detention without trial.
MCPXMenteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim said these measures would be taken up by the state government to help the wives and children of these detainees to ease their burden during the difficult period.He added that his government will look into bearing the travelling costs for families to visit the detention camp every week.At the same time, he said that children of the detainees may apply for state government scholarships to further their studies.

The wives too will be encouraged to look into various ways to become involved in businesses to help them earn a living, he said."Life can be difficult for them but they must continue to fight," he said after receiving a memorandum from the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) today.

DAP state assemblyperson M Manoharan is one of about 70 ISA detainees being held presently at the Kamunting detention centre.Manoharan was detained last December along with four other Hindu Rights Action Force leaders for allegedly being a national threat.He contested for the Kota Alam Shah state seat in the March 8 general election and won comfortably.

Motion against ISA

Meanwhile in the state assembly, Kampung Tunku state representative and Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San today moved a motion for the release of Manoharan and all other ISA detainees.He cited several reasons for Manoharan to be released immediately, among others that he won the Kota Alam Shah state seat with a big majority of 7,184 votes even though he was not present during campaigning and polling day due to his detention."This was not just a big win for him or DAP but it was also a slap in the face for the federal government who had detained him without trail," he said in his speech in the assembly.Lau said that Manoharan had merely highlighted the issues affecting the Indian community and was never a threat to the national security."He should be released immediately so that he can function as a state representative, " he said, adding that it was unfair for the people of Kota Alam Shah not to have their representative around to raise their issues.Lau also said that the reasons cited by the government for the detention of Manoharan and four other Hindraf leaders were weak.

Protest by Indian group

Earlier Khalid also said that the state government shared GMI's views on the abolition of the ISA as well as the Official Secrets Act. GMI chairperson Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said some of the detainees were being held since 2002."Six years is not a short period - these sole breadwinners have lost their jobs and their children are suffering the consequences."There are also two detainees whose wives have sought divorce because of the long detention," he added.Meanwhile, a group of Indian protested at the Selangor state secretariat in Shah Alam to express their disappointment with the failures of the state government in fulfilling election pledges.The group, numbering about 80 and calling themselves Selangor Indian Community, handed a memorandum covering 13 issues to the office of Khalid.They want the appointment of another Indian representative in the state executive council, at least six Indian representatives in each local council, and an Indian mayor for either the Shah Alam or Petaling Jaya city councils.The group also asked that at least 25 percent of positions in the state government be allocated to Indians.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gerakan - Repeal, not review ISA

The Star- Monday May 26, 2008

GEORGE TOWN: The Internal Security Act should be repealed and not reviewed as suggested by Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.
Using analogies, he said yesterday it was impossible to make a bicycle fly or Satan to become good.
When anything is evil, it should be abolished. There are no two ways about it. I would like to encourage all Malaysians to call on the Government to release all the ISA detainees and to repeal the Act.
“In the spirit of justice, it is our responsibility to be part of this cause to end this flagrant injustice and uphold the spirit of humanity
,” he said when opening the Human Rights Training Programme jointly organised by Era Consumer Malaysia and Penang DAP Youth Wing.

On May 23, Dr Koh, who was former Chief Minister, suggested that the Government set up a Parliamentary Select Committee to examine the various aspects of the ISA.
He said the review should make the Act compliant with basic human rights principles with clear criteria and safeguards.

However, Lim said it was internationally recognised that the detention of persons without trial was in violation of the rule of law, human rights and the principles of a democratic government.
He said the country’s future depended on the ability of all Malaysians to openly discuss and express their views on all issues.
Speaking to newsmen later, Lim said he would bring up the proposal to repeal the Act in Parliament.

Comments :-
Very well said by Gerakan, finally we can see the BN component parties are voicing the evil within ISA and the need to repael ISA.
All the major parties have made the similar call on ISA but not UMNO !!
They still want this draconian act to be there to allow themselves to misuse them for their political survival.
Larger Malaysians want to see the ABOLISHMENT of this act. It is time for UMNO to change thier stand.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hindraf leader Uthaya applies new "heabeas corpus"

Uthaya mohon 'habeas corpus' baru

Soon Li Tsin May 22, 08 2:14pm

Permohonan baru habeas corpus difailkan oleh seorang pemimpin Barisan Bertindak Hak-hak Hindu (Hindraf) terhadap Kementerian Dalam Negeri dan pusat tahanan Kamunting kerana didakwa tidak mendapatkan rawatan perubatan yang sewajarnya.

Peguam N Surendran memfailkan permohonan habeas corpus di Mahkamah Tinggi Kuala Lumpur High hari ini bagi pihak P Uthayakumar yang mendakwa telah dinafikan rawatan perubatan sewajarnya bagi penyakit kencing manis yang dihidapinya.Uthayakumar juga mendakwa, pihak berkuasa pusat tahanan tersebut enggan memasukkannya ke Institut Jantung Negara (IJN) walaupun diminta oleh doktor supaya berbuat demikian.Permohonan beliau akan didengar pada 25 Jun depan.

Peguam itu antara lima pemimpin Hindraf yang sedang ditahan di Kamunting bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) kerana didakwa mempunyai kaitan dengan kumpulan pengganas.

Habeas corpus merupakan permohonan untuk membawa tahanan ke mahkamah atau menemui hakim bagi menentukan sama ada wujud kecacatan dalam prosedur, menjadikan penahanan mereka boleh diisytiharkan tidak sah.

(Source: Malaysiakini)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Passport Photocopy- Proof of Home Minister is a liar and should resign

Jalan Toman 7

Kemayan Square



I enclose below a scanned copy of my passport, which clearly shows that my passport expires in October 2010.

The statement made by the Home Minister is a blatant lie and deliberately intended to mislead the Malaysian public who were outraged by the action of the Government against me.

I do not for a moment doubt that the real intentions of the Government is that upon the revocation the British authorities would deport me back to Malaysia only to be arrested under the ISA

In light of the blatant lie I call upon the Home Minister to tender his resignation from the cabinet with immediate effect to safeguard the good name and integrity of the Governnment

P.Waytha Moorthy

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Letter to Pvt Sec of the King to seek audience on King's Birthday

Private Secretary to His Royal Highness
Duli Yang Maha MuliaTuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin
Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billal Shah
Istana Negara
Kuala Lumpur.
20th May 2008.

Dear Sir,

Re: W.Vwaishhnnavi (6 years old) begs to make her Birthday Wishes to His Royal Highness the Yang Dipertuan Agong on her birthday on 21st May 2008.

The Malaysian Indians pray for the health and happiness of His Royal Highness the Yang Dipertuan Agong and his family members.

We write to seek an urgent appointment with your goodself on the 21st May 2008 at 10.30 am upon the request of W. Vwaishhnnavi a 6 year old who begs to make and submit her Birthday Wishes to His Royal Highness The Yang Dipertuan Agong on her 6th Birthday which falls on 21st May 2008.

We humbly apologize for the short notice given and hope you would be able to convey our sincere and humble apologies to His Royal Highness the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

W.Vwaishhnnavi would be present at the Royal Palace on the 21st May 2008 at 10.30 am to submit Roses, Cake and Request personally.

Should you require any further information kindly contact our National Coordinator Mr. Tanendran on 0194105283 or Event Coordinator Mr. Kannan on 0122690024.

Your understanding and co-operation is very much appreciated.

Yours in Service

P.Waytha Moorthy

Friday, May 16, 2008

Waytha's passport revoked - Amnesty

Waytha's passport revoked: Amnesty
Mkini -May 16, 08 10:35am

The government has revoked the passport of a Hindu Rights Action Force chairperson P Waythamoorthy, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

Waythamoorthy, who has been living in London since he fled the country in December, has sought asylum in Britain, Amnesty's Washington-based Asia-Pacific advocacy director T Kumar told AFP.The activist had planned to visit Washington for talks with leaders of the US Congress and Amnesty and other rights groups, "but it has been put off because of his passport's cancelation", Kumar said.
Waythamoorthy had sought the talks to highlight alleged discriminatory policies against minority ethnic Indian Malaysians as well as the arrest under the powerful Internal Security Act of five senior Hindraf members at home.The five, who led a massive anti-discrimination rally in Kuala Lumpur in November, are being held without trial and for an indefinite period.
Kumar said Waythamoorthy only became aware of his passport's revocation when he returned to London from Geneva after talks recently with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights."He was shocked to be informed by British immigration officers that Kuala Lumpur has revoked his passport," Kumar said. "This makes him de facto stateless."
"This is the first time I have heard of a political activist's passport being revoked by his own country's government," he said.Kumar called on Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to give a "full explanation on the rationale for the cancellation."
Asylum application
The British authorities will hold hearings to consider Waythamoorthy's application for political asylum, he said. Waythamoorthy said in a statement to Amnesty that the Malaysian government revoked his passport in the belief that the British authorities would deport him to Kuala Lumpur where he could be arrested under the Internal Security Act."This unwarranted act has given me greater 'inner' strength to continue to struggle for the Malaysian Indians and for the unconditional release of my fellow brothers held unjustly under the Internal Security Act," he said.
Malaysia's highest court on Wednesday refused to release the five activists, including a newly sworn-in state lawmaker. Ethnic Indians make up less than eight percent of the 27 million population of the mainly Muslim-Malay country. Lawyers for the five said they would appeal on Monday for the Federal Court to review its decision.Rights groups say 70 people, mainly alleged Islamic militants, are being held under the Internal Security Act.
taken from Mkini news.
Also refer to Press Statement from Waythamoothy on this at Press Statement Section in

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mkini-Hindraf 5 appeal dismissed

Mkini- Soon Li Tsin May 14, 08 12:52pm

The Federal Court today dismissed the appeal by five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders to be released from detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

In a brief judgment this morning, Chief Judge of Malaya and panel chair Alauddin Mohd Sheriff said the detention order issued by the Internal Security Minister on Dec 13 last year was valid and met all the requirements under the ISA.He said the three-member panel of the country's highest court agreed with the findings of Kuala Lumpur High Court judicial commissioner Zainal Azman Abdul Aziz who held that the minister could order a person to be detained under Section 8 of the ISA on Feb 26.

Alauddin said that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in his capacity as the then Internal Security Minister had rightly issued the detention order and had complied with the procedural requirements under the Act.This was unanimously agreed by two other judges - Arifin Zakaria and Hashim Mohd Yusoff when the judgment was delivered at around 11am this morning.

Review application on Monday.
The ruling means the five have almost exhausted their legal battle nd will have to remain detained under the security law, which allows for detention without trial.In their habeas corpus applications, the five stated that their detention was unlawful because of the vague grounds given for their arrest.The detainees' counsel Gobind Singh Deo said he was disappointment with the ruling, adding that they will file for the Federal Court to review its own decision on Monday."We are disappointed with the decision that was brief and it did not address the issues we raised on the points of law for consideration."We intend to apply for a review and we'll submit that application on Monday," he told Malaysiakini.The detainees were also represented by Karpal Singh and his son Ram Karpal. Also present, representing the government, was attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail.

Straight to detention centre
The five are P Uthayakumar, V Ganabatirau, R Kenghadharan, T Vasantha Kumar and M Manoharan.
They were detained under Section 8(1) ISA on Dec 13 last year under Abdullah's orders.
As such they were immediately sent to under a two-year detention to the Kamunting detention centre without first having to undergo a 60-day investigative period.The five rose to fame after organising an illegal assembly on Nov 25 which drew 30,000 ethnic Indians out of their homes to protest on the streets against unfair treatment and marginalisation.The law enforcers responded with water cannons, tear gas and arrests soon after. While the Hindraf lawyers were charged for making seditious statements against the government, several protesters were charged with illegal assembly and attempted murder.
Their supporters however argued that the five - four of whom are lawyers - were merely raising issues concerning the community.

Numerous quarters, including Barisan Nasional component parties such as MIC, MCA and Gerakan, have called for their release

Uthayakumar refuses 'secret date' with heart institute

Mkini -S Pathmawathy May 14, 08 3:30pm

Detained Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) legal adviser P Uthayakumar is “being pressured to secretly undergo treatment” at the National Heart Institute, claimed his brother Waytha Moorthy.

In a statement issued from London, where he is living in self-imposed exile, Waytha Moorthy said his brother is being compelled to do so without his family members being informed.“Uthayakumar fears for his life and does not wish to be treated without the presence and knowledge of his family members at the National Heart Institute,” he wrote.Uthayakumar is one of five Hindraf leaders being detained for two years at the Kamunting detention camp in Taiping, Perak.

They were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) on Dec 13 last year, which allows for detention without trial.A diabetic for 12 years, Uthayakumar is said to have developed a heart ailment. He has been admitted twice to the Taiping hospital, in January after a hunger strike and again from April 7-10.

Waytha Moorthy, who is Hindraf chairperson, alleged that the “prison director and other government officers” have been applying pressure on Uthayakumar.“He has written to the prison director, requesting (that) his family be informed and for access to his lawyers while in hospital.

His lawyer (N Surendran) had also written to the prison director on Uthayakumar’s requests.“We are puzzled why the prison director is compelling him to undergo secret treatment and is threatening to lodge a police report against Uthayakumar for wilfully refusing treatment.

(This is) still a democratic country and there should be transparency and openness (about) his treatment.”Urging Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to look into the situation, Waytha Moorthy also posed the query if a “silent agenda” is involved.‘He’s no terrorist’Contacted today, Surendran said some irregularities were detected during Uthayakumar’s last visit to Taiping Hospital and “there may be some damage to his heart”.“He wants to go as soon as possible because he is anxious about his health but he wants his family there because he is worried as to whether major procedures will be involved,” said Surendran. “They refuse to tell us when they (intend to) take him, saying that this must be kept secret for security purposes. “What is there a need for security? He is no terrorist.

This is an excuse to traumatise the family and make things as difficult as possible for him.”Hindraf supporters have held rallies demanding the release of their leaders, as well as access to medical attention for Uthayakumar

Hindraf continue lobbies to repeal ISA and urge medical treatment to Uthaya

ASIA PACIFIC Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Hindraf lobbies with government, opposition

From correspondents in Federal Territory, Malaysia, 03:23 PM IST

As the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) continues to lobby for the release of its detained leaders, Malaysia's opposition has also taken up the issue.
Opposition leaders Wan Azizah an Ismail and Lim Kit Siang said they had sought to put up questions in parliament, but were not allowed to do so.

The two met a Hindraf delegation in the parliament lobby Monday, The Star newspaper said.
Hindraf leaders have also urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to visit the detention camp saying that its leaders have been held under conditions that are 'not safe'.
The Hindraf team made its fourth visit to the prime minister's department and submitted a memorandum saying the conditions were bad for all 70 detained, irrespective of their race or political orientation.

Hindraf national coordinator R.S. Thanenthiran who led the delegation said: 'The water is filthy while shrubs and bushes are overgrown and not maintained. The overall condition is non-conducive and no longer safe for both the detainees and security officers there.'
'The prime minister should spare some time to check on the condition at the camp and visit the detainees. The families of ISA detainees are appealing to him to visit the camp. We believe that he has been misinformed on the conditions at the camp.'

Hindraf wants the abolition of the Internal Security Act (ISA) under which five of the group's top leaders - M. Manoharan, P. Uthayakumar, V. Ganabatirau, R. Kengadharan, and K. Vasantha Kumar - have been held since December to serve two-year terms.
The five have been detained for organising a rally in November to voice grievances of Tamil Hindus who form a bulk of the ethnic Indian population of an estimated 2.6 million.

The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) that has traditionally spoken for the estimated 2.6 million ethnic Indians has said that continued detention of Hindraf leaders was making them 'prominent'.
They should be let off if they do not pose a threat to the country, MIC Youth chief S.A. Vigneswaran said.

Clips of protest at Gurney Drive, Penang

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Attached is the video URL of the HINDRAF Nationwide Protest on 11th of May 2008 at Gurney Drive, Penang Island.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Best Regards,
Haribaalan Gopal

PS-by WMP on Uthaya pressured to secretly undergo treatment

135-3 Jalan Toman 7
Kemayan Square
70200 Seremban



HINDRAF condemns the Kamunting Prison authorities for exerting pressure on P.Uthayakumar on 5th May 2008 to secretly undergo treatment at the National Heart Institute (IJN) for his heart ailment. The Prison Director and other Government officers are compelling Uthayakumar to seek medical treatment at IJN without him informing his family members.

Uthayakumar fears for his life and do not wish to be treated without the presence and knowledge of his family members at the National Heart Institute. He had
personally written to the Prisons Director requesting his family be informed and access to his Lawyers in Hospital.

His Lawyer Mr. Surenthiran had also written to the Prison Director on the requests made by Uthayakumar and we are puzzled why the Prison Director is now compelling him to undergo secret treatment and is threatening to lodge a police report against Uthayakumar for wilfully refusing to undergo treatment. We are still a democratic country and there should be transparency and openness in his treatment.

HINDRAF urges the Prime Minister to seriously look into the matter and wonders if there is silent agenda in the whole issue of his seeking treatment. His diabetes level is still on a dangerous level and the Taiping Hospital which gave him initial treatment and prematurely discharged him have to date not revealed the results of all medical tests ie kidney, liver , heart functions ect to him or his Lawyers.

HINDRAF calls upon the Government to conduct an open and transparent treatment on the already defenceless P.Uthayakumar.

P.Waytha Moorthy.
Currently in London

A mother's cry on Mothers Day

Dear HINDRAF supporters

Uthayakumar had a visit by his mother on Mothers Day on Sunday 11th May 2008.
She spent about 40 minutes talking to him. This is how she described Uthayakumar to me over the phone

I was sad to see him. Every year he visits me at home and takes me out for dinner with the other siblings but this year was a strange and awkward visit by me instead. His beard has overgrown and he wears a torn pants with an old shabby t shirt. I know he was trying to keep me in good spirits by trying his best to smile the moment he saw me. I was holding to my tears. It hurts to see a son who I raised now to be detained by the country accused of a threat to national security. What national security are they talking about. It doesn’t make sense. A person who speaks out for the community and for the best interest of the community is behind bars now. This is “aniyayam” (oppression).

I told Kumar not to worry about me. I will learn to take care of myself. But it makes a lot of difference having him visiting home though it would be only once a month. He feels guilty that he visited me once a month but I take the trouble to see him almost every week.

But it doesn’t matter. At least there are talks now that the Government is willing to treat the Indians better. I hear many promises made for the Indians. I’m happy at least the community is benefiting. Though it saddens me to be separated from my son I feel proud of his sacrifice”.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nationwide protest demanding P.Uthaya to be refered to IJN immediately

Hi All Hindraf Makkal Sakthi Supporters,

There were some new spots came in after the mail were sent as our Hindraf Makkal Sakthi supporter wanted to their solidarity and unity in demanding just for our Hindraf Leaders health.The lastest area where the silent protest will be held are as below :-
1. Penang - Gurney Roundabout - Contact Vasantha 012 4688353
2. Prai - Pacific Mall - Contact Anba 012-4071867
3. Ipoh - Ipoh Jusco - Contact Vetha 0175962317
4. KL - KLCC - Contact Selvam 0166626579
5. Seremban - Terminal 1 - Contact Devi 019-6641101
6. JB - Near Aminah Hospital - Contact Ramesh 019-7685712

All will start at 11.00 am, bring manila card and banners to show support.Lets do it in ahimsha way( non violence) and seek for justice as it is inhumane act by the Camp and Government by denying medical right to P.Uthayakumar.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi-
Kannan R
Hindraf Coordinator
ps. do forward to all yahoogroups/googlegroups and emails and sms to nearby frens to join in.


Nationwide Protest for Urgent reference for P.Uthayakumar to IJNProtest demanding proper IJN medical treatment for P.Uthayakumar

Hi all,
Please join the people force this Sunday 11-5-08 at various spots of the nation in demanding the Home Minister and Health Minister to immediatelly refer Hindraf Leader P.Uthayakumar to IJN for further medical treatment.P.Uthayakumar whom have diagnose of mild heart heart during the detention in Kamunting was request for further medical treatment in IJN by his family and supporters since last month.

Memo and appeals were sent to PM Office and Home Minister regarding this by his family members but there was no response from both the office about this.His condition has become even worse, acknowledge by his family member in the recent visit last weekend.He went thru ECO test last Monday in Taiping GH and was told to refer to IJN for further test but later his was taken back to Kamunting and till today his was not refer to IJN !!

We have to show BIG protest to this ignorance government and HOME Minister whom 'playing' with P.Uthayakumar life intentionally. P.Uthayakumar and other Hindraf leader have sacrificed much for the betterment of Malaysian Indians, let us show our gratitude to them.Pls support this protest at below spots :-

Date -11th May 2008 ( SUNDAY)
Time -11. 00 am
1. Penang - at Gurney Drive Roundabout .
2. Ipoh - at Ipoh, JUSCO area
3. KL - KLCC front enterance

Pls do contact the area coordinators for further info.
All humanity people are invited to join the force.
This is our time to show to help our hero to get the medical treatment.

People Power! Kuasa Rakyat!!...

Plz sms and mail to all Malaysians

Uthaya Mother Appealing release of all ISA detainee on Mother's Day

"To the world you might just be one person,but to one person you might just be the world."





Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Letter from WMP to Special Rapporteur of TOIDP, Geneva

No. 135-3-A, Jalan Toman 7,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +606-7672995/6
Fax: +6-06-7672997

Mr.Manfred Nowak
Special Rapporteur on Torture and other cruel, inhumane or Degrading treatment or Punishment
Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais Wilson
52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva,
Fax No : 00 44 22 917 9006

7th May 2008.

Dear Sir,


I refer to my letter to you dated 8th April 2008.

On the 7th April 2008 Mr P.Uthayakumar was admitted to the Taiping General Hospital as his blood glucose level was at 18.8.

On the 9th April 2008 Mr.P.Uthayakumar was prematurely discharged from Taiping Hospital despite his sugar level still at 13.5 . We believe this was deliberately done as a result of interference by the Malaysian Police and prison authorities who were uneasy of the large presence of HINDRAF supporters at the hospital conducting candle light vigils and prayers for his speedy recovery. His eco cardiogram was fixed for the 28th April as the Hospital authorities “deemed” his condition not serious enough to warrant an immediate test despite his complaints of chest discomfort.

Upon discharge from hospital despite request from family members to refer him to a private hospital at their own expenses the said request was rejected.

On the 15th April 2008 the mother of P.Uthayakumar also submitted an appeal to the Prime Minister to refer him to the National Heart Institute as it is believed that Uthayakumar suffered a silent heart attack and required immediate medical attention.

On the 28th April 2008 upon conducting an eco cardiogram the Taiping Hospital doctors decided to refer Mr.Uthayakumar to the National Heart Institute as they believed he had indeed damaged his heart muscles but the extend of the damage could not be ascertained as there were no cardiologists at the Taiping Hospital nor are the facilities adequate to enable the doctors to come to a definitive conclusion on his condition. His complaint of skin rashes and pain on the hip joints numbness of limbs ect and request to be treated by an orthopedic and general surgeon was ignored.

The family members of Uthayakumar were shocked when the doctors at Taiping could not confirm a definite date for his referral to the national Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite repeated requests for his appointment to be given priority, it was plainly clear to the family members that the Hospital and prison authorities were deliberately delaying his appointment (family members are willing to bear the costs of private treatment).

During the last family visit on 4th May 2008 Mr.Uthayakumar had complained of chest pain and the family noticed his weak condition. His skin rashes worsened and he had continued orthopedics problems. His skin rashes are mainly due to the unhygienic condition of the cell (dirty and filthy cell) and contaminated water supply within the cell that he uses for his daily hygiene care.

On the 5th May 2008 despite repeated telephone calls to the Taiping Hospital and Prison authorities the family members were not given any assurance that any priority to his appointment at the National Heart Institute is being given.

I wish to bring to your attention that Mr.Uthayakumar is deliberately being denied immediate medical care by the Government for his involvement in the protection of the ethnic Malaysian Indian community in Malaysia. Denying him medical attention is intended to punish and exert torture and cruel punishment on him.

Mr.Uthayakumar is very ill and needs immediate medical attention especially cardiac care. The Hospital authorities are not revealing any results of his kidney and liver functions and we are unsure if he is really healthy. However the family are given unfounded hope that Uthayakumar is fine.

I write to you to urgently make the necessary representations to the Malaysian Government and send a fact finding mission to Malaysia to look into the condition of Mr.Uthayakumar and the other 4 prisoners held under the Internal Security Act.

Thanking you.

P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF + 44 7875653848
Currently in London

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

News-Kem ISA wajar dipindah dari Perak - PR

Kem ISA wajar dipindahkan dari Perak
Subky Abdul Latif Mon Apr 28, 08 8:02:49 pm MYT

Menteri Besar Perak, Dato' Seri Nizar Jamaluddin ketika mengadakan kunjungan rasmi kepada Perdana Menteri membangkitkan tapak khemah tahanan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) Kamunting, sedang parti yang memerintah Negeri Perak sekarang adalah menentang ISA.
Tidak pasti apa perincinya yang mereka bincang, tetapi yang jelas ketiga parti yang membentuk kerajaan campuran di Perak iaitu PAS, DAP dan KeADILan adalah menentang ISA dan mahu ISA dimansuhkan.
Kerajaan Perak tiada kuasa untuk memansuhkan ISA kerana ia adalah dalam bidang kuasa Kerajaan Pusat. Tetapi tentulah kerajaan Perak merasa tidak senang sesuatu yang dibenci dan dikutuknya berkhemah dalam wilayahnya.
Maka secara terhormat adalah munasabah kalau Perak minta Kerajaan Persekutuan memindahkan khemah tahanan ISA itu dari Kamunting ke negeri yang lain.
Adalah dipercayai empat lagi negeri yang ditadbir oleh Pakatan Rakyat iaitu Kelantan, Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan Selangor tidak sedia menimbangkan wilayah mereka untuk dijadikan tapak baru khemah undang-undang yang mereka sifatkan zalim itu.
Setakat ini Pahang dan Johor yang masih dikira kubu kuat BN yang tidak lagi tergugat tentu bersedia memberikan tanahnya untuk akta yang terkutuk itu. Kedua-dua negeri itu masih punya banyak kawasan yang belum diteroka, maka boleh dijadikan tapak khemah ISA yang baru.
Bukan suatu yang mudah bagi kerajaan Perak untuk mengusirkan khemah itu keluar dari Kamunting. Tentu ada perjanjian antara kedua kerajaan tentang tanah yang dijadikan khemah tahanan itu. Apa jua yang hendak dilakukan atas perkara itu terpaksa merujuk kepada persetujuan pemberian kawasan itu dulu.
Dulu tiada kerajaan yang menentang ISA. Tetapi sekarang mulai banyak kerajaan negeri yang menentang ISA. Kesemua parti pembangkang yang menguasai lima buah negeri sepanjang masa menjadikan ISA sebagai agenda yang perlu dimansuhkan.
Janji itu dibuat dalam setiap pilihan raya, baik pilihan raya umum mahu pun pilihan raya kecil. Ia adalah janji yang ditawarkan oleh mereka kepada rakyat.
Dalam pilihan raya pada 8 Mac lalu, majoriti pengundi di lima negeri itu mengundi mereka. Antara yang mereka setuju itu adalah untuk memansuhkan ISA.
Yang masih berdegil untuk mengekalkan ISA ialah BN. Maka secara sukarela wajarlah Kerajaan Pusat menimbangkan untuk keluar dari Kamunting jika diminta oleh kerajaan negeri itu.
Kawasan yang dijadikan khemah tahanan itu agak luas. Dalam rangka pelaksanaan program pembangunan koridor utara yang sudah dilancarkan itu, ia adalah sesuai untuk dibangunkan bagi satu-satu projek yang menjana kemajuan negeri Perak.
Mungkin ia boleh dijadikan kampus pengajian tinggi yang baru. Perak yang ramai penduduknya tentu memerlukan sebuah universiti. Jika nama ISA itu hendak dikekalkan tiada masalah, asal jangan untuk menahan rakyat tanpa bicara.
Jika kerajaan Perak hendak menjadikannya tapak kampus yang memakai nama ISA, maka boleh dinamakan Institut Sains Awam singkatnya ISA atau Institut Sultan Azlan juga singkatnya ISA.
Apa isi kampus itu boleh ditentukan oleh penduduk Perak, tetapi yang penting nama ISA boleh dipakai untuk tujuan yang baik, bukan untuk menindas seperti yang digunakan oleh BN selama lebilh 50 tahun lalu.
Adalah jauh lebih bermakna bagi ISA sama ada Institut Sains Awam atau Institut Sultan Azlan dijadikan tapak bagi membina modal insan yang seramai-ramainya yang diperlukan oleh masyarakat dan negara ssekarang, bukan dijadikan kawasan membunuh jiwa insan seperti yang berlaku selama ini.
Dato' Seri Nizar membangkitkan isu itu untuk difikirkan oleh Perdana Menteri bagaimana suatu yang tidak disukai oleh kerajaan Perak sekarang dibiarkan terus berada di dalam wilayahnya.
Tentunya kerajaan Perak tidak mahu menjadikan perkara itu sebagai suatu yang boleh menghalang kerjasama dan hubungan baik antara Kerajaan Pusat dan kerajaan negeri.
Belum pada peringkat ini kerajaan Perak hendak memberi kata dua kepada Kerajaan Pusat, tetapi yang diperlukan ialah bagaimana kerajaan menggunakan kebijaksanaannya menghormati keputusan pengundi di negeri itu.
Tentulah Menteri Besar Perak itu tidak bertujuan untuk menambah beban dan tekanan yang sedang dihadapi oleh Perdana Menteri gara-gara prestasi menjunamnya dalam pilihan raya lalu.
Perdana Menteri perlu dibantu oleh Menteri Dalam Negeri yang baru, Dato Syed Hamid Albar menimbang secara berhemat dan tidak menegangkan isu itu hingga menggawatkan lagi beban yang dihadapi Umno sekarang.
Kerajaan Persekutuan tidak wajar menganggap keputusan pengundi Perak itu sebagai satu perkembangan sementara. Ia jangan menjadikan perkembangan di Terengganu dulu akan berlaku pula di negeri-negeri yang ia kalah sekarang.
Dulu BN dilihat elok dan Perdana Menterinya juga dilihat elok. Tetapi sekarang Umno sendiri pun mula melihat semuanya sudah tidak elok. Maka adalah baik bagi Kerajaan Pusat mencari kawasan khemah baru di negeri yang ia tidak dilihat hodoh.
Jangan gunakan kuasa bagi menyelesaikan isu yang sangat ringan ini. Ia mesti berfikir bukan lagi mudah untuk mendapatkan kembali kuasa yang sudah terlucut. Yang terjadi di Terengganu itu adalah satu nasib baik. Tetapi nasib baik tidak semesti berlaku di semua tempat.
Perak tidak berkuasa untuk memansuhkan ISA dengan kuasa yang ada padanya, tetapi ia tidak mahu Kamunting terus menyakitkan mata kerajaan negeri.- tajdid

In matters of conscience, the law of the majority has no place-Mahatma