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By Athi Shankar - Free Malaysia Today

GEORGE TOWN: A Penang-based NGO criticised the state government for embarking on populist schemes rather than implementing constructive policies for the people.

The Marginalised People’s Action Group committee member Md Salleh Yahaya accused the state government of being a Pakatan Rakyat administration without a people’s agenda.

“The Pakatan Rakyat state government is keen to score political points through populist schemes and politicking with BN.

"It seems not to be interested in carrying people-orientated programmes, especially for the marginalised communities,” alleged Md Salleh.

Md Salleh, who is also president of the Kampung Melayu Tanjung Tokong Residents Association, said the RM100 handout to senior citizens and setting up of a Public Speaker’s Square in Esplanade were examples of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng's populist schemes.

Md Salleh alleged that Lim’s administration had thus far not implemented substantial and constructive policies to upgrade the standard of living of Penangites.

He said that the government could have focused on developing housing schemes for marginalised communities, especially Malays and Indians from the lower income bracket and should have implemented a better, reliable, efficient and affordable public transport system.

The government should have also upgraded public amenities and facilities, and infrastructure, and created more job and business opportunities.

Instead, said Md Salleh, it had been keen to approve high-rise apartments and condominiums and commercial projects, which would only benefit a few rich elite and their foreign workers.
'Penangites voted for change'

“Why do we need so much posh projects in Penang, like the proposed international convention centre. Such projects don’t benefit ordinary people,” said Md Salleh.

He said when Penangites voted for a change in the 2008 general election, they wanted a change in political approach, policies and attitude.

However, he lamented that two years on, Penangites see no difference between the current Pakatan government and the previous BN administration.

“Penangites wanted a change from a pro-corporate concept to a pro-people approach. But we have yet to see it,” said Md Salleh.

He said the flattening of Indian traditional village, Kampung Buah Pala, and the imminent demolishment of Tanjung Tokong Malay village as examples of Lim’s pro-corporate approach.
He said both cases demonstrated the state government’s incompetence in safeguarding the people’s rights, interests and benefits.

“Until today, the state government had failed to initiate constructive steps to resolve both issues amicably,” said Md Salleh.

He said he was disappointed with the performance of both Pakatan and BN representatives at the recently concluded assembly sitting.

He chided them for wasting public resources by engaging frequently in politicking rather than raising and debating issues affecting the people.

“It was a shame that both political sides regularly traded political jibes and even racial slurs that did not benefit the people at all,” said Md Salleh.

Race based mainstream and alternative media – ethnicity of victim matters in Malay-sia

For the 16th day in a row, both the main stream and alternative media kept pounding at the police shooting death of Aminulrasyid aminulAmzah and the injustices arising there from (See NST headlines 13/5/10 and The Star 13/5/2010 at page N 18), is the tip of the iceberg  of this media race bias.
This was almost the same scenario when Teoh Beng Hock was killed in the MACC custody. Such coverage is justified and we are happy for it.
But when the two Indian brothers were shot dead by the police sharp shooters in their shoot to kill policy as a means of reducing crime and when there were even eye witness that these were cold blooded killings, and the hundreds of such cases over the years, teoh beng hock both the mainstream and the alternative media may have at best given cursory coverage compared to given to Aminulrasyid and Teoh Beng Hock.
Why is this so? Pray tell us of one other country in the world which has media bias to this extent?
We can only deduce that the 53 years of UMNOs’ racism has spilled over to the media.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
race 1 race 2
taiping brother taiping shot dead kugan 2

Maika Holdings shares: Government must bail out @ RM26.00 for every RM 1.00 shares @ RM1.00 increase per year.

In 1981 the Malaysian government granted PNB a favourable and low interest loan of RM200 Million for investments to uplift the living standards of poor Malays. (See Nmaika holdingsST 21/4/2008 at page 2).
1) PNB bought up land at token value, blue chip shares, golden chip shares and insider information based investment in land, banks, multi million ringgit giant Industries and Corporations Small and Medium Scale Industries (SMEs’) franchise industries etc.
2) PNB equity from RM540 Million in 1981 rose to RM76.7 Billion in 2008 today. PNB is the world’s largest and most successful unit trust that spread ownership to 8.9 Million Malay shareholders an increase to 10 times from 840,000 in 1981. PNB today controls Maybank, Sime Darby, MIDF, Island and Peninsula, UMW Holdings Since 1981,RM60 Billion was paid out to 8.9 Million Malay shareholders at an average of RM6,741.57 per shareholder(NST 21/04/2008 page2).
3) The net effect of this is the average of at least the sum of RM6,741.57 every year which is paid out per Malay shareholder.
4) In 1987 the government did a bailout on the 24 Chinese Deposit Taking Cooperatives (DTC) for 1.5 billion ringgit and paid out a ringgit for a ringgit to 588,000 members mostly Chinese within a snap of a finger.
5) Similarly Malay majority shareholding in BMF, Renong, MAS, Bank Bumiputera, Bank Rakyat, Syarikat Perkapalan, etc could all be bailed out for multi Billions on public policy grounds.
6) But why can’t MAIKA similarly be bailed out at RM26.00 per RM1.00 of the original shares 26 years ago.
In the circumstances we call upon the Malaysian government to bail out Maika holdings at RM26.00 per RM1.00 of the original share instead of the RM0.80 offer for the RM1.00 shares by Datuk Seri Nazir Razak. (See NST 13/5/2010 at page 4).
This is especially when about 80 percent of the investors held fewer than 6,500 shares each, indicating that the lower and middle income earners investment. In fact, thousand used their life savings, pawned their jewellery or took out loans to give Maika a sound start.
Secretary General (pro tem)


P.M Najib says “don’t look for excuses to hire foreign." But three million foreign workers bring down wages

url pm Prime Minister Najib says one thing but practices another. No serious effort is made to send home especially the illegal Indonesian workers (see Sunday Star 9/5/10 at page N 2). UMNO linked companies have millions and billions to lose if foreign workers are stopped from coming into Malaysia.
Further UMNO gets to make them citizens to increase the Malay muslim voting population and ‘ethnically cleanse”, especially the Indians, into oblivion.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

PM Najib

Indian poverty leading to family tension further leads to high single parent rates

 url indian poverty
(See The Star 10/5/10 at page N 38).
The single parent rate among the Indians is 500% higher than in the Chinese community.
Instead of asking UMNO to create equal business, job and educational opportunities, MIC under UMNO’s directions diverts this issue by telling the Indians especially through the Tamil newspapers, Tamil Radio and TV 2 Tamil news, that Indians religious bodies must do something about the high single parent social problem. Not the UMNO government.
Would the Umno government tell the Malays to resolve their own drug problem?
“Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty
Poor but bright Indian girl’s ambition to be doctor, but unable to buy school workbook in prosperous Malaysia with world’s tallest Twin Towers.
S. Jayathas

Indian poverty

10 Indians families still denied piped water after 53 years of Independence

url 10 indians
( See The Star 13/5/2010 at page N 46 below)

UMNO: 32 Indians in N.Sembilan denied even tap water for more than 30 years.
Indian Residents suffering without drinking piped water

10 Indian

RM 120 million for Malay muslim MRSM, RM 3 million for Hulu Selangor Chinese school but only RM 5,000 by PKR for Tamil schools

URL 120 Yet again a PKR Indian Exco Mandore’s wayang kulit peanuts politics (SH 11/5/2010 at page 29).
Instead of piecemeal peanut grants, why not freehold land by this PKR Selangor state government for all the 98 Tamil schools in Selangor as the very first step? Allocation of land doesn’t cost a sen to the state budget as it is a off budget allocation.
End Mandorism
End Wayang Kulit politics
End peanuts politics
Stop insulting the Indians!
Hulu Selangor  KR Indian Exco Mandore’s RM 5, 326.00 per Tamil School. But RM 3 Million for one Chinese school. RM 120 Million for one Malay MRSM Trolak
UMNO-MIC illusion for failing to secure MRSM elite residential school for 817 7As’ scoring Indian students
UMNO: No MRSM for 825 Tamil school 7As’ high achievers but mere dictionaries given
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

 RM 120 million

UMNO cleans up Hindu cemetery, PAS demolishes Hindu cemetery.

URL UMNO CLEANS UP The UMNO Dengkil ADUN does a wayang kulit in cleaning up a Hindu cemetery but never gave it a permanent status by granting state land as was done for all muslim cemeteries, suraus and masjids.
But PAS which promised change in the 2008 March 8th general elections, but despite the residents and HRP’s strong protest, they demolished the Ladang Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil Hindu cemetery.
PAS for all muslims?
Hindu cemeteries are responsibility of UMNO and PKR state governments
Hulu Selangor Hindu Cemetary desecrated by PKR Selangor and PAS Kedah, but Chinese cemetery accomodated within UPM grounds
PAS to file more Indian mandores in next poll but demolishes hindu cemetary in the mean time
S’gor mandore MP: No land title for hindu cemetary from his “tuan” MB. No permanent solution. Only temporary reprieve.
P. Uthayakumar

umno cleans up