Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Polis Raja Di Malay-sia. Will Prabakar get justice in Malay-sian courts?

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There is almost zero history of criminal policemen appropriately sent to jail.
Prabakar today told us that he was beaten up at the Brickfields police station on his head, sole of feet and body and boiling hot water poured over them for six and a half n732234043_1155745_3115hours from 10.00 p.m on 23/12/08 to 4.30 p.m on 24/12/08 by eleven policemen. Seven of these eleven Malay policemen actively beat up Prabakar and Solomon with his hands cuffed and legs tied up to an office chair and a hose pipe used to beat up the sole of his feet.
And all seven policemen took turns to pour boiling hot water on Prabakar and Solomon. Their bodies became swollen with hot water boils sprouting out.
Seeing all this Chief Inspector Shahar did not immediately order the arrest of the seven policemen and had allowed the police above the n732234043_1130115_3126law mindset to prevail. The victims were never ordered to be sent to hospital.
In court the next day another Malay policeman told Prabakar that if he complained to the magistret he would be beaten up some more or be killed when brought back to the police station. This policeman has got away scot free for this death threat and aiding and abetting this crime of attempted murder, which is supposed to be an aggravating factor.
But these seven policemen were merely prosecuted for a light offence under Section 330 of the Penal Code (voluntarily causing hurt to extort confession) by the pro UMNO Attorney General Gani Patail.
Even with these very serious injuries the victims were hand cuffed in all their six days of unlawful detention.
The Brickfields OCPD, KL CPO, Federal CID, Director or even the IGP had refused to order the police to take photographs of the injuries in their usual Polis Raja Di Malaysia fashion of Police Cover Up.n732234043_1155746_3380
Prabakar was a car park attendant merely doing his job when he and Solomon were arrested.
Solomon has since been caused to be “disappeared” and the police are accountable for his disappearance. But under the Polis Raja di Malaysia policy, zero action would be taken against the criminal policemen.
Will Prabakar get justice in the Malay-sian courts as almost zero police criminals have been appropriately punished for their crimes.
The trial yesterday 12/7/10 finally took off for the first day of it’s hearing after about five previous postponements. Waiting for the heat to die down?
P. Uthayakumar

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