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HRP eyes six seats in Kedah

Of the six, five are state seats. The sole parliamentary seat targeted is Padang Serai, held by N Gobalakrishnan.
KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Rights Party (HRP) plans to contest in five state seats and one parliamentary constituency in Kedah which have 20% and above Indian voters.

The party’s secretary-general P Uthayakumar said the five state seats were Bukit Selambau (29.5%), Lunas (22.5%), Merbau (22%), Sidam (20%) and Gurun (18.4%).

The sole parliamentary seat was Padang Serai, currently held by former PKR strongman, N Gobalakrishnan.

“PAS is ruling by a majority of a mere two seats when compared to 14 seats held by Umno/BN and PKR having five seats, DAP one seat and one Independent in the 36-seat Kedah state assembly.

“So if HRP wins in these five state seats, they will be the real ‘kingmakers’ and can seriously push for change vis-a-vis the Kedah Indian poor at the highest political level,” said Uthayakumar.

He added that the Indian poor have to be politically empowered to effect changes at the highest political level as both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have refused to address the pressing Indian problems.
Uthayakumar asked PKR, DAP and PAS to make way for HRP candidates in these six seats in Kedah for a one-to-one contest with BN.

“Unless and until the Indians are politically empowered like Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) in Kubang Pasu (95% Malay-Muslim voters) with at least the creation of 51% Indian majority constituencies under HRP’s ‘Project 15/38′, the Indian poor are doomed.

“They are destined to become the 19th century ‘negros’ as in the US,” he added.

HRP to contest five Kedah DUN & one Parliament. PAS ruling by 2 seat majority to UMNO: 350 attend Kulim dinner in recognition of 54 activists prosecuted.

The event began at 8.00 p.m. with a one minute silence for the late Sg Petani Hindraf leader Raj Manian who passed away on 26/5/11, about one year after his opposing the demolishment of the near 0.9 hectares 100 over year old Ladang Batu Pekaka Hindu cemetery on 29/1/2010 (Thaipusam  day) by no other less than PAS “for all muslims” to  build the 832 acres University Insaniah. We have been made to understand that Raj took this “ethnic cleansing” very badly that contributed to his untimely death. The Chinese cemetery within the compound of UPM was however preserved when the Serdang Agriculture College expended to become UPM. And to add insult to injury tens of acres are being made into recreation for students and hundreds of acres were retained as the University Insamiah reserve land. So why the haste in exterminating this Hindu cemetery?
100_3374_thumbKedah HRP and Hindraf Chief R.Ramu spoke on how at the last general elections both the traditional Indian reserve DUN seats of Bukit Selambau and Lunas were refused to be given to Opposition Indian candidates but snatched up by the greedy and racist PKR just to field malay muslim “winnable” candidates. UMNO/BN at the very least stuck by giving these seats to Indian candidates.
Hindraf & HRP National adviser N.Ganesan spoke about how 12A+ top most science student Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan who could not have possibly scored any higher, was denied his first choice to pursue a medical degree (overseas) but instead was offered a mere Diploma in “cow grazing”.(animal husbandry) at UPM. How the racist UMNO reduces this p100_3378_thumbotential Cardiologist into a “cowherd”.
Further to HRPs’ Project 15/38, P.Uthayakumar outlined and announced before the 350 attendees, HRPs’ plan to contest in 5 State  Assembly ( DUN) seats in Kedah with 20% and above Indian voters namely:-
1) Bukit Selambau 29.5%
2) Lunas 22.5%
3) Merbau 22%
4) Sidam 20%
5) Gurun 18.4% (exception)
The sole Parliamentary seat in Kedah is Padang Serai (22.28%).HRPKedah54Dinner28thMay2011_thumb
P.Uthayakumar reiterated that this is the only way forward in facing the 13th General Elections which is expected in July 2011. He  pointed out that in Kedah, PAS is ruling by a majority of a mere two seats when compared to 14 seats held by UMNO/BN and PKR having 5 seats, DAP 1 seat and one Independent in the 36 seats Kedah State Assembly. So when HRP wins in these five DUN seats, they would be the real “kingmakers” and could seriously push for change vis a vis the Kedah Indian poor at the highest political level.
hrp-kedah-54-dinner-28thmay2011-9 This is like HRP’s decision to contest in seven (7) DUN seats of Buntong with 54% Indian voters, Hutang Melintang (33%), Jalong and Changat Jong each with 27%, Jelapang (21%), while Pasir Panjang and Sungkai each with 20% and three Parliamentary seats of Ipoh Barat 22.5% and Bagan Datoh 23.3% and Sungai Siput 22.6% that P.Uthayakumar had announced at a similar dinner in Ipoh on 14/5/11.
And similarly the Sri Andalas/ Kota Raja seats in Selangor, Port Dickson/ Teluk Kemang seats in Negeri Sembilan, Tanah Rata/Cameron Highlands seats in Pahang and Puteri Wangsa/ Tebrau seats in Johor as the first phase of HRPs’ Project 15/38 in seven (7) frontline states..
The Indian poor have to be politically empowered to effect changes at the highest politicalhrp-kedah-54-dinner-28thmay2011-12 level as both BN and PR have refused to address the pressing Indian problems.
P.Uthayakumar asked PKR,DAP & PAS to make way for HRP candidates in these 5+1 seats in Kedah for a one to one contest with B.N. as part of HRPs’ strategy in ousting UMNO from it’s 54 year old hegemony of Putrajaya.
Unless and until the Indians are politically empowered like Dr Mahathir in Kubang Pasu (95% malay muslim voters) with at least the creation of a 51% Indian majority constituencies under HRPs’ Project 15/38, the Indian poor are doomed. They are destined to become the 19th century “negros” as in the USA.
Information Chief

Polis Bodoh: Though true , Gani Patail maliciously prosecutes and jails Nur Shafa (20).

url police
Just watch CSI and you will see the high level quality and standards  of police investigations before even arresting, let alone throwing someone in jail.
But racist UMNO Prime  Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sian Polis Raja Di Malay-sia takes advantage of especially the Indian poor.
Having no money for bail, no legal fees for lawyers (with zero or a wayang kulit RM 5 million Legal Aid to 28 million Malaysians), no family support, thousands of the Indian poor are deemed guilty in the eyes the Malay-sian law and spend years in jails irrespective of whether they are guilty or not.
And then only to “graduate” as the real criminals having mixed with the real criminals.
And with this set of facts the Malay-sian government says that some 45% of the country’s  crime are committed by the  Indian poor when they form only 8% of the population (disproportionate by about 600%). Thus the UMNO creation or “social engineering” by default of the new “criminal class” Indians within the last 20 years.
Give these Indian youths equal business opportunities, licences, permits, projects and contracts and we will see at least a 95% drop in these Indian crimes.
(see The Star 30/5/2011 at page 20)
polis bodoh

Sunday, May 29, 2011


By Johnson Doss,

This is the banner of hatred towards Indians which doesn't reflect the sincerity of 1Malaysia slogan. We are considered "OUT CASTE" in our own motherland . This banner is a prove of what we are all commenting about .. True enough what Mr. Utayakumar has been saying from the beginning about "ETHNIC CLEANSING" of the Indian community in Malaysia. 
The Freedom of Religion does exist anymore in Malaysia as article 11 of the Federal Constitution have been ignored by the "Ketuanan Melayu". Artidle 11 of the Federal Constitution provides for religious freedom, which includes the right to establish and maintain places of worships and own and acquire property. minority religious groups reported that state authorities sometimes blocked construction using restrictive zoning and construction codes. 

For this reason, I ask all Indians to be UNITED and stand firm against this form of "Barbarian Act "of the Malays Racist . We will not bow down again to this kind of threat. Let us fight for our freedom to worship .

“Semua 8 A + dapat JPA scholarship” 54 years old UMNO and PM Najib Razak lie. Only U.N led Equal Opportunities Commission will ensure fairness. (See Berita Harian Headlines 28/5/2011)

MOTO NAJIB1Year in and year out, it is the same old story. The UMNO and the Prime Minister Najib Razak makes the kosong media propaganda that all students scoring 8 A+ and above for SPM will be granted full JPA scholarship locally and overseas.

But when top most Indian science students scoring even 12 A+ e.g Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan, he is offered a mere animal rearing Diploma course at UPM. The racist UMNO P.M will say “Oh, the policy was good, it was the implementation that was bad”. This is what we have been hearing from UMNO for the last 54 years since Independence.

Thus, far in our list that we have compiled we have the following top and high achieving students denied PSD scholarships and in the course of their first choice by not less than the racist and religious supremacist UMNO Prime Minister Najib Razak as follows :

1) Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan (12A+)
2) Asunta top Student ( 8A+ 2A- 1A 1B)
3) Inthran s/o Manickam (10A “3A+ 2A 5A”)
4) Shamala d/o Sundar (8A and 2 B+)
5) Rubanesh s/o Ramachandran (9 A and 1 B+)
6) Sasiskalaregal s/o Selvaraja ( 9A 1B+)
7) Asogan (7A)
8) Rukaslini (4A, 1A-, 3 B+, 1C+, 1B)
9) Kavita a/p Sriraman (6A 4B)
10) Rubanesh Ramachandran (9A 1B+)
11) Heamanthaa Padmandan (10 A+ 1A)

The implementation of the UMNO racist policies have always excluded and segregated the top and high achieving Indian students save and except for the 0.1 % to 1% top Indian students showpieces who are flaunted to the brim to create the impression that the UMNO and via their MIC and SMC Indian mandores are in fact giving all top and high achieving Indian students and are getting their rightful PSD and other scholarships.

Mr Prime Minister Najib Razak, this kosong wayang kulit does not sell anymore especially after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf rally Indian poor awakening. UMNO has to stop this degrading level of racism and religious supremacy done with impunity. We no longer trust you or the UMNO PSD, government machinery or your newspaper headlines and by lines or your T.V and Radio propaganda. Only a truly independent Equal Opportunities Commission to also be encompassing of at least 51% United Nation Commissioners is the only way forward against UMNO racism.

Then and only then will we see some semblance of fairness, equality and equal opportunities. The racist UMNO is not going to give it on a silver platter to the Indian poor. We have to fight for it using people power a la 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.

P. Uthayakumar
New Scan-20110528152826-00001

A poem for Malaysian Indians

By  Arivananthan Marimuthu

Yenada Tamizha Unakkenna Aachu,
Sinthikka Maranthu Rombe Naalaa Aachu
Veeram Miguntha Thevaiyillaa Veechu,
Seyalai Kaanom Yen Vetti Pechu,

Padippille Konjam Vegatthe Kaattu,
Illaaatti Sotthukku Vaippaane Vettu,
Tiruttu Adithadi Katthi Vettu,
Ithuthaanaa Nammudaiya Parambarai Sotthu,

Kaasu Panamillai Kaiyenthum Nilamai,
Kaiyum Kaalirunthum Yen Inthe Kodumai,
Kaadu Medu Azhicha Perumai,
Ellaam Marainthu Ippo Verumai,

Pettha Kuzhanthaikku Pirappu Patthiramillai,
Pannirendu Vayasilum Pallikoodam Pogavillai,
Pattapadippumillai Velaiyum Seiyavillai,
Oorumillai Uravumillai Pechukku mattum Kuraichalillai,

Kai Katti Velai Venam Vayiru Katti Velai Venam,
Nalla Velai Ennaa Ingge Vaanatthilaa Porakkum??
Sonthamaage Yosichi Suyakaalil Nindralthaan,
Sugamaaga Vaazhalaamne Nambikkai Pirakkum,

Etthanai Kaalamthaan Poraadi Vaazhanum,
Arasiyal Katchiyin Kaalile Vizhanum,
Thanmaanam Unakkethum Unda Illaiyaa,
Thalai Vithiyai Maatre Nee Ezhuvaai Tamizha,

Katchi Kodi Pidikka Vanthavanillai,
Ottukku Pichai Ketka Vanthavanillai,
Saathikka Piranthavanda Tamizhaa- Nee
Saathi Pethanggalai Maranthiduda.. 

Solvathu Purinthaal Malarum Puthumai,
Ithellaam Solvathu Ennudaiya Kadamai..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Racist UMNO Labu ADUN’s son & gang calls paria, attacks & breaks Indian boy’s hand, break fingers and injured girl’s neck. Zero police & AG Gani Patail prosecution.

New Scan-20110527105417-00001
The racist UMNO introduces Interlok in secondary schools which calls Indians as Paria under UMNO’s racist and religious supremacist policies to subjugate especially the Indian poor to be preserved as the poor and create the future Indian poor.
This is not the first time this is happening. Two months ago a Malay muslim boy punched Thaneswaran with a buku lima in school.
The six school boys who dared to return the Interlok book to the SMK Rawang headmaster were instead arrested and jailed at the Rawang police station.
Malay muslim school boys called Indian students paria at the SMK and held a demonstration outside the school in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.SHAH ALAM PTA
The racist UMNO attorney general took zero action. He refused to prosecute the Malay boy who injured the Indian boy with a dangerous weapon inside the school compound.
And today no less than the son of Labu ADUN Dato Hashim bin Rusdi’s racist and hate crime against the 25 Indian students in this SMK Dato Shahrdin school which has 400 over Malay muslim students.
Thanindran Thanabalan (17) was attacked and broke his left hand. Adrian Crystal’s (17) two fingers on his right hand was broken and Thacayani Vijayan (17) was caused injuries to her neck.
Had it been the other way around, the Indian boys would have been prosecuted for attempted murder, denied bail and with no money for lawyers or bail they would be forced and arm twisted to plead guilty and spend years in jail by the racist UMNO Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail. So as to subjudicate and to entrench, kow tow to the Malay muslim Tuans generally and mindset among the Indians especially when they come out of jail.
Hindraf & HRP N. Sembilan Chief Sivakumar was at the Seremban IPD  police station till about 10.00 p.m last night to protect the interest of these victimized students.
As usual the DAP Indian ADUN and MP mandores after their brief appearance and having addressed the especially Tamil dailies do their usual disappearing act (see Tamil Nesan headlines 27/5/11).
Sivakumar was chased out from the first floor of the IPD by the Chief Police Officer of N. Sembilan Dato Osman Bin Salleh when he demanded criminal prosecution against the said LABU ADUN Dato Hashim bin Rusdi’s son and his gang and that Malay muslim criminals are not above the law under the racist UMNO regime.
The irony of all these is the Malay muslim headmaster and teachers continued with the teachers day celebrations with all the Malay muslim students and chased the Indian students who were the victims to stand under the hot sun outside the school gates.
Do we know of another more racist and religious supremacist country in the world than Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malay-sia?
New Scan-20110527105417-00001New Scan-20110527105456-00001

Friday, May 27, 2011

‘Cops beat me, told me to die’

A 20-year-old student claims that he was assaulted and verbally berated after knocking into a policeman's motorcycle.

PETALING JAYA: “The policemen kept beating me and called me ‘keling’. They also shouted at me, saying I should just die so that they can close the case.”

A 20-year-old student was allegedly beaten up and verbally berated when he knocked into a policeman’s motorcycle at a roadblock in Rembau, Negri Sembilan, during the wee hours of the morning.

After the Monday incident, S Ganesan was also warned against lodging a complaint before he was put into an ambulance and sent to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital.

However, Ganesan summed up the courage to lodge a report with the Chembong police station on the same day.

In the report, he stated: “I want the authorities to take action against the errant policemen. I don’t understand why they treated me like an animal although I repeatedly apologised for the accident.”

Ganesan said that he fell to the ground when his motorcyle collided with the policeman’s bike, and an officer identified only as Hisham allegedly started raining blows on him.

“Soon, several other officers joined him to beat me up,” he added.

Ganesan claimed that he was kicked in his stomach, arms and back. The policemen, who also used a
helmet to assault him, then allegedly tore his shirt, threw him into a drain and stomped on him.

Apart from the beating, the student claimed that the policemen had also hurled racial insults, among others, calling him “keling” (a derogatory term used on Indians).

“They also said I should just die so that they can close the case,” he alleged.

Despite several attempts, FMT failed to reach Negeri Sembilan CID chief ACP Hamdan Majid for comments.

‘Put an end to this now’

Commenting on the matter, Indian-based NGO Aastivaram Foundation said it was high time for the government to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

“The commission is long overdue. Currently, the police themselves investigate cases of police abuse and I believe they tend to cover up such cases,” said its vice-president R Sri Sanjeevan.

Citing the example of a lorry driver’s assistant in Bahau being allegedly threatened and beaten by policemen, he said the police had not been able to provide any updates to the victim to date.

On April 13, S Devan was handcuffed and beaten by several plainclothes individuals claiming to be policemen after they failed to locate his friend, known as Thiagu.

One of them had allegedly shoved a gun into Devan’s mouth.

Sanjeevan called upon Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar to put an immediate end to such brutality.

“If left unchecked, it may bring the downfall of the (Barisan Nasional) government,” he warned.

High achiever's PSD scholarship dreams dashed

(Malaysiakini)Every year, we hear stories of high achievers not being able to secure government scholarships to pursue the courses of their choice despite fulfilling the necessary requirements.

Heamanthaa Padmanaban was among those who had suffered this setback to follow her ambition to study medicine abroad and also did not qualify to take up a course in biotechnology locally.

The 17-year-old from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Tuanku Jaafar in Seremban, Negri Sembilan, scored 10A+ and 1A in last year's Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations and was an all-rounder in extra-curricular activities.

"I qualified for cross-country runs and played hockey at state level, and was a school champion in chess and badminton.

"NONEIn April last year I was among those chosen to participate in the Malaysia-America Soccer Exchange programme with 12 other women," Heamanthaa (right) told Malaysiakini.

All these, besides her academic qualification, were means to secure a Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor.

"I got the letter from PSD on May 13 and when I saw it I was happy thinking I must have qualified.

"After reading the contents of the letter I felt as if all my efforts and everything I had strived for had shattered.

"I cried and when I told my mum about it she broke down crying, too, she couldn't take it," she recounted.

Instead of an opportunity to study medicine or biotechnology, the petite and athletic looking Heamanthaa was offered a Diploma course in English at University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI).

"If it was my ambition to teach English, I would have taken up the offer but I want to be a doctor. It doesn't make sense," she said.

'I believed in the govt'

Although disappointed, she has appealed for an alternative offer as she is determined to become a doctor, specialising in oncology.

But without a scholarship, Heamanthaa's chances of achieving her dream are bleak as her family may not be able to sustain and fund her tertiary education if she decides to pursue medicine privately.

Her father deals in health products and her mother is a primary school teacher while her younger brother is in Form 4.

"Private institutions have offered scholarships but they are only enough to pay tuition fees. I worked hard to study overseas and I believed in the government's word that students with 9A+ will be given scholarships and also to study the courses of their choice," said Heamanthaa.

In July last year, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak announced that PSD scholarships would be awarded to all students, regardless of ethnicity, who managed to score 9As or higher, for either local or overseas studies.

On May 4, the cabinet decided that all students who scored 8As and above in the SPM would be eligible for PSD scholarships and Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Aziz reiterated that the promise will be kept.

Later, Nazri had rubbished Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong's allegations of malpractice in the PSD's selection of scholarship recipients.

The minister also said the PSD's focus includes medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, science and technology and several areas under social sciences.

"Two of my peers were offered medicine, one at a medical college in New Zealand and another at the International Medical University (IMU).

"We all got more less the same grades but why didn't I get any such offers? I want to do medicine and it is one of the critical courses under PSD," said Heamanthaa.

'Think about our feelings'

She related that during her 45-minute interview with four PSD panel members on April 13, she was asked several perplexing questions.

"They asked me why doctors don't want to work in rural areas; why PSD scholars don't want to come back to the country to work; and what inspires me to be successful."

In PSD's merit category - 85 percent is based on academic excellence, 10 percent on co-curricular activities and five percent on the interview.

Heamanthaa's father Padmanaban opined that it is unlikely for his daughter to fail her PSD interview, as she had received good remarks from the US Embassy visa approval officer when she attended an interview last year.

At a press conference yesterday, Heamanthaa said she had appealed to MCA and MIC as well as to several NGOs.

"Please give it to those who are worthy - that's all I ask, give scholarships to all those who deserve them," she added.

Imagine the anguish when their applications are rejected or not offered the courses they want, she said.

Another who suffered the same fate as Heamanthaa was Chai Sheng Min from SMK St Joseph in Kuching, Sarawak who obtained 10As. He said he was only offered a scholarship to study engineering at Universiti Technology Petronas, while his two friends with 4As and 5As respectively were awarded scholarships to pursue science degrees in the United States.

"I hope this doesn't get repeated again in the coming years and the issue is addressed once and for all," Hemanthaa said.

PSD Scholarships: PM Najib’s another wayang kulit at meeting tomorrow as racist UMNO did for 54 years in segregating top Indian poor students.

A0EAFEJCAJ5SJWSCAMZCPSECAQ6Y24SCAVSVARKCA7JV479CASH6UJ4CA2Q3NCMCA56WZJ0CA2RKVKVCATNMIFYCATW3ZTXCAQYPL2JCAO4C0EPCAH6BPVNCAB0OEK9CAW0RNBDCAYFFHVCCABD4339CAJFZY49At tomorrow’s meeting with the PSD, the racist UMNO Prime Minister will announce a blanket but kosong propaganda in the print and electronic media that in his 1Malaysia all students must be given the opportunity to peruse higher education but giving rural (read Malay muslim) students a handicap.
Thereafter behind the scenes Najib will direct the racist BTN trained PSD to go full steam in segregating and excluding top and high achieving Indian poor students from perusing higher education.
PM Najib Razak has refused to reply to HRP’s letter dated 24/5/2011 where we pointed out the case of Kugnethran Parmusuan,  a Science stream student who produced the best of the best 12A+ in SPM but denied a scholarships to persue medicine overseas but insulted by giving him an animal husbandry diploma course to do at UPM. Imagine the devastation of this student whose ambition is to be a cardiologist.
And after giving them peanuts Najib gets his SMC MIC mandores Dato Thambirajah to do the kosong Tamil media dailies on this top student giving the false impression that all is well for all top Indian students in the country .
But Malay muslim students getting 4A+ and 5A+ were offered places to do pure science in the USA on a full One Malay-sian government scholarships. This level of state sponsored racism and segregationist policies does not take place in any part of the world except in One Malay-sian racist UMNO Prime Minister’s One Malay-sia.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the disgraceful level of racism inflicted on the Indian poor in every facet of life from womb (denial of birth certificates) to tomb (destruction of Hindu cemeteries).
The only way forward is the passing of the Anti Racial Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunities Act and an Independent Commission  consisting of 51% of UN appointed Commissioners.
Even radical Indonesia has moved forward against racist by the passing of the Anti Racism Act in 2008.
But in One Malay-sia, racism is the order of the day and done with impunity .
(see NST 26/5/2011 at page 2)
Karunai Nithi @ Compaasionate Justice

HINDRAF activist Raj Manian of Sungai Petani passes away at 6.30pm on 26/5/11. Raj as he is fondly called was the prime mover for the biggest of the nationwide HINDRAF forums at Lunas and Sg.Petani,Kedah in the prelude to the 25th November 2007 HINDRAF Rally. Our Condolences to Mr.Raj’s family. Om Shanthi.

Raj Manian

Mr.Raj Manian, 61yrs, funeral at 1.00pm 27/5/2011 at their house No.122, Taman Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil and to the crematorium at Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A.G. Gani Patail has no sense of logic. A real criminal would not bring in a flick knife into police station. AG & police racial profiling Indian boy (19) & Indian youths.

We do not know which law school the Malay-sian Attorney General (AG) Tan Sri Gani Patail went to. Logic would dictate that a real criminal would not bring a flick knife into of all places the racist UMNO Polis Raja Di Malaysia police station.

Nineteen year old Vinodkumar, a wireman whose main tool is a flick knife to cut wires met with an accident while on his motorcycle. He went to the police station to lodge a police report. He says the knife was found by the police in his motorcycle basket.

The police are saying that Vinod panicked and threw the flick knife at the Setapak police station enquiry counter. Assuming even if Vinod threw the knife when he suddenly realized that he was in the racist UMNO police station who have long history of racially profiling Indian youths, what is his offence?

So as for the AG to prosecute him with the view to send him to jail for two years. What a bully, cruel and racist Malaysian Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail.
This is despite Vinod’s lawyer Uthayakumar’s 3 page legal firm letter dated to the A.G. dated 23/5/2011 outlining the purpose of the flick knife used by Vinod as a wireman to :-

a) To mark a hole at partition board
b) To cut the wire
c) To cut the wire box
d) To mark the ceiling

Despite the above submissions the Malay-sian UMNO Court Magistrate Zulkpli bin Abdullah set bail at RM 1,500. This Magistrate however stated that he would not record Uthayakumar’s submission and concern on the Polis Raja Di Malay-sia’s sharp rise in racial profiling of Indian youths as criminals as is evidenced by this Vinod’s case.

Uthayakumar also submitted on general public policy of the thousands of Indian youths nationwide who are maliciously prosecuted as in this case. And having no bail money, no family support, no lawyers fees no legal aid, end up forcing to pleading guilty and spend months if not years in jail. And they learn to become the real criminals in jail by joining the hard core criminals.

This cannot be the law and justice of this country.

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

Video : KDN Hipokrit, kata Hindraf – TV Selangor

HRP saves the day pro bono for young Malay muslim girl (18) at K.L. Magistrates Court who burst into tears

tudung-labuh-xl-laye-1123870097Norhaslinda bt Bakar (18) was charged by DPP Loh for stealing things worth RM 43 from a supermarket and was today (25/5/2011) today prosecuted at the K.L. Magistrates Court.

P. Uthayakumar who was attending to another case stood up and addressed Magistret Zuklpli bin Abdullah and as amicus curie (a friend of the Court) for Norhaslinda and submitted on her behalf that she be cautioned and discharged without a criminal record under Section 293 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CPC) taking into consideration her age, she has no family support as even her father would not bail her out (family problems), no bail money, no money for legal fees, no legal aid and should not go to jail for one year for this circumstances.

Uthayakumar urged the Court to show mercy and to be compassionate and release this young girl under Section 293 CPC after a Caution and without a criminal record being endorsed which the Magistret agreed to. At 3.45 our Mr. Ganesan called the Court and spoke to the Court Interpreter Mariam who confirmed that this young Norhaslinda was released by Court without a criminal conviction after a warning. HRP must have made her day.

When explained of this after court proceedings, Norhaslinda burst into tears as she least expected someone to sympathies and speak up for her.

P. Uthayakumar

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I will never agree with that.. If we are talking about racial quota, then we are just another racist. What we are fighting for is EQUALITY. All racial barriers should go.. 

1.When all Malay schools and Sekolah Agama are fully aided, why not Tamil Schools and Chinese Schools? We are not requesting racial quota, but equality.

2.When all Malay-Bumiputera can start freely apply for government projects, why the non-Malay-Bumiputera needs to be qualified in racial requirement in getting government projects. We are not asking our shares. But we need equality. 

3.When we buy a house by paying 100%, why should a Malay-Bumiputera given 7% off, regardless of whether they earn 3, 4, 5 or 6 figure income. We don't want discount. But we want equality.

4.When special programs like FELDA, created for poor Malays, why not such programs open to ALL. We are not asking racial quota in it. But just requesting them to be fair.

5. MARA's Standard and STPM standard is no way comparable. Yet, MARA student easily get into universities. But STPM students who obtained excellent results denied a course in Local Uni. They were also denied scholarship, when students who obtained just an average results got FULL PSD scholarship to further their studies abroad. We are not begging for scholarship. But just don't understand, why there are double standard? 

Above are just a few example of what is happening in current system. If our government is transparent, non-racist, fair to all, then Malaysian Community will exist. As long as, racist policies exist, Indians wants to secure themselves as Indians. Chinese as Chinese. and the Malays will remain Malays. 

The fault is not with the people. But with the system. People are ready for changes. But the system never change. We are looking for assurance. Once we are assured of EQUALITY, then I'm sure people will come out from this racial network. We need to strengthen the community first, before we build a strong nation. 

We can't forever sit in a comfort zone as Indians. This is just temporary shelter. We have to breakthrough racial shell in future. Before that, we shall seek for betterment. Lets improve our community in EDUCATION and ECONOMY. That will give us confidence to set free. We require no allocations and quotas to CHANGE OURSELVES. We just need few seconds to THINK. So, invest your time, Use your Brain, Arise, Awake and Act!! 

Arivananthan Marimuthu

Video : Tan Sri Muhyiddin should resign as the Education Minister if all he will say for the Scholarship allocation fiasco is that the PSD is responsible!.

1)Cabinet Meeting on 25/5/11 must decide on Royal Commission of Inquiry into unfair and race based JPA scholarships award. 2) All 5A’ and above students must be awarded JPA scholarships.


NO.6, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Tel: 03-2282 5241 Fax: 03-2282 5245 Website: www.humanrightspartymalaysia.com Email:info@humanrightspartymalaysia.com
24th May 2011
To: The Hon’ble Prime Minister
Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Bin Haji Tun Abdul Razak
Pejabat Perdana Menteri
Blok Utama
Bangunan Perdana Putra
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Y.B Dato Seri Mohd Khaled Bin Nordin
Minister of Higher Education Malaysia,
Aras 7, Block E3, Complex E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62505 Putrajaya.
Dear Sirs,
Re : 1) Cabinet Meeting on 25/5/11 must decide on Royal Commission of Inquiry into unfair and race based JPA scholarships award.
        2) All 5A’ and above students must be awarded JPA scholarships.
        3) Denial of Rightful Educational Opportunities to Brightest  Young Indian Children
Dear Dato’ Seri Najib,
Yet one more time, we want to bring to your attention the ridiculous manner in which your Government is handling the issue of allocating higher education opportunities or to put it better, not allocating earned higher education opportunities to bright young Indian students in the country.
Before you accuse us of sensationalism, let me place one telling case here for you. This really should come as no surprise to you, as it is after all, only an outcome of the operating policies of your government.
Mr. Kugnethran a/l Parmusuan, IC # 930610105741 scored 12A+ s in the 2010 SPM examinations. He took 12 subjects and he scored A+s in all. That is 100%. One cannot do better than that. He applied to the UPU for an overseas University Scholarship to do Medicine which is his guaranteed right under Article 12 of the Federal Constitution but he was given an insulting “ Diploma Kesihatan Haiwan dan Peternakan” admission at the Universiti Putra Malaysia.
This is utterly revolting. Your government continues to insult Indians in the country. The most recent example was the insistence of your government to go ahead with the Interlok novel inspite of the demeaning stereotype of the Indians and inspite of screaming protests from Indians across the country. Now, with this kind of offer to Kugnethran, you show again how cavalierly your government treats Indians. You award the brightest of the bright young Indian children with this insulting “Diploma in Animal Husbandry”. In Tamil folklore, the job of herding cattle is meant for those who are mentally retarded. Can there be a worse insult for you to cast upon us Indians in the country?
So many questions can be asked, but I will limit myself to just a few;
1) NST of the 22nd of May 2011, quoted the Human Resources Minister as saying that your government is awarding 360 scholarships to the top Indian Students this year. So if the very best among these top Indian students, this 12A+ scoring Kugnethran is given a scholarship to do Diploma in Animal Husbandry, what are the other 359 students getting? I am afraid of what your answer may be!
2) Your Human Resources Minister further says that of the 4,000 scholarships awarded, 9% are to Indian children, but what he fails to say is the composition, program-wise of the 9%. And that too if it indeed is the 9% in the first place. Is it your implicit assumption that the Indians should be thankful with the 9 % overall and ask no more – since they have been given their share.
3) Why does your government continue to keep a cloak of secrecy over the issuance of scholarships?
4) Why does this situation repeat itself year after year. Is it plain incompetence on the part of the PSD as your Higher Education Minister would like us to believe or is it like everything else, a clear case of complicity between UMNO and the Administration and then a cover-up with this very convenient excuse of Administrative screw-up.

We, from the Human Rights Party of Malaysia, demand two things urgently from the UMNO led Government as this type of situation has the largest impact on the Indian poor minority in the country :
1) On the UPU website, to identify all the UPU applicants, their SPM performance, the courses they had applied for and what they finally got. This must be done in a transparent manner by publishing the same in the Higher Education Ministry website, for the cloak of secrecy is one of the main reasons for annual recurrence of this problem.
2) We hereby call for the instituting of a Royal Commission of Inquiry into why this problem resurfaces every year at this time – what the criteria are for the award of the scholarships and other tertiary educational opportunities for the brightest of our children. It is too shortsighted a policy to play around with a strategic aspect of our nation.
Rights not Mercy!
Thank You.
National Advisor
Human Ruights Party
Cc: Y.A.B. Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Bin Haji Mohd. Yassin
Hon’ble Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
Block E8, Complex E,
Federal Government Administrative Centre,

Media Event 25/5/11 (Wednesday): Filing of civil suit against Prime Minister, Home Minister, ROS KL & ROS Putrajaya to register Hindraf Makkal Shakti as a legal NGO.


NO.6, Jalan Abdullah, Off Jalan Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Tel: 03-2282 5241 Fax: 03-2282 5245 
Website: www.humanrightspartymalaysia.com Email:info@humanrightspartymalaysia.com
Media Event 25/5/11 (Wednesday)

Filing of civil suit against Prime Minister, Home Minister, ROS KL & ROS Putrajaya to register Hindraf Makkal Shakti as a legal NGO (Note : 46,870 NGOs’ and 31 political parties can be approved except for Hindraf Makkal Shakti and HRP.
Date : 25/5/2011 (Wednesday)
Time : 11.00 a.m .
Venue : Ground Floor Lobby, Court Complex, Jalan Duta, K.L.
For more information please call P.Ramesh 0124696068
Note : Hindraf supporters would be present

“Rights not Mercy”

Thank you.
S. Jayathas
(Information Chief)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Extremist Perkasa on Human Rights Advocates

Temerloh Tamil school “ethnically cleansed” by racist UMNO regime.

Copy of t. 1
(see Malaysian Nanban 20/5/2011 at page 5)

 t. 1