Saturday, September 13, 2008


Hindraf condemns the unjust and undemocratic act perpetrated by the ruling government lead by UMNO and its allies in their latest antic.  

A blogger who empowers the society with awareness and knowledge with the truth and a reporter who reported the truth and a serving MP arrested whereas the personality who incited and raised racial sensitivity is just slapped in the wrist.  

It appears that the Malaysian government lead by Dr Abdullah Badawi has totally lost control of his administration and from the current state of affair it appears that such repressive actions against utterance of truth in a purported democracy is being engineered and navigated by the non other than the infamous Dr Mahathir and his “warlords” within UMNO and their allies.  

This is a typical coup d'état whereby, Mahathir's warlords have slowly usurped and having consolidated their position to create the bureaucratic elite that would make sure that UMNO and it's allies stays in power and continue the regime that started fifty one years ago.  

With UMNO and its allies under Badawi as weak as it stands under the current vigor for change by the Malaysian society, Dr. Mahathir and his “warlords” needs to step in to maintain the status quo of UMNO and its allies to continue the regime. 

All methods and acts against human right and civil liberty issues by installing fear and intimidation can only lead to the maestro, Dr Mahathir and his warlords.  

HINDRAF condemns any act that is repressive against humanity and civil right in the pretext of national security and views that the current state of affair is to ensure that UMNO and its allies stays in power and continue their authoritarian ways.  

This is no other than the repeat of the 1969 scene. Abdullah’s “oust” is imminent with the cronies of Mahathir teaming up to force Abdullah Badawi to step down.

It appears like the Home Minister who signed the detention order no longer takes instructions from the No 1.

The above are my personal views.


P.Waytha Moorthy
01.00 (AM) Msian Time 13th Sept 2008