Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Price of Malaysia’s UMNO Racism – Revisited by John Malott (Malaysia Chronicle)

The Price of Malaysia's Racism - Revisited najib perkasa
EXCLUSIVE When my op-ed appeared in the Asian Wall Street Journal last February, all hell broke loose in Malaysia. My thesis was that the highest levels of the government were tolerating or even provoking racial and religious tensions in order to shore up their political base among the Malay community.
I also pointed out that there is an economic price to pay for that political calculation, namely, that members of the minority communities increasingly will feel unwelcome in their own country and continue to emigrate overseas, taking their talents and skills with them.
Now, three months later, I don’t think that there is any doubt at all about what I said. It’s not a thesis any more, it’s a fact.
A very comprehensive report by the World Bank has described the exodus of talent from Malaysia in great detail, pointing out the reasons for the migration and the economic consequences for Malaysia.
It is shocking to think that two out of every ten Malaysian college graduates now lives (and works) overseas. Malaysia’s loss is Singapore’s (and America’s) gain.
On racial and religious tensions, not only do they continue, but they seem to have gotten worse.
Najib says that Islam is superior to all other religions. Mahathir says that Malaysia is Tanah Melayu. Talk ofKetuanan Melayu – the Malays as the Master Race, rather than as a people with a special position, which is what the constitution says – has grown.  The Home Ministry desecrates the Holy Bible with government stamps and serial numbers.
When Utusan undercuts the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia policy and calls for 1Melayu, Muhyiddin says that Utusanis the voice of the Malays. Utusan then goes on to say that the Chinese are trying to take over Malaysia, and that the Christians are conspiring to abolish Islam as the national religion, and so on. All complete fabrications.
But Utusan – owned and controlled by UMNO – gets away with it. This is the clearest example of what I meant when I said that the Government – at the highest levels – is tolerating this in order to strengthen its base among the Malays in preparation for the next General Election.
I find all this very frightening. To strengthen its base, the Government is pandering to the basest elements – some of the most racist, least educated, most gullible, and most intolerant segments of society.
Those elements are constantly conjuring up threats – that the Malay race and Islam, which are the majorities in Malaysia, are under seige by the minority, which is a demographic impossibility.
And rather than say it isn’t so, the Government goes along with Perkasa, Pembela, racist bloggers, Utusan, and so on.    -   Malaysia Chronicle
- John Malott is the former US ambassador to Malaysia


Interlok-TPM UMNO42_091107_MUHYIDDIN

I used to respect the Education system in Malaysia when i was studying in the local school in Malaysia.. We had great teachers who are committed to build students and reform students to be the next leaders of this Nation.
The Malaysian Education System now is like a creation of many educated youngsters without thinking capabilities. it is so much of examination and homework orientated. The thinking process is long ago dead now … We are creating ROBOTS today in Malaysia.
teachers-day My request that the best gift of this teachers day 2011, will be the resignation of Education Minister Tan Seri Muhayydin Yasin. With him leading, education will not be a place of learning for student but it will turn to racial disharmony in time to come.
To highlight my point, Interlok book was made a MUST for all students with distorted facts about Indians, Chinese and other minority races. I wonder what is the hidden agenda behind the Interlok book made a MUST for all students. Till to date, many Indians and Chinese student became the victim of Malay students with name callings and bashing up of students .
It is sad that the the brain is so much filled with harted among students nowadays. Go to any schools or any library, one could see the groups of Indians, Chinese and Malays divided. they are not as we used to be 30 years ago where Ali, Samy and Ah Chong could sit and talk freely and be friends forever .
This Teachers Day is the black day for all educators as many teachers would agree with my statement above. Unless we remove and the education Minister, peace and tolerance among young students to be UNITED will not be achieved at all.
I therefore, beg teachers to be a guiding force to bring UNITY to all students. Unless action to unite all students as one under UNITED MALAYSIAN STUDENTS then education is a failure in Malaysia.
Johnson Doss