Monday, October 20, 2008

Photos at Duta Court during Uthaya trail on 20 Oct 2008

This is amazing !!

We had an historical moment with our great Makkal Sakthi ( People's Power) leader, Mr Uthayakumar today while he came to the trail in Jalan Duta Court at 9am.

The court diverted the case to another court room without any notification even to the defence counsel. The supporter whom came as earlier morning as 6am started to que in front of court room and later found that the trail is about to start in another room.

When the supporters and well wishers came to the actual court room they were again blocked by police claiming thr room is packed when there is only 6 people in court room.

Again another first time took place, where the police says that only those with number tag will be allowed and asked the supporter to get back to ground floor to register the names and collect the tags. The peace loving supporters walked all the way down to que up to register thru their IC and collected the "special" token number which limited to 58 only.
Surprisingly there were many other cases running in the same building but they were allowed to move in to their respective court room without "special tags nor registration". Another double standard !!

The court later adjourn to afternoon and the interval were used to see and greet Uthaya by all the suppporter whom came. Uthaya was very happy and motivated. He stressed that the struggle for the Malaysian Indians will not stops until the UMNO led govt fulfill the rightful rights of Malaysian indians.
More news to be written later.


Vaalge Makkal Sakthi

Speaker rejects emergency motion on Hindraf

Rahmah Ghazali Oct 20, 08 12:06pm

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia today rejected an emergency motion by M Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh Barat) last week to discuss the government's recent ban on Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

The speaker rejected the motion on the grounds that the matter was not urgent enough because members of parliament will still have an opportunity to discuss the ban on the ongoing budget debate session."They still can discuss the (Hindraf) issue during the budget debate session, there is an opportunity to do so. Why would we need an emergency motion for this?" asked Pandikar. Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar banned the movement last Wednesday after the ministry said it was satisfied with facts and evidence showing that "Hindraf had (been) and was being used for unlawful purposes and posed a threat to public order and morality".The decision was criticised, especially by Pakatan Rakyat leaders who described it as going against the principles of democracy and rights.
Barisan Nasional component party Gerakan and the Human Rights Commission have expressed rare disapproval as well.

At a press conference in the Parliament lobby, Kulasegaran said he had been “surprised” to receive a letter this morning informing him that the motion had been rejected.The motion, moved under Standing Orders 18 to the Home Ministry, is required to meet three criteria - the matter has to be specific, urgent and of public interest.“I regret that the speaker has made the decision like this. It would have been better for him to allow this motion because it is very urgent, otherwise we would not have move it,” he said.Kulasegaran pointed out that, had the motion been allowed, the home minister would have had to issuing a reply to the House immediatelyNow there will be a delay, as the minister is only due to wind up on matters relating to his ministry in two weeks time, during the ongoing debate on Budget 2009.

The Ipoh Barat MP said he had been shocked to hear of the ban.“It is best for the minister to justify (the reason for the ban) in Parliament. I was surprised when the government decided to ban Hindraf, as (an announcement) was not made in the House.“When parliament is sitting, the minister should respect the House. This is not good for the parliamentary system.”

Uthaya in court to face sedition trial

Mkini news

Oct 20, 08 11:42am

ISA-detained Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar is in Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court this morning for his sedition trial over a letter which he posted on a website.

The letter, addressed to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, highlighted the alleged marginalisation of Indians in Malaysia.In the letter, Uthayakumar also sought the help of the British government to move emergency UN resolution condemning ethnic cleansing in Malaysia.The letter was dated Nov 15, 2007 and sent from Hindraf main office in Seremban.Uthayakumar, in ISA detention since Dec 13 for undertaking Hindraf activities, was charged on Dec 11. He pleaded not guilty and is out on a RM50,000 bail before he was detained under the detention-without-trial Act two days later.He was charged under Section 4 (1)(c) of the Sedition Act 1948 which carries a fine of not exceeding RM5,000 or a jail term not exceeding three years or both for a first offence.
Prosecution is led by deputy public prosecutor Raja Rozeela Raja Toran while N Surindran and M Manoharan represent Uthayakumar.

Commotion in court
Hearing is before Sessions judge Sabariah Othman but the trial today was preceded by a small commotion in the courtroom when the case was moved to another court, but also before the same judge.Hindraf supporters were unhappy when they were not allowed into the new courtroom. A shouting match ensued between the supporters and the police, with Uthayakumar - wearing a white shirt and a blue pants - joining in as well.He was brought from Kamunting detention centre for the trial yesterday.
A woman fainted in the ensuing disorder and was taken to a hospital in an ambulance.More than 150 Hindraf supporters had gathered at the court complex since early morning for the case.The government had banned the organisation last week for playing up sensitive issues.BN parties must speak out

On a related matter, Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy urged all BN component parties to make their stand on the banning of Hindraf and the real problems facing the ethnic Indian community."Hindraf urges component parties within BN to come out of their cocoon and speak up the truth on the real situation facing the Indians and the impact of the Umno repression on Hindraf which is causing great uneasiness amongst the people," he said in a statement today.He said that the Umno-led government "cannot go on forever silencing all legitimate voice of democracy in the unfounded and malicious allegation of national security".He said the BN component parties have a moral duty to speak up the truth in the larger national interest and to protect and uphold the rule of law.

[Full report to follow]


Dear HINDRAF supporters

Thank you for the concern shown on the recent ban on HINDRAF. Many of you are anxious as to what would happen next. Numerous questions have been posed. What would we do? Have we lost the struggle?

The answer is a simple NO. Yes the Government has declared HINDRAF unlawful. They have taken away our “body” (HINDRAF) but they can never take away our souls for the humanity that will prevail . We belong to a great tradition which believes in the Law of Karma and Reincarnation- the spirit of HINDRAF would soon emerge in a new body, a much energized and energetic force which would lead us to greater democratic heights.

The artificial authority along with the spinmasters of UMNO led by the ruling government continues to chastise us. Let it be.

The history and each person's experience is the hard truth and reality that cannot be killed and what HINDRAF is fighting for is the hard truth and the reality and not what sounds good. The sanctity and dignity is on the truth and the reality is the base of HINDRAF and the Almighty in any form will protect us, as HINDRAF is a humanity struggle in the Almighty's blessing for his children.

Be patient – it would be sooner than later. Oppression intimidation and threats by the Malaysian Government will never derail our struggle. Let us all await the new “Rising Power” of Makkal Sakthi.


P.Waytha Moorthy