Saturday, August 22, 2009

The people are our judges.

Let me start with a modified quote from a famous British Historian, Lord Acton, “ is by the struggle of the weak, made under compulsion to resist the reign of force and constant wrong that justice is secured, preserved and extended.”.

History is filled with instances of such struggles and of the progress that justice has made, because of all such struggles. Knowingly or unknowingly it was on this maxim that Hindraf has catapulted itself onto the national scene. Fearlessness in confronting injustice symbolized Hindraf, made Hindraf.

It is this goal that Hindraf continues to pursue till today. The criteria that Hindraf applies for its involvement in the struggle of the people is the commission of injustice against the defenseless, weak, poor, marginalized and dispossessed in the country. It does not care who the perpetrators of that injustice are.

But when one stands up against such injustices, one invariably threatens the status quo and all the vested interests benefiting from that status quo. And this begets reaction from all those vested interests. Reactions in the form of suppression, repression, misinformation, smear campaigns, seduction, incarceration and whatever other means that are available.

Various of our brothers, Ganabatirau being the latest, have succumbed to the ploys of these vested interests, who would like to see Hindraf destroyed. Ploys that are crafted that even some at the helm, like Ganabtirau can succumb.

Wittingly or unwittingly Ganabatirau has become a victim of circumstances. He is a member of the DAP. On the Kampung Buah Pala issue DAP has chosen to throw in its lot with the rich developer community of Penang and against the small impoverished Indian community in Kampung Buah Pala . Hindraf and Waythamoorthy have stood up against the injustice meted out to these people of Kampung Buah Pala. Their land has been stolen from them and they are being hounded out from their land. Even the Penang DAP leaders reluctantly acknowledge this but they choose to ignore because of their close relationships with the rich developer community – never mind that there is a significant issue of injustice involved.

This has put Hindraf in collision course with the DAP. So where does that put our brother Ganabatirau – it is most unfortunate that he has succumbed to the side that has chosen to gloss over the injustice. This has caused him now to deviate from a fundamental principle of Hindraf. He has succumbed to the vested interests and has become part of a misinformation campaign against the very organization that created his public personality. He has become a tool to character assassinate the leaders of the true Hindraf spirit.

I say this is most unfortunate.

Whatever the personal and frontal attacks by Ganabatirau or by any others against Hindraf and its leaders, truth has a way of prevailing. The struggle will continue for justice. The vested interests will not give up. They will continue with attacks like these. And Hindraf for its part will continue to struggle for justice and for truth nevertheless.

If you want to know who is on the side of truth or justice, just measure them by whether they are helping to attain it or helping to destroy it. The question that the people need to ask and seek answers for is – who is helping to seek the truth and see justice prevail and who is seeking to destroy and bury such efforts.

Again, let me reiterate, it is by the struggle of the weak to resist the reign of force and constant wrong that justice is secured, preserved and extended. It is on that side that Hindraf will continue to stand and it is on that side that Waythamoorthy stands.

The people are our judges.