Tuesday, August 9, 2011

About 14th Aug 2011 from Mr. Mohan (JB State HRP Leader)

By Viki Logan,

Our Constitution states that there is equality for every single Malaysia Citizen. However , Mr.Mohan and HRP Supporters in JB are not satisfied  as they feels that is it just a mere saying.

Indian have been denied their rights for many years and are still being denied to their rights to higher education, business opportunities, job opportunities, etc. All grass roots supporters are directly or indirectly victims of marginalisation.

According to Mr. Mohan, the people JB generally approached HRP for help and support. They did not approach other indian parties.

With regards to the upcoming 14th August event, publicity of the event was done through flyers, brochures as well as small gatherings.

Generally the people in JB are aware that they have been sidelined. HRP is getting very strong support for the people of JB and positive feedback with regards to the  upcoming forum.