Saturday, June 18, 2011

What is your role?

By Susan Luees David - facebook comments

My dearest INDIANS!!!!! Looks like many of us have forgotten all the struggles and sacrifices that our Hindraf heroes have went through for us, just for us, the INDIANS!!!!! Can someone tell me why do they have to go through all this pain for us???? Don’t they have a life??? Don’t they have a family??? Why on earth must they fight for our rights???? Is it only for their children’s future???? NO!!!!!!! 

It is for our INDIAN community, for all us, for all the brothers & sisters who are marginalized & discriminated by the bloody BN!!!!! Don’t we all have INDIAN blood running in us???? I still come across many useless & selfish INDIANS who only care about themselves & their family. I’m not asking everyone to go and fight with the license thugs (police) or make noise in the parliament. Don’t bother about the political side of it, we have responsible and dedicated brothers and sisters like Jayathas, Johnson Doss, Sivan and Sara to take care of it. 
For the rest of you, play your part as a responsible, caring and loving INDIAN, show some love to your fellow INDIAN brothers and sisters. Help them in all the ways that you can. Not necessary financial support, like our sister Bavanie and Rangnee, you too can volunteer yourself to teach our children who are abandoned in the orphanage homes, make an effort to visit the kids, celebrate their birthdays and spend time with them by motivating them on how to be a responsible INDIAN, an INDIAN that the whole world will look up to. 
I salute my brother Arivu who makes all his effort to build an educated coming generation by making them to realize how important education is, how it will help to improve their life and the others through them. My dear brothers & sisters, we have to make the move now in order for the future generation to have a better future in our country. UNITY is the weapon!!!!! Aren’t you all ashamed of yourself letting the others to treat you like shit???? OK FINE, you don’t feel it probably because you are also suckers like some political parties in our country!!!!! 
Listen guys, again I’m not asking anyone here to go against the Malays or Chinese, trust me NOT all Malays & Chinese are racist, above all WE THE INDIANS ARE NOT RACIST!!!!!! We are only against the discrimination against the minorities in this country!!!!! All we want is equal rights!!!! I repeat….We have to start fighting for it now for our better future. In order to achieve that lets all of unite and together we bring up the social status of our community. 

We help each other, we share the pain together and finally we enjoy the success together. Those video clips uploaded are just a reminder to all of us, why are these people taking all the pain of tear gas & water canon??? Why do they have to bleed for us???? Why do our heroes spend hundreds of days in ISA while we were having fun with our family & friends???? Please spare some time watching these videos and think what is your role for our community!!!!!