Saturday, October 9, 2010

Racist UMNO Perkasa attacks Hindraf for saying that it is also the responsibility of DYMM Sultan Johor and DYMM Agong to safeguard legitimate interest of poor Indians. ( 2nd Limb Article 153 (1) )

najib perkasa UMNO implements to the brim and in fact abuse Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution on the special position of the Malays by implementing racist and supremacist policies.

But the second Limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution which UMNO conveniently chooses to forget ignore and sidestep especially so with regards to the Indian poor is “It shall be the responsibility of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to safeguard the legitimate interests of the other communities (especially the poor Indians) in accordance with the provision of this Article”

But when Hindraf points out this very seldom spoken about provision, that is the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution vis a vis the Indian poor, the racist UMNO gets their Utusan Malaysia (UM 9/10/10 at page 4) to in turn get their ultra racist and supremacist Perkasa to call Hindraf biadap and publish news with the intent of the malay muslim hating the Indian poor and Hindraf.

This way UMNO is trying to further suppress and silence the poor Indians into oblivion. But Hindraf and HRP says no more though especially so after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.
UMNO must get to the point and implement the legitimate interests of especially the poor Indians as is guaranteed in the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constituion. And there is no compromise on this with UMNO.

UMNO must abide by the second limb of Article 153 (1) of the Federal Constitution and take the Indian poor out of their 53 years of UMNO socially engineered misery and poverty arising out of having been excluded from the national mainstream development of Malay-sia also by UMNO.
We no longer will allow UMNO to continue with their malay muslim supremacy to keeping the poor Indians poor make them poorer or to create the future Indian poor.

Rights not Mercy
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UMNO Biro Tata Negara course launches daily racist attacks on Hindraf, P. Waytha Moorthy and P. Uthayakumar.

And they even put up pictures of P. Waytha Moorthy’s eight year old daughter and call them all names.

“Musuh utama negara”. This has been repeatedly conveyed to us by the few civil servants who had attended this BTN course.

We won’t bother lodging a police as the UMNO IGP and AG will take zero action especially when this BTN racist course is directly under UMNO’s instructions.

But then UMNO P. M Najib Razak calls this One Malay-sia.

(see The Star 5/10/10 at page N 10)

S. Jayathas


IIUM Survey: Malaysian Indian support for HRP up 14% further to HRPs’ Project 15/38.This will end PKR, DAP and PAS a la MIC Indian mandore system. Raw deal in BN but no deal in P.R for Indians.

The first salvo by P. Uthayakumar immediately after his release on 9/5/09 from 514 days of ISA detention without trial vis a vis the liberation of the poor and politically powerless Malaysian Indians is the announcement of the formation of the Human Rights Party (HRP) on 19/7/09 and HRP’s Project 15/38 targeting 15 Parliamentary and 38 Indian majority state seats in predominantly Indian areas as per his book titled “Malaysian Indian Political Empowerment Strategy, The Way Forward .

Since then P. Uthayakumar’ and the HRP top leadership has been going on a non stop, consistent and persistent series of nationwide roadshows right from Padang Serai, Kedah up to Tebrau, Johor campaigning selling this book distributing leaflets and campaigns via the website and cyberspace.

This our Project 15/38 is the last bastion self help measure and the last resort as both UMNO/BN and also PKR, DAP and PAS/P.R have failed the 2.5 Million Malaysian Indian community. It is plain and obvious that both parties of the political spectrum only want the Indian votes and never even their very pressing problems.

Since 9/5/09, on average we have one programme per week nationwide with the last being last Sunday’s (3/10/10) public forum at Nantha Restaurant in Sungai Petani and followed by visits to the Lembah Bujang Hindu Civilization in Kedah, the Krishna temple annual festival, an informal meeting with the Kedah HRP Committee and a forum at the Mariaman hindu temple in Padang Serai.

In the first phase of our Project 15/38 we are concentrating on seven Parliamentary and seven state seats namely Padang Serai/ Lunas in Kedah, Batu Kawan/ Perai in Penang, Ipoh Barat/ Buntong in Perak, Kota Raja/ Sri Andalas in Selangor, Teluk Kemang/ Port Dickson in N. Sembilan/ Cameron Highlands/ Tanah Rata in Pahang and Tebrau/ Puteri Wangsa in Johor.

The evidence of our first major breakthrough is with the creation of the very first Indian majority seat ie DUN Buntong in Perak which rose from 46.2% as at the 8th march 2008 General Elections to 54% last month (Free Malaysia Today 15/7/2010)

And today we have come to know of the second breakthrough that is the 14% shift of Indian support for HRP.

According to a study by the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM)

“the support from the Indian community had dropped (by 4%) from 63 per cent to 59 per cent (for BN) because 14 per cent of them chose not to support any party (BN or P.R).

This in effect means a 4% shift from BN and a 10% shift from P.R by the Malaysian Indian voters to HRP. Our assessment is that this 14% shift is as a direct result of our aforesaid roadshows and campaigns.

Despite the Hindraf factor in the outcome of the 2008 general elections and despite Hindraf’s political wing HRP having been in existence for almost one and half years now, PKR, DAP and PAS have refused to even engage in a dialogue with us. Thus the extent of their gratitude. Never mind.

As at the March 2008 general elections even the cruel UMNO/BN regime despite the Indians not having even a single one of the 222 Parliament any and 576 State Assembly seats as Indian majority seats, had granted to the MIC nine (9) Parliament and (20) State Assembly seats to contest. And in return and in exchange UMNO/B.N excepted the Indian voters in the rest of the other 213 Parliamentary and 556 state Assembly constituencies to support the other UMNO/B.N candidates.

But in PKR, DAP and PAS/ P. R it is a non starter because they are not prepared to share even one single Parliament any or any state Assembly seat with HRP. But like in the 2008 general elections all what they want is the 715,099 Indian votes for free of charge.

Thus our conclusion, that if the Indians in UMNO/B.N get a raw deal, in P. R they get no deal.

The explanation by PKR, DAP and PAS top leaders that their parties are all multi-racial parties holds no water especially as per our monitoring and reporting on a day to day basis in our website postings in which proves otherwise.

At best PKR, DAP and PAS top leadership like what UMNO has been and is doing in the last 53 years have created a buffer level Indian mandores who are powerless but are assigned to do a wayang kulit and “deal” with the Indians problems in what they call are “multi-racial” parties. Why aren’t the top leadership of PKR, DAP and PAS in furtherance of their multi-racial parties claim attend to the pressing Indian problems. Why not?

It would have made that difference especially by the P.R ruled Menteri Besars and Chief Minister of Selangor, Kedah and Penang who are 100% empowered to grant land to all hindu temples, cemeteries, Tamil schools and Indian villages and settlements. This alone would solve half of the Indian problems in these three P. R ruled states.

In fact these PKR, DAP and PAS MP’s, DCM II, Exco, ADUN, Councillors and JKKK Indian mandores are performing the very same Indian mandore job functions the MIC has been performing for UMNO/B.N in over the last 53 years.

So where is the change PKR, DAP and PAS promised in the March 8th 2008 General Elections.

As there is no change. HRP is the change.

This 14% shift of Indian voters to HRP only means that the Indians have accepted HRP as the third force and the alternative, which alternative they never had until the emergence of HRP.

S. Jayathas