Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nationwide Prayers for P.Uthayakumar's 47th Birthday

Dear All,

7/11/08, Friday is our beloved P.Uthayakumar's 47th birthday.

There will be a special prayers at in various temples nationwide.

Invitation is extended to every Makkal Sakthi supporters and well wishers throughout the world to take part in the prayers by lighting up 47 'agal villaku' marking his 47th birthday, seeking the blessing of Almighty to bless him, who bravely faught for our Malaysian Indian society. May God bless him long healthy live and released from ISA.

Please pass this invitation to all well wishers and supporters.

Below are few temples that had confirmed prayers/achanai/annathanam at their location.

On the Friday , 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm as below;

1. Bt. Caves Murugan Temple around 7.30pm on 7th Nov

2. Puchong Batu 12 Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Selangor

(famously known for the entry of King Cobra, beside Rakan Muda Stadium )

- Prayers and food offering to "Anbu Illam" kids and devotees

3. Butterworth Sri Maha Mariamman Temple on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

4. Ipoh Taman Risah , Arulmigu Nagammal Temple on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

5. Jasin Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Malacca on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

6. Bkt Katong Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Malacca on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

7. Bemban Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Malacca on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

8. Mantin Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, S'ban on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

9. Rinching Sri Mariamman Temple, Kajang on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

10. Chaah Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Johor on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

11. Kluang Mariamman Temple, Johor on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

12. Kerling Sri Murugan Temple, Selangor on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

13. Sungai Petani, Bakar Arang- Arulmigu Shurgagiri Sri Maha Mariamman Temple on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

14. Paya Besar Sri Karu Mariamman Temple on 7th Nov @ 7.30 pm

and many more temples, pls do contact the your area coordinators for further details or you can conduct a prayers/achanai for Uthayakumar and light up 47 agal vilakku and later conduct a mediation for the betterment of Malaysian Indians in general.

Do email to if you want to conduct the prayers with the details.

On Sat 8th Nov 2008

1. Ipoh, Kanthan Kallumalai Temple on 8th Nov (Sat) @ 6 am till 9th Nov, 6 am (Sun)

- Conducting 24 hours Mahamirtiunjaya Japa Yajna and also special Sankalpa for the release of all ISA detainees. All are welcome and compulsory of wearing Indian traditional clothings.

Vaalge Uthayakumar !!

Valgae Namathu Poorattam !!!

Valgae Namathu Samuthayam !!!

Peace Protest in London on Uthaya's Birthday on 8th Nov 2008

Hi all,
This 7th Nov 2008,Friday marks as 47th birthday to our Makkal Sakthi lawyer and human right activist, Lawyer P.Uthayakumar.
Inconjunction of this as rememberance of the sacrification by him towards the Malaysian Indians community in Malaysia and as a sign of protest for the continous oppression and marginalization, there will be a peaceful protest as below :-
Venue : Malaysian Tourism Office, Trafalgar Square,London
Date : 8th Nov 2008, 10.45 am (London time)
This peaceful protest is to call for the abolishment of draconian ISA and to remember the 47th birthday of Makkal Sakthi lawyer Uthayakumar.
The government of Malaysia have contiously oppressed ethnic Malaysian Indians :-
  • Hari Raya (Eid) visit and presentation of greeting card by Hindraf supporter deemed insult to Islam and a threat to National security.
  • Sending invitation to the PM to visit Hindraf open house deemed a threat to National security.
  • HINDRAF which is the voice of voiceless ethnic Malaysian Indians declared as unlawful organization
  • 6 years old girl and 11 sympathies of Hindraf whom appeared at PM office with greeting card were arrested and remanded in police custody for 4 days.
  • HINDRAF lawyers whom spoke the truth permanently incarcerated without trail
  • PRK ( Raja Petra Kamaruddin ) who spoke truth permanently incarcerated without trail.
  • More than 60 others detained permanently and some up 7 years without trail under the draconian InternalSecurity Act (ISA).
  • Malaysia degenerating into the dark era of lawlessness.