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Good Article - Is Hindraf overreaching itself ?


There has been some suggestions that Hindraf has been overreaching itself. Hindraf is an outlawed organization. Its leaders are detained or are out of the country. Their mouths have been gagged, their hands are tied. And they are overreaching?

Hindraf, though they get their support from the Indians, have not only served the Indian cause but have been instrumental in raising many issues of national significance. Issue which had been festering and been in the making for a long time, only to be precipitated by Hindraf. Will anyone deny that?

The most significant of the issues raised is the issue of the continuing violations of the Malaysian Federal Constitution by the UMNO led government for the last fifty some years. This certainly is an issue of total significance to the people of this country regardless of race, religion or colour. Hindraf continues to be instrumental in raising fundamental issues significant to all of our nation. Yes, they get there by asking the hard questions. These questions are framed in the context of the Indian problem.

Problems and issues in our society will always show themselves up in specifics. But the causes are most often not specific to particular issues, they very often are general to a host of other issues . So, when Hindraf picks up an issue that affects the Indians in the country and raises them, they are also raising issues which are truly national in essence because the causes of these problems are general to a host of problems faced by the other races as well.

Take the case of the Bukit Selambau by elections. As someone said, even if the candidate were a cow, they would vote for it. Be that as it may. The issue being raised is not the cow that was chosen, but HOW that cow was chosen. When the decision making process within PKR is not democratic and the voice of the people are ignored because of some powerful individual within the party, we can see cronyism creeping back. Now, we believe that is an issue of National Significance. Is cronyism in a party that is at the leading edge a parochial issue or is it an issue of National significance. This issue of cronyism is coming up in a seat to be contested by an Indian candidate there. So, it takes on an Indian form. Very easy to pass of as the same old nonsense whenever it comes to these ungrateful Indians. Think again. Cronyism is what got the country in the mess in the first place.. So, now because it is happening in the PKR , we have to accept it?. It is spilling out because you cannot keep things closed in a multiethnic party environment.

We are all putting our eggs in the Pakatan basket. They tell us no more of the nonsense of the past 50 years. Will it get us all, what we are seeking? This is the fundamental issue being raised here. Yes, we are told, give it to the wisdom of the supreme leader, Anwar, he knows what is best.

OK, but will we get what we seek.

Take another example. Again set in the context of the Indian problem.
74 percent of the Indians (1,295,775 out of a total population of all races of 23,135,685 – year 2000 census) live in the 5 states and the Federal Territory of KL. The 5 states are controlled by the Pakatan Government. There are critical problems faced by a large section of the Indian community as everyone acknowledges – problems largely relating to marginalization and deprivation – problems of crime, unemployment, faltering education system, high suicide rates, inadequate urban housing, increasing incidence of single mothers and threatened places of worship to name a few critical ones.

Let me ask a few questions pertaining to these issues:
1) Do the State governments not have any jurisdiction at all over these issues
2) What is the policy position of the Pakatan State Governements to the Indian marginalization problem after one year in power.

The moment I lay these questions out in the Indian context there will be many who will be quick to point out that there are poor among all the other races in the country.They also face similar problems. Undeniably so. In effect therefore, raising the issues of poverty and marginalization in its Indian form also touches on the issues of poverty and marginalization among all the other races in the country .This is my earlier point that the issues raised by Hindraf though Indian in form really relates to all other races as well and therefore is national in essence.

Another objection that will be raised will be that the State Governments do not have much authority to address these issues. I disagree strongly on this matter. The State Governments do have, within their limited resources, many avenues to address these problems. That is if these issues are considered important enough for them. If there is a political will there are many things that can be done. If the party in power is truly there to promote the interests of all those that they purport to represent, they will be able to find the resources needed to address the issues. This is the substance of political will.

Let me suggest a few things they can do even with the limited resources that they possess:

1) Knowing that primary education is Primary, the State Governments in all these states can draw up a comprehensive plan of allocating land to all the Primary schools in the state that are not on their own land or are in very confined spaces. This is well within the authority of the Pakatan Governments. They can prepare the way for a revamp of the Primary School system for the marginalized Indians.
2) They can begin setting up appropriate Citizens groups (NGOs) to begin understanding the many social issues that invariably exist within marginalized groups to determine what needs to be done and then to draw up plans to address them . They can fund and resource these groups with this express purpose.
3) There are significant issues of citizenship documentation within large numbers of this marginalized groups. Resources can be applied to locate and to resolve the problems. The marginalized people are simply overwhelmed by the insensitive bureaucaracy and their mindless procedures.
4) Attempt can be made to improve urban housing for those in dire need of assistance. The NGOs can be assigned to identify and work with the respective Government Administrative units to appropriately allocate to those in true need.
5) Small business help can be provided to create employment opportunities for the poor and marginalized. These could include training programs in the conduct of business. Again NGO assistance can be used.
6) Training programs to develop employable skills can be initiated for the 18 – 25 group as special programs for the groups at risk.

If the State governments are not pursuing these as part of a clear agenda in substance, then we have to conclude that there is no political will to promote the interests of the people and that they are only interested in winning the next election/s. . Then how do we understand ”the wisdom of the supreme leader, Anwar, he knows what is best. “ Is all of what is promised then mere illusions and it is back to Cronyism Part 2. Where is the delivery.

It is this again that is being raised, that promises made are not being fulfilled.Now, is this an Indian question or is this a National question. Be patient , look at the big picture, time and again the people are told. All of this crap should be cut out and action should be initiated to begin walking the talk. The skepticism will take care of itself automatically. Then we can trust the wisdom of the supreme leader . But where is the delivery.

In raising all this, and in this manner is Hindraf overreaching? Is it parochial and insensitive to the needs of any our brothers and sisters of other races in the country. Hindraf serves the whole of the nation with the ability to ask hard questions, no matter which side and to be a check and balance to the processes of governance in our country.

So, is Hindraf overreaching?

P.Uthaya's report on KEMTA for serving beef in his food



For lunch on 22/3/2009 I was served chicken sambal with rice. I realized what looked like beef pieces in the said chicken sambal. When I checked with the detainees working at the kitchen namely Sarjon (a Sri Lankan national) and Mohamad (a Pakistan/Thailand national) they both confirmed with me that the beef sambal and the chicken sambal were cooked together in the same pot and then dished out and put into separate trays and served on me.

The Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had made media statements that the cooking for the Hindraf lawyers are done separately when he had visited this Kemta Prison, but I had refused to meet him despite the prison authorities persuading me to do so. Syed Hamid last lied in the headlines in Utusan Malaysia last month about my health. But up to date this UMNO Home Minister has refused to send me to a private hospital because he knows he and the police special branch will find it more difficult to cover up and manipulate my diabetic, heart and especially my left leg toe fracture etc. Today he is lying about the food in Kemta Prison.

I repeat I have been denied my medical reports from the KL and Taiping General Hospitals, Pusat Perubatan Taiping and the Prison clinic at Kemta. Still thinking how best of doing a cover up like in the A. Kugan’s case? I demand for this my Medical Reports to be given to me within 48 hours from the date hereof. I want to be sent to Gleaneagles Hospital urgently.

From today onwards I do not wish to eat any more food cooked from the Kemta Prison kitchen. Under protest I will only eat the bread they supply. Incidentally even this bread has no label and details of the producer and contents. Nothing has been done about it since I lodged a police report about this two weeks ago.

Up to date UMNO and Syed Hamid has refused to serve me a diabetic diet as per my previous four police reports since 5/2/2009. I now lodge this police report against UMNO, Syed Hamid and the Kemta Prison, Kamunting, Taiping for the violation of Hindu Rights and my religious rights and religious freedom in violation of Article 11 of the Federal Constitution. They have insulted the Hindu religion yet again.

On 23/3/2009 I had returned my food tray to Corporal Ibrahim and did so again today and will continue to do so. On 23/3/2009 at about 7.40 a.m. I had showed my swallen and darkening left leg to Inspector Zaki. ZERO ACTION.

24/3/2009 @ 12.50 PM

4th Police Report by P.Uthaya on urgency of treatment for him


Fourth Police Report by P. Uthayakumar. I want Urgent Medical Treatment at Gleaneagles Hospital

This is my fourth police report since my left leg toe injury on 31/1/2009. On 3/2/2009 I was taken to the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital but was refused to be admitted despite confirming a fracture, my leg blackening and swallen. On 12/2/2009 at about 11.30pm I was taken to the Emergency Department of Taiping General Hospital when my leg suddenly swelled more. Only after a police report was lodged I was taken to see a specialist at the Taiping General Hospital on 17/2/2009 who merely also repeated what the earlier two doctors had said that my leg would heal on its own.

Up to date I have never been given any medication or medical aids. But the Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar diverted the whole issue by saying that I had refused to go to hospital. From day one ie from 31/1/2009 I have insisted that I want to be treated at the Gleaneagles Private Hospital as the Government doctors independence have been compromised by the police Special Branch as is evident from these doctors and government servants tens of affidavits filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court last year.

On 16/3/2009 when my leg swelled up and became painful again I had put up a request form officially asking to make a police report and to be sent to the said Gleaneagles Hospital but to no avail. I was only allowed to make a police report today 18/3/2009 that too only after numerous reminders.

On 16/3/2009 at about 3.05pm one Chief Inspector Sobri came with another prison cameraman Constable Sobri who took five shots of my swallen and blackened leg. They together with Sargeant Sulmi also saw my leg condition.

On 16/3/2009 the Prison Warden game me my one month of Diabetes and Cholestrol medication. I am putting this on record as I do not want Syed Hamid to play politics with my health and say that I am not taking my medication.

On 17/3/2009 there is nor a new sharp pain on my left foot toe and I walk the most minimum possible.

On 18/3/2009 I showed Corporal Razali my swallen and blackened leg and said it was painful – sharp pain. I again insisted that I want to lodge a police report for the records. This is the only thing I can do as a prisoner. I still believe that the UMNO controlled Malaysian government is trying to kill me in prison for political reasons.

I repeat for the twentieth time that I want to be treated urgently at the Gleaneagles Hospital I did not ask to be in prison. I also ask urgently for all my medical reports from 13/12/2007 to date from the Taiping General Hospital, Pusat Perubatan Taiping and Klinik Kemta (Prison Clinic) and also the prison taken five photographs aforesaid.

Earlier on 16/3/2009 at 11.30 a.m. I had showed Constable Mushas my swallen leg and told the duty Corporal that the old plastic chair given to me to use broke and almost seriously injured my backbone.


P.Uthaya got a beef his food served by Malaysian Prison Dept (KEMTA)

Uthaya got a beef with his chicken sambal
Malaysiakini- Syed Jaymal Zahiid Mar 30, 09 3:59pm

Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leader P Uthayakumar has lodged a police report against Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar for ignoring Hindu sensitivities after allegedly being served beef at the Kamunting Detention Camp where he is being held.

In the report made last Wednesday, he accused Syed Hamid (Home Minister ) of lying in saying that Hindraf leaders, being Hindus, are not served dishes containing beef in deference to their religion.The minister had made the statement to rubbish previous claims by Uthayakumar that the camp authorities had insulted Hindus by allegedly serving dishes with beef.

Uthayakumar alleged that, despite the minister’s statement, he had found “pieces of beef” in the chicken sambal served for lunch on March 22.“I was served chicken sambal with rice. I (saw) what looked like beef pieces in the chicken sambal,” he said in the report, a copy of which was made available to Malaysiakini.“When I checked with detainees working in the kitchen, they confirmed that the beef sambal and chicken sambal were cooked in the same pot. (The chicken was) dished out and put on separate tray and served to me,” he said in the report.

He also claimed that the authorities has yet to serve him meals appropriate for a diabetic, despite knowing about his health condition.Uthayakumar said he will now eat only bread and will not touch any food cooked in the camp kitchen, in protest of the “violation of my religious rights” as a Hindu and of his constitutional rights.

‘No medical reports yet’

Uthayakumar further claimed he has yet to receive his medical reports after undergoing a check-up at the Taiping Hospital for a fractured toe.“The home minister has refused to send me to a private hospital because he knows that he and the police special branch will find it more difficult to cover up and manipulate (my health condition).

“I demand my medical reports within 48 hours (of the date of his police report). I want to be sent to the Gleneagles Hospital (in Kuala Lumpur for treatment).”Uthayakumar’s fiance, S Indradevi, told Malaysiakini that the medical reports have not been made available to either of them to date.

The fracture is still bad despite the treatment and he is in pain. I’m very worried,” she said.

Uthayakumar is one of five Hindraf leaders who have been detained under the Internal Security Act since late December 2007.

PRESS STATEMENT. RE: Prime Minister’s one last good deed for the entire Malaysian society


RE: Prime Minister’s one last good deed for the entire Malaysian society

There are currently over 65 ISA detainees with some being there for more than 6 years. Some are even advised to be released by the Advisory Board but not done so without any particular reason except for National Security.

All the ISA detainees were incarcerated without trial and just cause during the era of the current Prime Minister when he was the Home Minister (under Mahathir’s premiership) and later when he became the Prime Minister.

In his speech at the 59th UMNO general assembly he statedIn my years of public service, there have been times that I have erred. I too have not been able to fulfill my promises," He further stated, that “I seek your forgiveness. I have tried to carry out my responsibilities with sincerity and honesty," In acknowledging his shortcomings, the Prime Minister is magnanimous.

HINDRAF appreciates the Prime Minister’s statement and urges the unconditionally release all the detainees held under ISA as his one last good deed before his leaves the public office. In doing so, the Prime Minister can be assured that the Malaysian society that he served would forgive him for his errors made at the expense of the society.

Thank you.

P.Waytha Moorthy

Hindraf –Chairman