Monday, March 21, 2011

Aggressive Umno racism: The new emerging reality

To quote from a Malaysiakini article dated March 17, 2011, ”Denying that he had rejected the 100 amendments to the novel suggested by the committee, Muhyiddin claimed that he had in fact called for a review of the amendments as he believed that they were 'minute' issues which ran away from the 'isu pokok' (main concern)."

Muhyiddin is proving to be a clown in the way he is dealing with the Interlok novel issue He sets up an independent panel to review and suggest changes to the Interlok novel. Then he just about overrules all their suggestions. This results in a disgusted walkout by the Indian panel members. Then he denies rejecting the 100 suggested amendments saying what he looking for was more substantial than the nitpicking the panel had done.

That the substantial thing he ought to be looking for is a withdrawal of the book altogether from the curriculum is right there in front of his eyes. A child could come up with that. He chooses to nitpick instead and then turns around and accuses the review panel of nitpicking. He is a natural joker isn't he? That is how he easily appears to us.

The whole Umno government is proving to be a failure over and over again over all the contentious issues they have had to deal with in running the country. One of the manifestations of this failure is the increasing polarisation among the people in the country. The elite within Umno in their selfish desire to keep a tight handle on the controls of the resources of the country need the Malay Muslim vote.

They play up issues like Interlok, saying the minorities are being unreasonable and demanding in spite of the good nature of the 'tuans'. The book authored by a National Laureate and celebrated Malay writer can do no wrong. Instead it is the minority who are becoming demanding, encouraged by the fact that the Malay people are split. So, the argument goes.

And the only way we can keep the minorities in their place is for the Malays to unite. This logic, repeated over and over again by Perkasa outside and by the various internal propaganda organs inside Umno, is enough to make the ordinary average Malay citizen become a victim to this lie.
The elite within Umno are enjoying the security of the false race consciousness among the Malay people, oblivious or careless about the net effect on the nation as a whole.

This path only takes them further down, as the Malay citizens who buy this lie will then extend the race logic in their little realms all over the country as you see increasingly happening now .

As time passes, the trajectory for racism in the country moves further and further upwards. What has been subtly happening for 54 years now bursts out into the open and operates openly, no need for the subtlety of the past. It becomes aggressive racism. This is a new reality emerging in the country.

Can you see it?        

Is the Interlok debate a deliberate provocation? - Malaysiakini

'At the rate BN/Umno is pursuing their racist agenda, I will not be surprised they are hoping for another May 13 incident.'
Interlok row more than just about 'pariah'

Pemerhati: From the way Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is behaving, it appears he wants the three Indian panel members to agree to only some minor changes to 'Interlok' so that the main Umno agenda of projecting the Malays as a superior race is not jeopardised.

The walkout by the three must have come as a surprise to Muhyiddin and his cohorts because they probably thought that, since the three were dependent to some extent on the Umno-run government for their employment and livelihood, they could easily be made to do what Umno wanted them to do.

They know from past experience that even a person like Chandra Muzaffar, who used to roar like a lion in Aliran against Umno, can be 'turned over' by attacking his rice bowl (terminating his appointment as a UM lecturer) and then made to yelp about Najib's 1Malaysia.

Unless the three are able to earn a living without relying on any government-controlled agency, they could be susceptible to similar pressure and 'turned over' to do Umno's bidding.

Gandhi: By all accounts, this notorious book must be replaced with another which has real literary material. With all the hatred for this book, the students wouldn't want to touch it. The more the DPM is adamant of using this novel, the stronger the opposition to this malevolent novel.

Enough time has been wasted on this irritating issue. Pakatan will be the final beneficiary from this imbroglio.

Lim Chong Leong: I believe it is about mental oppression to break the Indian community's spirit and pride by indoctrination from young through school. Falsehood and half-truths will act as cracks that will eventually break up the strong and deep Indian culture that was handed down through generations.

All it takes is one generation who cannot agree with its previous one of what some information and practices are and the foundation of that community is shaken. So, don't take it as just some misleading novel. The fact that they are insistent on its use suggests some agenda more sinister, like what I have mentioned.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Very well put Mr Lim, the main reason is to create a generation that will not know its roots and hence they will be easily controllable by the Malay masters. There will never be a uprising like what the Malays had seen in 2007 by the Indians, which shook the dumb electorate to teach the Umno government a lesson it will never forget.

So what better way will there be then to start the indoctrinate on young Indian kids with the wrong information which will make them feel inferior and insecure and worship the Malays as the superior race in Malaysia?

Keturunan Malaysia: Thank you very much for this enlightening piece, Jimadie Shah Othman. If our DPM cum education minister cannot understand the clearly stated five recommendations, among others, that are causing the hurt and pain, then he can only be excused if he admits that he is not that well-educated.

Mr PM, that's the reason why we want Malaysian-first leaders.

Anonymous_3f55: It's because books like 'Interlok' that distorts history which is the main reason why I will never send my children to the national school system, especially secondary school. Why the insistence of 'Interlok'? What's so special about it? Aren't there other non-racist novels out there?

PKR’s false promises of land titles for landless Indian poor who have lived on the land for 50 over years.

Tens of applications has been made to the PKR Selangor State government but to no avail like their UMNO predecessors.
(See Sinarharian, 09/1/2011 at page S26)
PKR’s false promises

Petition to H.R.H. the Malaysian King in conjunction with International day for the Elimination of racial discrimination to set up to royal commission to make recommendations to dismantle and end all UMNO Malaysia’s institutionalized racist policies.

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