Tuesday, October 7, 2008

PWTC Raya Open House - Actual Story in Pics

UMNO’s cowardly media campaign against HINDRAF.

So visiting the PM on a Hari Raya (Eid) is a grave sin committed by HINDRAF. An act of betrayal and insult to the Islamic religion – the masterminds should be arrested under the ISA or prosecuted under the existing Laws - so say the Malay extremist and fundamentalists organisations. Cabinet Ministers claim HINDRAF was extreme in barging into the PM’s open house and presenting a memorandum. Their seditious criticisms’ were carried out by the none other than the UMNO controlled daily Utusan and TV3.

So it was a grave sin. I challenge these fools to obtain evidence from over 30 odd TV crews and pressmen (both local and International media) and the numerous Police Special Branch units who covered , recorded and filmed the entire episode to make public their recordings so that the whole world could see the foolishness and low mentality of Malaysian politicians and their UMNO coolies who stir up racial sentiments for their own political survival.

There is no doubt that whenever there are serious problems within UMNO, the best solution (idiotic though) is to stir racial tension among races. UMNO creates problems and misleads the public with the strength and might of their media.

Let us see the pictures below which our supporters recorded.

It is for you to judge whether HINDRAF presence at PM’S OPEN HOUSE IS as an INSULT TO ISLAM ?

This card is interpreted by the Cabinet Ministers as memorandum. I wonder if they know what they are talking about. The simplest greeting card prepared by a 6 year old with the help of adult to express the feeling of HINDRAF supporters to the PM-And this is interpreted as an insult to the Islamic faith???

Salam Aidilfitri,
Semoga di hari mulia ini YAB akan diberkati rahmat Tuhan dan membebaskan semua tahanan ISA dan mendengar rintihan masyarakat India di bumi tercinta Malaysia.

Maaf Zahir batin”

The above wordings meant as follows,

“Happy Eid,
May in this auspicious day the Almighty bless you Mr PM and may you release all ISA detainees and hear the tears of the Indian community in this beloved Malaysia.
Seek Forgive and Forget"

So the above were interpreted as extreme by UMNO Ministers and their coolie NGO’s ??

Hey look onto the eyes of these kids. Don’t you see excitement and hope in their eyes. Excitement and hope that they are part of the change that are about to happen in the history of Malaysia. Look at this on the
above kid. Isn’t this “look Of hopes”??

Hey you came with hope too. You look so excited!! To see the PM eh!!!
You sure the UMNO Ministers have the intelligence to understand this ?? careful you might be termed extremist!!!.

The excitement of signing the card for PM!!!

The future generation taking part in today’ s campaign.

They came in hope but then came the naughty uncles to snatch the Raya (Eid) cards away. Apparently it contained “seditious materials” and its contents were a Threat to National Security!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Hindraf parent tried their best to rescue the creative greeting card made by the children.

The end product of the card and the disappointed fathers- children in tears and sadness.

How do we explain to them??????

HINDRAF well wishers queued accordingly contrary to what UMNO claims Under watchful eyes of police.

Contrary to media report HINDRAF supporters never went 4 the food but queued orderly to greet the PM

Now let us see how the Police are comfortable with HINDRAF

Hey everyone look comfortable.

Well looks like HISHAMUDIN & MRS never had problems with HINDRAF wishes. All in Good Aidilfitri spirits.

Pak Lah & Najib never had any problems RPK supporters wishing them. No insult to Islam!!!!!!!

MRS HINDRAF and Vwaishnawi wishes the PM and Najib looks on with all smiles. Sorry folks photo not clear.
Pak Lah accepted the wishes with smile and open heart. Najib is surely delighted!!!!!
Now now!!
You see the Naughty uncle is not happy with the appeal to PM and is pulling away MRS H .

In the meantime HINDRAF BABIES are awaiting their turn behind patiently. They look serious as they know they have an important task of delivering a clear message for their uncles to be released.
sorry folks! That’s the best we could get of the kiddies on camera with the PM. There were lots of pushing by the naughty uncles which prevented us from getting more photo shots.

Mission accomplished. Message and wishes
Delivered to PM Personally.

HINDRAF’s sincere wishes to PM is manipulated as using kids for political purpose and insulting Islam by NGO’s linked to UMNO.

Letter in TheStar- Spare a thought for Hindus when setting exam period

Tuesday October 7, 2008

MY SON’S primary school recently announced that the year-end examination would start on Oct 30.
The District Education Office had issued the directive for Year 5 students.

Did someone forget that Deepavali is on Oct 27?

As a result of the directive, most schools have set the same date for Year 1 to Year 4 as it would be logical for all classes to conduct examinations at the same time.
Initially, some schools had planned for examinations to start on Oct 21, which would have been ideal. Many Hindus also balik kampung for Deepavali.
Affected families who choose to travel will have no choice but to make the journey back the morning after Deepavali.
Apparently, scheduling examinations closer to the year-end school holidays prevents students from skipping school.
Ideally year-end exams should be about a month before the academic year ends.
This gives teachers time to grade exam papers, prepare report cards and review the students’ performance. A sense of completion is achieved and the new academic year can start afresh.
When I was in school, there were a lot of fun activities and the annual class party to look forward to after examinations.
Attendance was full right up to the last day.
This may not work in present times but perhaps educators could come up with other ideas to keep children in school.
Deepavali is special and significant for Hindus.
I hope the District Education Office is able to look at this issue from our perspective and allow examinations to begin on Oct 21.
Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye’s letter (The Star, Sept 22) clearly conveyed the message that “goodwill breeds unity.”

Dr. I.R.,
Johor Baru.

TheStar -Use carrot, not stick


Many poor Tamils are supporting Hindraf because it has been voicing out their woes loud and clear. The idea to ban Hindraf will not resolve any grievances of the community, it will only add fuel to the organisation’s survival.
IT IS time to engage and not reject or condemn Hindraf, the organisation that has won the hearts of the poorest among the Tamil people.
Although it is unregistered, fractured, not properly organised and with a conflicting leadership structure, Hindraf is a name that is emotionally and psychologically uniting the Tamil underclass.
It takes knowledge and wisdom to understand why Hindraf is admired and not the MIC or IPF although at one time both political parties had large sections of the Tamil underclass as their members.
But today most poor Tamils identify themselves with Hindraf because it articulates their interest and burning desire for justice and economic advancement.
They need jobs, skills, financial help to economically advance up the ladder. They need the authorities to open up the opportunities for them and above all they want protection of their heritage - temples and Tamil schools which are the two pillars that identify a Tamil as a Tamil.
Above all supporters of Hindraf want to be treated with respect and enjoy equality and a fair share of the national wealth to advance economically like everybody else.
“We don’t want to be discriminated against, we don’t want to be forgotten and left out,” said R.S.Thanenthiran, a Hindraf leader who organised a large anti-ISA protest in Pudu last month.
“We are only asking for recognition, help and a fair share.”
But some Malay leaders and newspapers are unhappy with the manner about 100 Hindraf supporters “gate-crashed” the Hari Raya gathering attended by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at the Putra World Trade Centre last Wednesday.
They are calling for stern police action against Hindraf including to ban it the same way as the Al-Arqam movement in 1994.
Banning Hindraf would be like banning an idea or emotional construct. It simply would not resolve the legitimate grievances of the Tamil for inclusion which is the fuel for Hindraf to survive.
On the other hand, if the authorities cannot fulfil such not so unreasonable demands, it would only alienate the Tamils and leave their economic woes unresolved. Their poverty, lack of opportunities and lack of skills would only worsen.
The core of the Tamil problem is displacement and its down side. In 1970, 80% of Tamils were rural and living and working in the estates but today 81% are living and working in the cities in deplorable conditions.
The change - from rural to urban - was unplanned, drastic and unorganised.
The down side today of that displacement is the poverty, crime and drug addiction afflicting the community.
There is an undercurrent of strong anger running through the Tamil underclass at their abject state.
The authorities are blamed for their abject state and Hindraf has tapped into that seam.
Without a political voice, however, the Tamil poor would be further alienated and cut off from the mainstream society and probably forced underground leaving decision makers blind.
Once the MIC and later the IPF played the role of articulators of their interest, but the standing of both the political parties have collapsed among the Tamil underclass.
With the loss of “grip” by the MIC, the opposition political parties took advantage and rode the Hindraf wave to victory in many constituencies in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia.
The poor have to be loud and boisterous to get a hearing unlike the well-heeled bloggers who also gate crashed the Raya do and are not lambasted as Hindraf is.
It is true Hindraf is noisy, vocal and persistent in demanding the release of the five Hindraf leaders held under the ISA in Kamunting.
It is unfortunate that some Malaysians see their persistence which is merely a serious commitment to a cause, as a challenge to their authority or questioning the Malaysian ethos.
It should not be the case because previously it was the same Tamil underclass who had turned up in their thousands to support the Barisan Nasional but are now siding with the opposition.
They also wore red before and attended Hari raya gatherings by the thousands and greeted by the Prime Minister. But at that time they were with the IPF and before that with the MIC now they are with the opposition.
It is all a question of perception.
The reality is there is an urgent need for both Hindraf and the authorities to step back and find common grounds and engage in a meaningful dialogue that would benefit both the Tamil poor and the Barisan which needs their support.
If the Barisan is serious about re-inventing itself and regaining lost ground it has to reach out and engage, not condemn or alienate.
The Barisan can transform itself and be a patron of the Tamil underclass and it only takes sympathy, wisdom and understanding to form a new partnership with the Tamil poor.
Threatening and showing the big stick are counter-productive and would only worsen the situation.
It is time to talk softly.