Monday, March 17, 2008

Nationwide "Yaagam" postponed to 23rd March

Nationwide Yaagam postponed 1 day from planned date.

The nationwide "yaagam/homam" (fire ritual) that were planned on the mark of 100th day detention of our HINDRAF leaders under draconian law, ISA will be postpone to :-
SUNDAY - 23rd March 2008
Time - 7.00 am to 9.00 am

This yaagam dedicated to LORD MURUGAN to bless us by speedy release of HINDRAF leaders and uplift the Malaysian Indian thru proposed 18 demands to PM.

It was postponed to Sunday 23rd March after some advice from concern Swamijis and learned leader from Astrology field on the date and time planned. Since the whole activities are for a good cause with unify prayers to get blessing from Lord Muruga, we wisely heard the advice on the need to change.

Pls inform the temples and our devotees on this changes.

Do work with the temples on having several yaagam ( 5 or 9 or 18 ) at the same time. This can be done by requesting the priest to chant mantras while the devotees can do the yaagam offering.

Any concern or queries, please do call Kannan R at 012-269-0024.

Inbame Sulge
Yellorum Vaalge.

Valarge Makkal Sakthi

Kannan R
HINDRAF National Event Coordinator