Thursday, August 19, 2010

Declare all 523 Tamil schools fully financially aided government schools on this 53rd Merdeka day on 31/8/2010.

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Date : 18/8/2010

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Re: Declare all 523 Tamil schools fully financially aided government schools on this 53rd Merdeka day on 31/8/2010.

Tun V.T. Sambanthan, one of the three Malaysia’s 1957 Independence signatories and founding fathers 
would have dreamt about a truly One Malaysia, living in harmony non state discrimination, equality and equal opportunities for all including for the Indian poor. Tun Sambanthan certainly would not have imagined the remaining 523 Tamil schools in Malaysia remaining in near cow shed like conditions some fifty- three years later in 2010. What more when the very same Tamil school that carries Tun Sambanthan’s name ie the Tun Sambanthan Tamil school, Pajam, N.Sembilan not only is remaining like a near cow shed but it’s roof was 3easily blown away by winds which could have injured or even killed the students therein.

It is plain and obvious that the UMNO controlled Malay-sian government has no regards for even Tun Sambanthan let alone all the 523 Tamil schools nationwide in Malay-sia.

This does not happen to any Malay, Chinese, orang asli, kadazan or Iban schools. Only to Tamil schools. Why?

The NST 15/8/10 at page 6 published a picture of the Sekolah Kebangsaan Muhammad Jabar in 1932 with an attap structure and cow shed like structure (see picture). But this and almost all Malay, Chinese, Kadazan, Iban and orang asli schools are nowhere like this anymore and have today evolved to emerge more like the Penang Free School building pictured in the NST 18/8/10 at page 12 and the King Edward VII Primary school in the NST 18/8/2010 at page 13. (see pictures) But in direct contrast the Tun Sambanthan Tamil School in Pajam and almost all the 523 Tamil schools in Malaysia have been refused to be converted into fully financially aided government schools despite 53 years of Independence and are still in near cow shed like wooden structures! Why? Because the mere 8% ethnic minority Indians in2 Malaysia almost all are poor or in the lower income group and are politically powerless?

We hereby call upon in particular the PKR, DAP and PAS state governments of Selangor, Penang and Kedah and all the state governments of all other states to forthwith and in any event on Malay-sia’s 53rd Independence day grant the land in situ (ie on the land the Tamil school is presently occupying) and to add on the adjoining land to make it at least a ten acre land and the Federal UMNO/BN government granting full financial aid and converting all these 523 Tamil schools into fully aided government schools and the school full operational costs and per capita grant should be as granted to any other Malay muslim school to bring to a closure once and for all this 523 Tamil schools’ 53 year old long outstanding problem.

4We hereby call upon both PKR, DAP and PAS and also UMNO/BN to stop the temporary kosong wayang kulit theatrics of “dishing out” and that too merely promise of “one Tamil school land at a time here and there” gimmick.

We want a permanent and final solution to these 523 Tamil schools and not a piece- meal and supposedly “granting kosong land titles one by one” to these 523 Tamil schools mere media statements by politicians which always almost does not materialize and these Tamil schools being forced to move from one place to another at the whims and fancies of the government and which again does not happen to any Malay, Chinese, orang asli, Kadazan or Iban school. These kosong political statements are never in writing by the Education Ministry or the state governments but mere propaganda in especially the three Tamil dailies and almost all the times the same never being fulfilled by both sides of the political spectrum.



Secretary General (pro-tem)