Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two MSRM like fully residential schools for 798 7 As top Tamil school pupils by PKR Selangor and DAP Penang State governments. Every year these top Indian students destiny is a mere “fill in the blanks”.

Copy of New Scan-20101112190946-00001 Every especially the three Tamil dailies carry news reports of hundreds of 7 As’ top Tamil school students. For this year all three Tamil dailies reported in their headlines 798 Tamil school pupils who had scored all 7As’. Even Malay school pupils only get to score a maximum of only 5 As in the UPSR. But these 798 Tamil school pupils scored a whopping 7As’. Excellent.

But where do these 798 elite Indian students go to after this under the present oppressive, racist and religious supremacist UMNO led regime of Malay-sia? Top Indian students full potential will not be realized by their exclusion and segregation from the 12,440 places in the tens of MRSM and other fully government residential schools ( BN 21/11/09 at page 7 ) if not allowed in, and may end up becoming mere factory workers.

This is how racist and religious extremist UMNO can get which has today earned One Malay-sia the name as the world’s most racist country. “Atrocities” to this extent does not happen in any other part of the world except in One Malay-sia.

To undo these injustices the PKR and DAP state governments of Selangor and Penang could each urgently set up one MRSM respectively in their states. Why not ? The Selangor state government runs University Unisel. So why not a special MRSM Tamil for these 798 poor Tamil school students. After all we have in Malay-sia MRSM Felda, MRSM ATM ( army) and MRSM PDRM for almost 99% malay muslims alone.

And almost 98% of the aforesaid 12,440 MRSM etc places are for the Malay muslims.
PKR and DAP must not only claim to be multi-racial but must also be seen to be multi-racial by also including these poor 798 top Indian students into the national educational mainstream development of Malay-sia.

This is the kind of change the Indians expected when they had voted in the PKR, DAP and PAS state governments of Selangor Penang and Kedah in the March 2008 general elections.

Rights not Mercy


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