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Muhyiddin lied, say Indian groups

(Malaysiakini) The Federation of Indian NGO Associations has tagged Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin a liar and a traitor for suggesting that the ministry has reached consensus with the Indian community on the use of the Malay literature textbook 'Interlok'.

Instead, the federation's information chief AP Raja Retinam said, some Indian representatives who attended Tuesday's meeting had called for a total withdrawal of the book.

"Muhyiddin is a liar and a traitor for saying the ministry has reached a consensus, with making some amendments, as well as adding a glossary and teaching guidelines, as possible solutions.

indian ngo pc 221209 federation of malaysian indian ngos (prima) president a rajaretinam"We, along with the representatives who attended the meeting, had called for the complete withdrawal of the book, not such solutions," Raja Retinam (left) said, adding that those who mislead the public would go to hell.

The federation, that had protested the Form Five textbook, had also earlier said it would put up a candidate in Tenang, but had not proceeded.
Raja Retinam instead called on the Indian voters there to give their backing to PAS.

He has also called on the MIC, which sent its representatives to the meeting in Putrajaya last Tuesday, to hold a central working committee meeting to discuss Muhyiddin's statement and for the party to state its honest position.

Muhyiddin said yesterday the meeting, chaired by deputy minister Puad Zarkashi, had arrived at a consensus with possible solutions to end the 'Interlok' row, such as inserting additional footnotes, a glossary and teaching guidelines into the textbook.

Muhyiddin said the novel discussed national unity and integration among races, which were in line with the 1Malaysia concept.

The minister added that it was just that there were worries in the MIC and certain groups from the Indian community over a few words used in the novel.

Mass police reports

Raja Retinam called on the Indian community to join the move tomorrow to file police reports 'en mass' to put on record the Indian community's dissatisfaction with 'Interlok' and the ministry's insistence on using the book in schools.

NONE"Go all out, in groups or as families, to every police station. Make sure everybody makes a report against 'Interlok'," he said.

on Tuesday quoted a source who attended the Putrajaya meeting as telling the panel that 'pariah' and other words once used on low-caste people have been declared unlawful in India.

Therefore, teaching Malaysian students aged 16 and 17 years such things now would not be suitable. It could rekindle what was no longer prevalent today, and even create more tension amongst students, the source said.

Some 120,000 copies of 'Interlok' have been distributed in Selangor, Putrajaya, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Negri Sembilan, and there is worry about potential repercussions, the source said.

During Thaipusam at Batu Caves on Thursday, the Hindu Rights Action Force and members of the Human Rights Party protested against 'Interlok' just as Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak arrived at the venue, with the police making nine arrests.
Muhyiddin'missing the point'
dap education roundtable meeting 111006 m kulasegaranMeanwhile, DAP national vice-chairperson M Kulasegaran (left) in a statement said his party would continue to pursue the Interlok issue throughout the Tenang by-election and after until the matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the Indian community.
"No one should be surprised if this issue prolongs even to the (next) general elections. It will snowball to become the central issue of anger of the Indian community against BN," said the Ipoh Barat parliamentarian.
Muhyiddin, Kulasegaran said further, had missed the point if he thought grievances over the matter could be resolved with his statement that a consensus had allegedly been reached by Indian NGOs that the author of 'Interlok' had no intention of disparaging the Indian community.
"Such clarification or argument is actually missing the real point as no one is questioning the intentions of the author," he said.
azlan"One would think that the meeting would have reached a consensus that the book has hurt the Indian community and that the controversy must be immediately resolved.
"The controversy has dragged on long enough and the federal government should focus on the real questions," Kulasegaran said further.
Among them, he added, were:
- Can such a controversial book be used as a school text book?
- Can it truly promote better racial understanding and forge unity?
- Why can't we just have a textbook that is non-controversial and acceptable to all?
- Why is it so difficult for the education ministry to right an obvious wrong?
Those who argue that the book must be read "in the right context or as a whole" do not understand why the Indian community is angry with and hurt by the inaccuracies and demeaning words found in the book, said Kulasegaran.
"It is disappointing that the federal government cannot even understand the sentiment of the Indian community.

"If the cabinet leaders do understand the sentiment of the Indian community, then they definitely lack the political will and wisdom to resolve the issue." he added.

Najib :Kita an example of thriving democracy.MMSP approved in 2 weeks But HRPs’ application not approved and waiting for 12 years.

logo hrpDear YB,

RE: Najib :Kita an example of thriving democracy.MMSP approved in 2 weeks But HRPs’ application not approved and waiting for 12 years.

We refer to the above matter and to the newsreport in The Star 22/1/11 at page N3 reporting “The emergence of a new political party is a clear indication that democracy in Malaysia is active and vibrant. The prime Minister said it showed anyone could form a political party.

But why has the Human Rights Party’s (HRP) application to be registered as a political party not had been approved despite having waited for twelve (12) long years.

The predecessor of HRP i.e. PRIM’s application for registration way back in 1999 was rejected, some 12 years ago.

HRP’s application was first submitted on 18/6/2009 and the full submission done on 25/11/2010 and duly acknowledged receipt by the Registrar of Societies.

But up to date HRP’s application to be registered as a political party is refused to be approved but “ Kita is a shining example of thriving democracy”.

Another UMNO/BN created political party MMSP had its application approved within two weeks. But why is HRP’s application not been approved despite pending over the last twelve (12) years.

After all Article 8 of the Federal Constitution provides for Equality before the law and Article 12 provides for freedom of association (for HRP to form a political party.)

Kindly therefore approve HRP’s application forthwith and in any event within two weeks from the date hereof.

“Rights not Mercy”

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,



Secretary General(Pro tem)
New Scan-20110122144928-00001

Photos : Malay muslim policemen attack and arrest peaceful Hindus @ Batu Caves Hindu temple Malay-sia.

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‘Interlok’ protesters lodge police report

KUALA LUMPUR: HRP infromation chief S Jayathas, who was arrested for demonstrating against the controversial use of the “Interlok” novel as a school text, has lodged a report against the police for abuse.

Jayathas along with seven others were arrested at Batu Caves for carrying “Say No to Interlok” and “People Don’t Want BN” placards during Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s visit to the Thaipusam celebrations yesterday.

They collectively lodged the report against the police at the Selayang station.

“We have lodged a police report against the police and federal government for misconduct. We lodged the report at 5.45pm, while we were still in custody.

“We were in Batu Caves not to provoke the crowd but to show our disatisfaction against the book and Umno,” said Jayathas when contacted by FMT.

Explaining his police report, Jayathas said the police had publically whacked them on temple grounds eventhough it was a peaceful demonstration.

Makkal Sakthi

He also said another Malay individual who was among the crowd of protesters was also arrested but declined to lodged a joint police report.

“I think maybe he is from the Special Branch,” Jayathas said, adding that they chose Batu Caves to protest because HRP “wanted to show the Indian community the real face of Umno”.

Describing his ordeal in the police station, Jayathas said all eight of them were ordered to take off their shirts and hand them to the officers.

“The police tried to seize the T-shirts that we were wearing. It had the words Makkal Sakthi (people’s power) printed on it.

“When we asked the police what we were being charged with, one of officers said ‘no charge’. They wanted all of us to take off our T-shirts and give it to them.

“They said the shirts were banned in Malaysia because it belonged to Hindraf. But we told them there was no ‘Hindraf’ word on the shirts.

“They kept insisting we take it off, but we refused. They finally relented and allowed us to wear it,” he said, adding that they were released at 11.40pm the same night without charges being filed.

Second post-mortem on custodial death victim

(Malaysiakini) The body of the wireman who was found dead in the Bukit Jalil police station on Jan 7 was officially sent in for its second post-mortem at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)at 12.09pm, after it was re-identified by a younger brother, M Panirselvam, 32.

The hospital's Pathology Unit head Dr K Mathiharen was then given the green light to proceed with the post-mortem on M Krishnan, 37, with the POL61 Form from the police force.
Mathiharen said the process would take six to seven hours.
NONE"We will wait for the outcome of this second post-mortem. But no matter what, we still have an eye-witness to the assaults, and of Krishnan not getting medical treatment while he was still alive and in pain," the family's lawyer N Surendren said.

"I also suggest the home minister himself smells out death-in-custody bodies himself, to see what the police force has done... you won't know the hurt until it hits your family."

He wants the home minister to explain the tortures inflicted on and the deaths of detainees in police custody.

Surendren also said if the on-going post-mortem showed police brutality as the cause of Krishnan's death, he would demand immediate action from the attorney-general.

"If (this is) proven, the family will sue the government of Malaysia and the PDRM. The AG must take immediate action against those involved," he added.

NONEKapar MP S Manikavasagam, who also turned up at the hospital, said Krishnan's body would be taken to the Bukit Jalil police station for prayers on Sunday, before proceeding to the Cheras Crematorium in Kuala Lumpur.

"I warn the police force... do not intimidate or create any problems on Sunday, especially when the family wants to perform prayers for Krishnan at the site inside the Bukit Jalil police station where he was found dead.

"I am warning them not to intimidate anyone or cause problems, such as in Kugan's case before. I believe a lot of people will turn up to give their support for Krishnan. Their job is to just watch the traffic," he said.
Meanwhile, widow P Revathi said she was glad that the second post-mortem was finally taking place.
Post-mortem ends at 3pm
The second post-mortem done on Krishnan ended at approximately 3pm at UMMC today.

Surendren had informed Malaysiakini at 7.30pm that there are several test pending pertaining the post-mortem and Dr Mathiharen will be meeting Revathi on Monday.

“There are several things the doctor wants to discuss with us on Monday at UMMC... So we will have to wait until then,” he said.

NONEKrishnan's body will be claimed by the family members tomorrow as scheduled and all preparations for his cremation are going on as planned.

“On Sunday, as planned, we will bring Krishnan's body to Bukit Jalil police station for prayers and then to the Cheras crematorium in Kuala Lumpur. There are no changes in that,” Surendran added.
Both the police and the attorney-general two days ago allowed the family's request for the second post-mortem, in a settlement recorded before High Court judge Mohd Zabidin Mohd Diah.

The first post-mortem, conducted at HUKM, concluded that complications related to a stomach ulcer was the cause of Krishnan's death.

The family, on the other hand, claims that Krishnan's body was covered with bruises, and also had an open cut on the right abdomen and contusion on the right eye.

PAS put on the spot over Thaipusam promise

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP vice-president M Kulasegaran’s call for Thaipusam to be declared a national holiday may have unwittingly put PAS on the spot.

In a post on his blog yesterday, the Ipoh Barat MP urged the federal government to immediately resolve this “very pressing matter of the community”.

“Thaipusam is the most important day after Deepavali. All Hindus without fail will make it a point to visit temples and offer prayers. It should therefore be declared a national holiday in Malaysia,” he

However, Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang turned the tables on Kulasegaran when he questioned why PAS has yet to declare the festival a public holiday in Kedah.

He reminded him of Pakatan Rakyat’s 2008 election pledge that Thaipusam would be gazetted a public holiday, including in the PAS-governed state of Kedah.

“Unfortunately even after almost three years, Pakatan Rakyat has refused to declare Thaipusam a public holiday for the states it rules like Kedah and Kelantan,” he said.

“Previously it was the BN government that declared it a public holiday in Selangor and Penang.”

“Even if Kedah and Kelantan are predominantly ruled by PAS, there’s no excuse to for Pakatan to renege on their promise. Pakatan cannot continue to issue rhetorical statements. It has to implement those policies in their states.”

Tan expressed his full support for Thaipusam being a national holiday as it is widely celebrated by all Malaysians.

He also shared his observations in Sungai Petani where Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak joined in the celebrations with more than 10,000 people of all races and religions.

“So if DAP is sincere about this issue, I hope it will push the the Pakatan coalition to deliver on its promise and declare Thaipusam a public holiday in all the states under its belt.”

Second post-mortem on custodial death victim