Thursday, March 25, 2010

P. Waytha Moorthy’s Sedition at Court of Appeal. Vindictive UMNOs’ AG directs DPP to do Double Jeopardy. Independent Sessions Judge in Jeopardy.

P. Waytha Moorthy’s Sedition at Court of Appeal. Vindictive UMNOs’ AG directs DPP to do Double Jeopardy. Independent Sessious Judge in Jeopardy.

P. Uthayakumar and his lawyer Manoharan Malayalam were in Court at 8.30 a.m.

At about 10.55 p.m this case was called up. Mr Manoharan Malayalam introduced the other lawyers R. Kengatharan and Gobind Singh Deo who also represented V. Ganabathirao the third accused. Court of Appeal Judge Suriyadi Halim Omar asked why P. Uthayakumar and V. Ganabatirau were in the dock and then remarked that “if they are comfortable in the dock then it is all right”.

Manoharan Malayalam submitted that the appeal papers were not in order as he himself was detained under the ISA on 13/12/2007 when the Notice of Appeal was filed in Court.

Presumably under the vindictive and malicious UMNO Attorney General and the Attorney General’s chambers instructions, Deputy Public Prosecutors (DPP) Hanafiah and Farizul did not want to state their non objections to P. Waytha Moorty and the others appeal. Had the DPP not objected, the appeal would have been allowed and in particular this Second Sedition charge against P. Uthayakumar would come to an end. But it is plain and obvious that this UMNOs’ Attorney General intends Double Jeopardy (punishment twice for the same offence) and in fact Triple Jeopardy in the case of P. Uthayakumar by having served 514 days under the ISA and two more Sedition charges pending and hanging over his head. After all P. Uthayakumar in particular had already served his 514 days (about 1 1/2 years) jail sentence without charge or conviction under the ISA among others also for this Sedition charge (arising from Klang Court and the other from the K.L Court).

This matter was adjourned to 10/5/2010 for Hearing to have the papers in order.

In the interim our thoughts and sympathies lie with Puan Noraida, the former Sessions Court Judge in Klang in 2007 who had heard and merely acted as an Independent Judge who had dismissed the charges against this trio for being groundless further to Section 173(g) of the Criminal Procedure Code. But she was in turn almost immediately thereafter removed from the bench in what we see as retaliation for her non kow-towing to the UMNO ruling elite. She was then prosecuted for an unknown and unheard of criminal offence. UMNOs’ Independence of the Judiciary?

Malay muslim school; tables not according to specifications, whereas Tamil schools – no chairs and tables

Malay muslim school; tables not according to specifications whereas Tamil schools some have no chairs and tables, e.g the Kalaimagal Tamil schools and in most of the 523 Tamil schools in Malaysia.

But the PAS M.P. and Selangor Exco Member Dato Dr. Hassan Ali who highlighted this matter where the school chairs and tables are uneven and not user friendly and all the supposedly multi racial 82 M.Ps’ and 200 over ‘multi-racial’ ADUNs’ of PKR, DAP and PAS, especially their revered “Indian mandore MPs’ and 14 ADUN, would not raise even the very serious issue of no chairs and tables for Tamil schools! UMNOs’ One Malaysia and multi-racial PKR, DAP, and PAS!

When a Pas MP raises issues on malay school, that is okay, but when an Indian raises tamil school issues that is not okay but racism.

This is Malaysian Prime Minister Prime Minister Najib Razak’s One Malaysia.


Mardi gives 136 poor Malay muslim settlers land titles but poor and landless Indians excluded

Mardi gave 136 Malay muslim settlers land titles. The market price of the land is RM 250,000 per acre but it was sold to the poor Malays at RM 22,500 per acre. ( NST 6/3/2010 at page 15 )

The was almost zero such schemes for the poor and landless Indians including even the pre-existing Indian plantation workers that were displaced, from Mardi, Fama, Felda, Risda, Agropolitan ten acre land ownership schemes.


MIC mandores wayang kulit “solution in sight for Kg Railway Indians”

(Malay Mail 8/3/2010 at page 2)

Nothing else needs to be said


PKR Selangor Indian Exco mandore’s four Hindu crematoriums to be built political rhetoric ala MIC

This MIC style PKR Selangor Indian Exco mandore in this latest show time announces for four Hindu crematoriums to be built in Ijok, Sepang, Subang Jaya, and Rawang.

(The Star 4/3/2010 at page N43 and MN 4/3/2010 at page N43)

It would be a start if it was true and done. But to us this is mere Tamil newspaper politics, with no time frame given, and nothing given in writing on the Selangor state government letterhead.

UMNO using their MIC mandores did this kosong political rhetoric for 50 long years. And now PKR’s Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is using his Indian EXCO mandore to do the same old UMNO trick. Why are we surprised? After all Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim was immersed in UMNO for 18 long years, and last being the number 2 in UMNO itself. So this UMNOs’ mandore politics should not be suprising.


No more Indian school headmasters, estimated 99% are malay muslims

Even in the 1960’ the headmasters at the Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Inggeris (NTPES) Tumpat during my time had Mr.Raghavan and subsequently Mr.Harbajan Singh as headmasters.

At our secondary national school we had Mr. Cheah Thang Tuy as our headmaster we had scores of other Indian teachers; Mr.Bani, Mr.Nathan, Mr. Maniam, Ms Kaur, etc. What more non Malay headmasters in the West Coast states and the missionary schools.

But today Indian and other non malay headmasters have dwindled to an estimated 0.1%. This is ethnic cleansing from schools.

All under UMNOs’ racist religious extremist and supremacist policies.

Refer Sinar 24/2/2010 at page 532.


Sivarasa: IGP Musa lied about law degree

PKR selangor Exco mandore’s Ampang Tamil school wayang kulit in Tamil papers

This PKR Selangor Exco mandore plays to the gallery.