Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letter from Waytha from hospital bed..still thinks about Malaysian Indian's justice

The article below was dictated by P.Waytha Moorthy from his bedside at a hospital in London to his wife on March 5, 2009.

After 6 days in the critical coronary care unit I was taken to the ccu ward yesterday evening under anaesthesia. I didn’t even realise where my new bed was. However the next morning when I was woken up about 8am for breakfast by hospital staff, I suddenly realised there were brightness all over. It was only then did I realised that it was the morning sun shining into the ward and I suddenly became excited at the thought of seeing the Sun “again”.

I slowly got out of my bed and dragged myself towards the window. It was a painful walk (my groin area was painful as a result of the procedure) BUT IT WAS WORTH THE AGONY. I SAW THE SUNLIGHT AFTER 6 DAYS. I felt thrilled and missed the outside world but within minutes my conscious thoughts swinged to our Lawyers who are unlawfully incarcerated at Kamunting and their lost of freedom.

A new strength and vigor enthralled me for I am now more than ever keen to get better and get out of this place to continue my work for them and the marginalized Indian community.

My thoughts then went to the 6 Human Beings who were brutally shot dead by our own Royal Malaysian Police Force in Kulim recently. How inhumane has our Police Force become? Many questions crosses my mind especially having read on the witness account that the Police had instructed the neighbour who returned home to get into his house and not come out until instructed.
The account of the neighbour clearly shows that the Police had premeditated intention to kill all the Kulim 6 inside the house but thank god they spared the life of the 4 women.

Who the 4 are and what they have to say remains a mystery and believe me it would be kept away from the public forever. By now I believe the Police would have obtained their “under duress confession” that they are “aware” of the involvement of the Kulim 6 in “armed” robberies.

My memory goes back to the incident many years ago when the Al – Maunah gang stormed into an army camp and robbed them of firearms and grenades and eventually they landed in Bukit Jenalik. Imagine after days of siege of the hill all the culprits were apprehended alive. When that was possible, why not for the Kulim 6?

What prevented the Police from calling for back up and apprehending them alive? I for one do not believe that the Kulim 6 were armed and I sincerely believe the two firearms were planted in the premises. But of course the Police say that they had to shoot in self-defence but why the needs to shoot 6 when only 2 were “allegedly armed”.

Apparently they were involved in the smelting of gold that were obtained by unlawful means. What was the amount that was recovered at the scene and where is the complainant?

By the time our very “Learned” Attorney General instructs an inquest into the case many years would have passed by and the Police would have had all the opportunity to cover their asses’ by then. I say this from my own personal experience of handling many cases involving death in police custody and the unofficial shoot to kill policy.

Believe me during the said inquest the magistrate who would conduct the inquest would collude with the Police. Believe me that the DPP’s appearing at the inquest purportedly representing the Public interest would end up representing the interest of the Police and in one occasion the DPP who was present even openly said that she was representing the Police when she should have been acting in the interest of the Public.

I have even staged a walkout from an inquest in a particular case when an STPM student was shot dead for being “suspected criminal who is an expert in firearms” because it was blatantly clear that the Magistrate was colluding with the Police and Attorney General’s chambers to hide crucial evidence.

Upon my appeal to the High Court for revision of the magistrate’s refusal to follow proper proceedings, The Learned High Court judge, after almost more than 6 months instead of hearing the matter (which is a public interest matter), turned down my application for revision by merely writing a “2 line” reply.

As a result the family had lost confidence that the truth would ever come out of the inquest and had instructed me to withdraw from representing her family. I had no choice but to walk out and the “public inquiry” was happily concluded within the fraternity of the police, Attorney General’s Chambers and the Magistrate.

I know the truth on the brutal murder of the Kulim 6 would never come out and the whole system would conspire to cover the Police who are “RAJA DI MALAYSIA”. I realise the above words are seditious and are not going to help me return to Malaysia but what choice do I have. This is the truth and I have to speak the truth.

With a heavy heart I said my Surya Namaskaram prayers and slowly walked back to my 7x3 bed.

When will ever the truth and justice be upheld in the Malaysian system in the interest of the public???

Can someone please pass my condolences to the families of the Kulim 6 who were killed by the police? I am unsure when this note would reach you guys but I am ever more determined to fully commit myself for the cause of TRUTH and JUSTICE IN


HINDRAF – Chairman