Friday, March 13, 2009

Uthayakumar police report on the false report by KEMTA

I have been saying from day one (31/1/09) to send me to Gleaneagles Private Hospital because the police special branch interferes with Government hospital doctors and doctors medical reports to cover up

I Uthayakumar A/l Ponusammy am making this my third police report in one month. On 3/3/09 I made an official request form to lodge another police report and handed the same to constable Azmi 14178 at 11.30 a.m.

From day one of my left leg injury. I had asked to be taken to Glean eagles private hospital as I had lost confidence in the government hospital doctors whose medical independence are being interfered with by the police special branch to cover up the true and accurate state of my health. The numerous affidavits by these doctors in my High Court case and my two previous police reports dated 4/2/09 and 6/2/09 made through my family and myself is evidence.

This government hospital doctors independence being compromised have happened to scores of my clients over my nineteen years of legal practice. The latest and clearest example being that of A. Kugan who was beaten to death in a police lock up. The first post mortem report states the cause of death as lung congestion but a more independent and after public pressure post mortem report states injuries as beaten to death and acknowledging the badly bruised body. But to divert attention away from my Gleaneagles Hospital request, the Home minister directs the Kemta Prison Director to lodge a false police report against my family, instead if at all against me.

The New Straits Times sub head lines “ Uthayakumar refused treatment, medicine 18 times” (NST 3/3/09 at page 22) I believe is based on the false police report of the Kemta Prison director and/or the false media statement by the Prison Department.

I wish to state here that from the day I was arrested and detained here on 13/12/07 up to the day of this my police report, I have been taking my diabetic tablets and the other medication expect when the same was denied to me by the Kemta Prison authorities in early 2008 to prove this I invite the police to come to my prison block in Kemta Prison @ Malaysia’s Guantanamo Bay to check for themselves, verify, and confirm the hundreds of diabetic and other medicine empty shells. The police must also check and verify the Prison station diary of my requesting for my medicine supply every week. In fact as late as 3/2/09 my random blood sugar (nonfasting) taken at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital was 9.3 which only confirms that I have been taking my diabetes medication.

Since July 2008, I have refused to be treated by a government hospital for the aforesaid reasons except when there was an emergency on three occasions last month.

In any event I could not have refused medical treatment 18 times as stated in the aforesaid newsreport because my follow up check ups are only once in about three months.

Despite five weeks of my sustaining this my leg injury, the uneven road surface and potholes which caused my injuries has never been repaired. The uneven pavement in the convicted prisoners block I have been thrown in from the ISA block has never been leveled up and neither have I been taken out of this convicted prisoners block and returned to the ISA block.

The sugar added bread supplied to me is without a label, the contents name and address of the maker not stated. AN offence committed daily in the heart of Kemta Prison? I am sure all these atrocities committed here does not even happen in Guantanamo Bay. I urgently invite the police to move in and confiscate these packets of bread before the evidence is wiped out.

Up to this day I once again report that sugar is added to my food as part of the bulk Malay food where sugar is added as a matter of course. Up to date I am still not given a diabetic diet and the Home Minister does not care. I can’t help but to think that the Home Minister and the Government of Malaysia is trying to kill me in Prison for political reasons.

On 2/3/2009 I had showed DSP Marzuki, Sargeant Nashirudidn and UKP Aswad my still swollen and blackening left leg and they all agreed that the same is still swollen and blackening. I did not even speak to Dr. Wong who was standing around because of the aforesaid reasons.

At Gleaneagles, provided the police and government authorities do not interfere, I also want my new found silent heart attack condition (hypokinetic) while in prison to be checked. I also need Specialist, Cardiologist and Consultant Physician opinion whether I need to start taking also aspirin and high blood pressure medication arising out of the depressive prison conditions.

Despite numerous police reports and letters to the Home Minister and government hospitals, I have been denied my medical reports clinical notes and test results. Still thinking how best to cover up?

On the fifth week of my injury my left foot is still swollen, blackening and has lost most of its sense of touch. I feel almost numb on this injured toe.

I urgently need my heart check up as I seem to have symptoms of indigestion and discomfort in my chest.

At Gleaneagles I want the daily medical reports and clinical notes given to me to prove that the government has not interfered with their independence.

Should anything happen to me in prison the Home Minister and the Government of Malaysia is responsible.

Uthayakumar A/L Ponnusamy
Kamunting Report No. 969/09
Dated 4/3/2009

Attached are the handwritten report of the above, personnal made by Hindraf Lawyer P. Uthayakumar.

As usual the Home Minister and Umno lead govt official will lie through the teeth.

Let us pass this message across on the real truth and seek justice for the leader whom sacrifes life for the betterment of community.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi



Resolution for the Bar Council's AGM (in Tamil)

Hi all,
This the plan resolution that will be brought in by Lawyer Manogar during the next Bar Council AGM planned next week.
It is a clear resolution align with law and constituition.
Do click the picture attached for larger view.
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