Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Uthayakumar: Actor not Anwar Ibrahim. Conspiracy to politically assassinate Anwar Ibrahim as opposition’s rallying figure. But no compromise on Indian poor.

On 29/4/2011 P. Uthayakumar received an envelope by air mail post in his letter box. The white colour envelope had five stamps with the picture of the Thai King and bearing post mark “Suam Phlu” and an Air Mail Sticker .

P. Uthayakumar was puzzled with his full name and address on the envelope as none of his friends have the same information though they know where he lives.
Having watched the video Uthayakumar was disgusted with the level of gutter politics played by UMNO and their Police Special Branch.

“We can relate to Anwar Ibrahim’s predicament as the Hindraf lawyers have similarly been falsely alleged to have links with the LTTE when they had zero such links using the UMNO controlled print and electronic media.”

Uthayakumar said he viewed the CD and felt it was not Anwar Ibrahim. On 1/5/2011 nine other Hindraf and HRP activists viewed the said CD and were all also convinced that the actor was not Anwar Ibrahim.

“This level of gutter politics is not known in any other part of the world, is undemocratic and must forthwith stop. This escalating attacks on Anwar to kill him of politically as he is the rallying figure for Opposition parties vis a vis B.N’s continuing to rule Malaysia. We may be moving in direction of breakdown of law and order with this level of abuse of powers.”

“If need be the UN Human Rights Council can investigate as we have no confidence in local police, Attorney General, Malaysian Courts, Chemistry Department, Civil servants independently and impartially investigating this matter.”

“We would be sending this C.D to Prime Minister Najib Razak’s office with the message to stop this level of gutter politics and an apology to Hindraf for falsely alleging our LTTE links to justify the arrest of Hindraf lawyers for 514 days under ISA on 13/12/2007.”

“We have no confidence in the police investigating their own crime and the Malaysian Courts. We have never got Justice for example in the Kg Medan racial attacks targeted against the Indian poor where five Indian poor were killed and 100 over others were caused grievous bodily injuries killed in police custody and by police shooting dead the Indian poor and with the latest trend being police arresting “kidnapping” and the eventual disappearance in thin air of for example Bangsar Shan and the five Indian youths in Seri Kembangan.”

In the LTTE allegation case against Hindraf, while the High Court dismissed Uthayakumar’s civil suit against Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail, ex IGP Musa Hassan and the UMNO led Malay-sian government the Court of Appeal to add insult to injury after dismissing Uthayakumar’s civil suit then slapped a RM 20,000 cost as punishment in trying to clear his name from the false LTTE allegations. So where is Justice in the 98% Malaysian muslim dominated Courts?”

“And in all the other tens of public interest civil suits right up to the apex Federal Court had dismissed all our civil suits except Uthayakumar’s unlawful detention civil suit and Ahmad Sarip’s killing in police custody which the AG has appealed to the Court of Appeal and most likely would be dismissed. We are yet to be awarded a single cent in compensation. It is therefore plain and obvious that Justice has not only not been done but manifestedly and undoubtedly not been seen to be done.”

“Be that as it may we will continue pointing out the acts of racism targeted at the Indian poor by both UMNO/BN and also by Anwar Ibrahim, PKR, DAP, PAS, NGOs’ and the Malaysian civil society.”

Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.