Thursday, March 12, 2009

Syed Albar lies through his teeth again !!!

It is so unbecoming of a Home Minister who has no account of accountability and transparency in the interest of public by claiming that P.Waythamoorthy had returned his passport to the High Commission in London.

It is a well known fact that based on a written instruction from the Malaysian authorities on March 14, 2008, the British government had retained P.Waythamoorthy’s passport on his return from Geneva on April 21, 2008.

It is also another fact that the Malaysian authorities had written to the UK government on July 2, 2008 to return the retained passport to them. Please see attached the letter from UK Border Agency.

These are factual events, not some unsubstantiated story telling to hoodwink the public. HINDRAF challenges the Home Minister to produce evidence to substantiate his claims rather than spinning the truth of the matter to the public.

Further, the Home Minister insinuates that "Despite returning his passport, he is still the citizen although he claims otherwise”

P.Waythamoorthy has never claimed to be otherwise, and has always maintained to be a loyal Malaysian but forcefully prevented from returning to Malaysia for fear of unlawful persecution by the Malaysian authorities.

These lies are blatant arrogance of the Home Minister against a Malaysian citizen.

Bearing his precarious medical condition, the Malaysian government should show their humanitarian side for once in allowing him to recuperate with his family and love ones under the following conditions;

1. The Malaysian government to issue a new Malaysian passport to replace the revoked passport to P.Waythamoorthy and this to be made available for him or his representative to collect from the Malaysian High Commission in London.
2. The Malaysian government guarantees the safe return of P.Waythamoorthy to allow him to recuperate with his family members and loved ones.
3. The Malaysian government guarantees that P.Waythamoorthy will not be subjected to any arrest, harassment or charges upon his return including under those under ISA.
4. The Malaysian government’s assurance and guarantee that he will be allowed to return to London for follow up checks and possible further operations.
5. Lastly, the Malaysian government’s unconditional guarantee that his life will be protected from any form of persecution upon his return and no harm shall befall him.

Thank you

R. Shan
(Hindraf – New York)
ps.. pls enlarge the attached letter to see details.