Monday, October 18, 2010

Police will not prosecute murderers of schoolgirl Divya Bharathi Murali (16) raped and murdered. (See NST 17/10/10 page 3)

Some ten years ago an Indian school girl Mellisa Odery of Convent Bukit Nanas was similarly raped and murdered. Her murderers were never seriously investigated nor the murderer prosecuted by Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail simply because she was an Indian victim. So was the case of dozens of other Indians.

The Polis Raja Di Malay-sia also did not seriously investigate and the Attorney General did not prosecute the murderers of Varsha (12) who was murdered in Kuala Lumpur in the middle of this year and scores of such other murder cases involving Indian victims for example Johor MIC Deputy Chief Dato’ Krishnasamy in 2006, Dato Annamalai, MIC elected State Assemblyman Dr.Joe Fernandez and even many others.

Bangsar Shan was kidnapped, handcuffed by a group of policemen and is believed to have been murdered.

All because the victims were all merely Malaysian Indians, who do not deserve Justice under the Malay-sian sun?

When state Assemblyman Dato Taha was murdered even a serving Minister Dato Mokhtar Hashim was prosecuted for murder even in 1984. Then Mona Fandey and two others were sentenced to death for the murder of another UMNO elected State Assemblyman.

And the lates being the swift murder charges for the murder of Dato Susilawati and three other Malay muslims.

UMNO Malay-sia has become so racist that it matters even what ethnicity the murder victim is.


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10 killed in stampede at Indian temple

(CNN) -- At least 10 people were killed and as many others injured in a stampede that broke out during a ritual at a Durga temple in Bihar, India, the nation's official Doordarshan news agency reported Sunday via the Indian government's website.

The stampede broke out Saturday night, the news agency said, at the temple in Bihar's Banka district during the "Navrati" festival, one of the most celebrated festivals of the Hindu calendar.

More than 45,000 devotees were at the temple to offer prayers and sacrifice goats when the stampede occurred, officials told Doordarshan. A portion of the sacrificed goat's body fell on some people, creating a scare that led to the stampede, according to the report.

"Ten deaths have been confirmed so far, while four are stated to be in critical condition," District Magistrate Aadesh Chitarmare told the news agency.