Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don’t Make Mountains Over Mole Hills

By Muralitharan - 
Mohd Amin - Al-Maunah Leader
Racism seems to be stirring Malaysia badly where it is the day after day talk of the town. Every single disaster involving different ethnics is being manipulated as a racist agenda by many.

The recent ghastly murders of cosmetic entrepreneur Dato Sosilawati and her three aides have sparked anger among Malays. Abusive words such as kelling, paria, India bodoh and so on have been bashed to the Indian community here.

Internet blogs and social network pages are created in quest of righteousness for the deceased but abusive and vulgar expressions towards the Indians are posted instead. These pages and blogs have followers whom are Malays, numbering in tens of thousands.

This is an act of immaturity and it is not Malaysian culture.

Non Malays have been tolerant and respecting the Malay culture for decades. There were a string of brutal murders where the killers were Malays but the peace loving non Malays respected the law and left the fate of the killers to the hands of the Malaysian judiciary.

Al-Maunah members charged in court

In July 2000 Al Maunah, a Malay extremist group cruelly murdered two non Malays hostages one detective corporal Saghadevan from the Royal Malaysian Police Special Branch and another Royal Malaysian Army personnel Trooper Matthews Anak Medan. The duo were tortured to death without mercy by this group. The Indians and the Sarawakians did not make this a racial issue.

On June 14th 2003, IT analyst Canny Ong Lay Kian was rapped, stabbed and torched to death by aircraft cleaning supervisor Ahmad Najib Aris but the Chinese community did not turn this rape cum murder into a racial setback.

Weeks before the murder of the cosmetic tycoon and her assistants, the cold blooded murders of two Indian security guards by their Malay colleague due to a small misunderstanding also did not spark any racial sentiment from the Indian society.

These are only a few examples of cruel murders by Malay perpetrators and they were proven guilty by the judiciary system and sent to the gallows. The non Malays did not rent and rave against the Malays.

This is indeed evidence of patience and tolerance by the non Malays.

In the case of the aesthetic products magnate and her assistants, those detained are only SUSPECTS and not proven guilty by the court of law. This raises doubts from minorities in Malaysia of the unnecessary ruckus and rage by the Malays.

Although their action are believed to be politically provoked, Malays should restrain themselves from being the cause of any unwanted incidents in the name of race and religion which can possibly lead to further damage of this nation.

This nation has been blessed with serenity and harmony for eons. Please do not be the sacrificial sheep or a tool to malevolence plan by some politically inclined perpetrators with their motive to disrupt our unity for their political gains.

So, please stop crafting mountains over a mole hill.