Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our prediction that the Maika Holdings repayment of a Ringgit for a Ringgit is a lie is proving itself out now . Today is 2nd of May 2010 – where is the buyout offer by the White Knight? No signs of it at all.

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We made the following prediction on the 23rd of April 2010 about the lie of GT resources/MIC/and their puppetmaster UMNO that GT resources making the buyout offer of all the Maika shares by the 1st of May 2010 in the article titled “Hulu S’gor: Why does GT resources have to bail out MAIKA Holdings, why not the BN Government themselves as in all the previous bailouts like the Deposit Taking Co-operatives,Bank Rakyat, MAS, Syarikat Perkapalan.Bank Bumi, Renong etc. And why is there no written commitment about any of the offer yet – why only press statements” -April 23, 2010 in these same columns.

Let me quote the pertinent section from that article:

“In any case, we do not think that the GT resources will make the offer on the 1st of May 2010 to buy back the shares from MAIKA shareholders. This is a Hulu Selangor Election gimmick. Just you wait and see. This is no more than gimmick. If this is not so, then can they issue a legally binding document to this effect, but they do not. Either the MAIKA Holding Management to its shareholders and put it up on the website or from GT resources to MAIKA holdings and put it out on the MAIKA website. They will surely not do this as we see this as just a pre-election gimmick.

Also we do not think that the shareholders will get their cheques by the 31st of July 2010 as Gnanalingam is assuring . All this is just to simply delude. There is no firm commitment to any of these schedules. This is exactly what we have seen all these 52 years from the MIC/UMNO/BN politicians. Just the same theatrics.”

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Today is the 2nd of May 2010 and what do we have – a deafening silence – that’s all. Where is the buyout offer so promised by GT resources. I am sure they will have some silly excuse . Here is yet another prediction, today the 2nd of May 2010, we predict that if the MIC/UMNO colluding combine ever do come out with an offer, there will be another breach of their promise of a Ringgit for a Ringgit buyout, the repayment to the shareholders will be less than a Ringgit, and the cheques will not reach the shareholders by the 31st of July 2010 that they have promised.

Again the MIC/UMNO combine cheats the poor Indians. This seems to be an unending saga. Only the Indians themselves can end this treachery, by booting UMNO/MIC completely out of power.


MIC deputy mandores more empty promises wayang kulit of kg Railway Indian settlers problem solved

MIC deputy mandores more empty promises wayang kulit of kg Railway Indian settlers problem solved (see UM 1/5/10 at page 27)
We have heard, read and noted these sort of promises many many times before on the same issue but nothing substantial forthcoming. Let us see what happens on this latest dateline of 16/05/2010.
Previously this very same MIC Indian mandore deputy minister has complained that (even) the YTL developer had refused to meet him when he is supposed to be the Deputy Wilayah Minister.
Because YTL knows that this MIC mandore deputy minister is a mere mandore without powers and that only UMNO Minister and Deputy Minister have the real powers.

PKR,DAP and PAS Selangor gets highest industrial projects in Malaysia but abandons Indians (SH 1/5/10 at page S3)

pkr selangor Khalid


PKR, DAP and PAS Selangor refuse to solve Tamil School basic flood problem.

PKR, DAP and PAS Selangor refuse to solve Tamil School basic flood problem.
But media propaganda otherwise. (See SH 1/5/10 at page S19

Jugra Tamil School

Indian denied Council shop lots.

Indian denied Council shop lots, HRP Padang Serai Chief Siva leads protest.
(See Makkal Osai 1/5/10 page 20)

Indian deaths during WW2

It has been estimated by historians that approximately 40,000 Indians died fighting during WW2 in Malaya, and in building the Death Railway to Myanmar. 18,000 Indian Malayans and a few hundred Malays were part of the Indian National Army to overthrow the British alongside 30,000 Indian PoWs who joined the INA too. Their tale is also forgotton. Only the Umno tale is remembered and paraded by their politicians as ‘history’ to augment their positions and claims.

Another approximately 30,000 Indians died due to disease and starvation throughout Malaya. Another 30,000 Chinese died due to Japanese killings and starvation in Malaya and Singapore, and 2,000 Chinese died fighting just before the fall of Singapore.

There were no compensation and care for the dead and their families. Many of the dependents of those who died were left destitude and many led the life of beggars all though the 50s, 60s, 70s, which beggars we have all seen, and by the early 80s they all died. Today there are hardly Indian beggars on the streets.

It is quite correct to state that the Indians and Chinese led in the fight for independence, taking up arms first against the Japanese, then the British. It was at this time during the war that the MIC was established, before the MCA and Umno. It was later that the Malays ‘struggled’ against the British in ‘demanding terms’, which intransigence that really led to postponement of independence to 1957, when we could have obtained it in 1946. Malay struggle really began shortly before the Malayan Union, in 1946. Prior to that it was restricted to social upliftment activist societies, not really a ‘rebellion’, neither against the Japanese nor the British. Whereas the Chinese and Indians did the fighting and killing of the Japanese and British during WW2. There is no record of Malay uprisings against the Japanese and British during this period except for the Malays who served in the Malayan Communist Party and the Indian National Army which was formed in Malaya. Those Malays were the other real freedom fighters and heroes.

This entire episode of our history was not only forgotton but the postwar lamentable condition of the Indians were sneered at. The Indian community was neglected and handicapped right from the end of WW2. And then for a second time again after 1957 where they were discriminated against and marginalised when the saving provisions in the constitution were ignored, and later hastened by the NEP.

“There were 45,000 Indian troops from Malaya captured and assembled in Singapore when the Japanese captured it. Of these, about 5,000 refused to join the First INA. The INA at this time had 40,000 recruits. The Japanese were prepared to arm 16,000. When the “first INA” collapsed, about 4,000 withdrew. The Second INA, commanded by Subhash Chandra Bose, started with 12,000 troops. Further recruitment of ex-Indian army personnel added about 8,000-10,000. About 18,000 Indian civilians enlisted during this time. In 1945, at the end of the INA, it consisted of about 40,000 soldiers.[15]”

“About 180,000 Asian labourers and 60,000 Allied prisoners of war (POWs) worked on the railway. Of these, around 90,000 Asian labourers and 16,000 Allied POWs died as a direct result of the project. The dead POWs included 6,318 British personnel, 2,815 Australians, 2,490 Dutch, about 356 Americans and a smaller number of Canadians.[1]“

Racist mainstream and alternative Malaysian print and electronic media refuse to cover Indian victims shot dead by police and critical Indian problems deemed because not newsworthy.

All the newspapers hereinbelow rightly carried in their headlines today on
the 15 year old school boy Aminul rasyid shot dead and killed by police as

1. Back to cops (NST 1/5/10)
2. Ready for inquest (star 1/5/10)
3. Musa,tinjau lokasi tembakan (UM 1/5/10)
4. Kertas siasatan ditolak (BH 1/5/10)
5. Inkues (SH 1/5/10)

Our condolences to Aminnul rasyid’s family We mean no disrespect to the
grieving family.

These print and electronic media including the alternative media, Malaysia today and bloggers should stop being racist and
should also cover Indian victims shot dead killed in police lock ups the
other atrocities on the Indian victims and the critical indian problems as
the Indians too are Malaysians.

Malaysia is about the only country in the world where racism involving
even the media takes place to this extent.We can only say that UMNOs’
racism has spilled over to these mainstream and also the alternative
media including “our” or news worthiness on an
injustice has evolved to become race based but which rightly should have
been based on the gravity and severity of the injustices or the

Just three weeks ago two Indian brothers were shot dead by the Police
Special Action Force shoot to kill squad in Taiping Perak and there
are at least three eye witnesses to this police murder but the pin
drop silence both the mainstream and also the alternative media.The reporter was present at the protest funeral a la Gaza
but their editors refused to carry the news as the victims were
“merely” the indians.

In November 2009,five months ago five Indian youths were similarly
shot dead by the police in Klang S elangor.In one family home alone
there were three coffins lying side by side.Imagine the parents and
families grief .But the mainstream and alternative media did not care
to report these injustices let alone giving the same headlines

The fourth victim’s sister could not bear the pain of the grief and
commited suicide by consuming paraquat. Luckily her four young children
who were also given paraquat survived but are most likely to suffer
kidney failure and other medical complication etc in the near future.But
in both these and hundreds of such serious human rights violations
concerning the Indian they do not catch even the by lines let alone the

But again the mainstream media and the so called alternative media
including refuse to cover based on the gravity and
seriousness basis as the victims are “merely”the Indians.
The western media on the contrary in fact bends backwards to
aggressively cover their minorities as the majority would will somehow
be taken care of.

Ever noticed the large number of Indian reporters from both side of the
local media divide but who also choose”conveniently” to side step
atrocities against Indian victims as they too have to play to the
Chinese,malay and native “gallery”!

But when we point out all this racism,we in turn get labelled as
racist,extremist and ethno centric.While the mainstream media preaches
One Malay-sia ,the alternative media claims to be multi racial!
This mainstream and alternative media omission has caused this
disproportionate 95% of the police shot dead and being killed in
police custody(local) victims to be Indians in the years 2009/2010
when they only form only 8% of the population and the scores of other
atrocities against the Indians who are seen as soft targets by the
UMNO regime.

The spin off of this media racism is the opposition parties PKR,DAP
and PAS top leaders,their MPs’ and ADUNS’ including their Indian
Mandores also side step these critical Indian issue as they do not get
to play to the majoritarian Malay,Chinese and natives political
gallery who form 92% of the voters.

No or very little media coverage they get on even the most serious
Indian issues turns out to be “no incentive” for them to champion the
critical Indian problems though they otherwise swear to be supposedly
multi-racial or one Malay-Sian.They losing Malay votes may be another

Lim Guan Eng is a liar and he must resign as the Chief Minister for the lies he is telling the people and for the hounding and brutalization of the poor in Penang.

“Possibly the developer has to remove the ranches because they were blocking the access to the project site,” said Lim. This is what Lim Guan Eng said when asked why the cow pens of kampung Buah Pala had to be demolished by the developer on the 28th of April 2010.
This is a terrible lie, a terrible, terrible lie.
Look at the map of the project site and the location of the cow pens below. What access is being blocked by the cow pens. Can someone tell, please.
The cow pens do not block the development site at all. The cow pens are clear out of the development area or are not in the way of the access road either.
Lim is just brutalising the Indian poor families there. He takes such a cavalier attitude because he is a nothing but a chauvinist, opportunist politician who does not care for the poor in general and the Indian poor in specific. He just wants to take care of his developer friends. And if it means destroying some Indian poor , so what?
That is the kind of Chief Minister we have now in Penang.
We do not need a lying, opportunistic and cruel Chief Minister.
He must resign for lying ,for brutalising the poor and for promoting the interests of his developer friends.