Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nationwide Paurnami Prayers for P.Waytha and P.Uthaya health recovery

Hi all,

As most of knew by now, both the key Hindraf leaders are sick and need urgent medical attention.

These 2 souls have sacrified life for the betterment of Malaysian Indians all these while and been living in a very disturbing condition now.

P.Uthaya suffers in the detention under draconian ISA and added with less medical attention and with "silent killing" methodology approach by UMNO lead government.

Whereas Hindraf Chairman whom self exile in London is currently bed ridden due to his heart complication. His heart condition worsen from the day he left the nation and been extermely stressing himself alone while doing the international lobby to highlight and pledge by the minority Malaysian Indians.

Let us all join in the prayers or do a simple pooja at every home for these souls whom fighting their life to ensure our life and next generation's life goes better.

Below are some of the temples that conducting prayers on 10th March 2009, 7.00 pm onwards:-

1. Kuil Sri Karpaga Vinayagar

Sg Gandis, Kg Jawa, Klang, Selangor

2. Kuil Sri Durga Ambal

Kuala Lukut, Port Dickson, Ng. Sembilan

Contact Person - Mr Sivam 019 662 1948

3. Kuil Subramaniar

Jalan Kerling, Kerling, Perak

Other temples and prayers are;

1. Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman

Kamunting, Taiping, Perak

13 March 2009, 7 pm

Pls do arrange more prayers and light up the agal vilaku.

Do contact Admin.Hindraf@gmail.com to post the details.



Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

ps. read more news at our websites on the latest health condition of both leaders.