Friday, December 25, 2009

Hindraf's ex-treasurer fumes over request for accounts - Malayskiakini

Former Hindraf treasurer K Vasanthakumar is up in arms over a demand for the movement to open up its accounts for scrutiny by P Waythamoorthy's lawyers.

Accounting firm Padmarajah & Co have been tasked by legal firm Kumar, Hashimah & Co acting on behalf of the Hindraf chairperson to look into the status of the accounts.

Waythamoorthy had recently sent a letter of demand to Vasanthakumar and three others, asking them to retract statements they made, imputing that he swindled money meant for Hindraf's cause.

hindraf pc 241209 k vasanthakumarBesides Vasanthakumar (right), V Ganabatirao, DAP Sungkai assemblyperson A Sivanesan and Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy were told that if they refused to retract their statements and issue an apology, he would sue them.

A fuming Vasanthakumar said: "I'm the sole owner of Hindraf Enterprise with a single bank account in RHB bank in my name. Padmarajah & Co have no business meddling into the accounts of Hindraf Enterprise."

Vasanthakumar explained that he held Hindraf Enterprise's accounts until Dec 13, 2007 when he was detained under the Internal Security Act for 18 months.

"Monies collected after that should be revealed by the 10 coordinators appointed by Wathamoorthy," said Vasanthakumar at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

'Waytha playing a Tom and Jerry game'

hindraf pc 241209 k vasanthakumar, v ganabatirao, v papparaiduGanabatirao who was also at the press conference said: "Waythamoorthy is playing a Tom and Jerry game.

"We've asked him to account for the money collected by his appointed coordinators for the five detainees' families numerous times."

Waythamoorthy recently also sent another letter of demand to Ganabatirao's brother Papparaidu demanding that Papparaidu return RM50,000 belonging to Hindraf.

Ganabatirao said the RM50,000 was used to post bail for Hindraf's legal advisor P Uthayakumar when he was detained by the police prior to the latter's ISA arrest. It does not belong to Hindraf as it came from other sources, he added.

"Did he (Waythamoorthy) send similar letters to the coordinators that he appointed, such as S Jayathas and RS Thanenthiran?" asked Ganabatirao.

He also questioned how Padmarajah & Co, can claim to act on behalf of a banned organisation.

NONEOn the same note, he demanded Waythamoorthy (right) to disclose the full details of the money collected on behalf of the Hindraf 5's families after their ISA arrest.

"Failure to do so would force me to lodge a report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission," he threatened.

He said Hindraf coordinators made massive collections through fund raising dinners and the sale of Hindraf paraphernalia in the name of the families but not a single cent was given to them.

"Now they claim it is in Hindraf's accounts," he said.

In addition, he also wants Waythamoorthy, who is currently in London, to return the RM110,000 that was collected by Papparaidu and banked into the account of Kumar Hashimah & Co on Dec 18, 2007.

He said Papparaidu would ensure that the money is given to the families of the Hindraf detainees.

Meanwhile, when contacted yesterday, Sivanesan asked for proof as to when Waythamoorthy was appointed or elected as Hindraf chairperson.

He also faxed a letter to Kumar Hashimah & Co asking for documentary evidence that Hindraf is a registered organisation.


by Mydin Kutty - 5 hours ago

Hoorah finally the truth is coming out from the mouth of the crooks. all the while they accused waytha of swindling the money. Now that waytha is taking the legal steps and appointing the accountants, looks like they are shivering. well coupled with the civil suit these crooks would be jammed. Now let the public know who are the real crooks. If vasantha kumar can admit he is the sole owner of Hindraf Enterprise then the onus and responsibility is on him. The intelligent would be able to differentiate between what is pure gold and gold covering. Hindraf and its leaders are pure. The crooks are being cornered legally now. I think they are panicking.

by concern citizen - 6 hours ago

Dei madaya Vasamthakumar, if ur solely represent Hindraf enterprise. and ur the treasurer for Hindraf, than ur the culprit of swindle the money. ur the one supposed to show the account and ur should take accountability of these money. why should wathamoorthy answer for this. he sound like damn stupid right. hahahahahah

by Bozuka - 11 hours ago

As explained by Vasanthakumar he was operating the account and he is the signatory of this account. As such the onus lies with Vasanthakumar and NOT Waythamoorthy to account for every single cent collected under Hindraf account. Rao if you want to implicate Thanenthiran please go ahead. Sivanesan you need to account for the monies collected at Perai, Padang Serai and Kulim under the name of Hindraf ISA detainees’ family monthly expenses. I’m sure your memory is coming back now

by ND2817 - 11 hours ago

Dei DAP mandors, where is the receipt for the fund collected by you peanut brainees from Paya Besar Karumariamman Temple for the Hindraf 5 families...You DAP mandores promised to post the receipt after bank in..On that event, all the DAP manores & konco konconya were present themselves to the temple..DAP big ass mandore Ramasamy, DAP mandore Kula, DAP ganabathirau's wife & brothers, local DAP mandore Neelamekan....

by Raja Rajan - 12 hours ago

Finally v can declare the 'Comical Characters of the Year 2009' - T.Magan Vasanthakumar, P.Magan Ganabatirau and Madayan Sivanesan. Vaayai Koduttu Soottai Punnaakuvathu . . . Ithu thaanda, madayargala. If Sivanesan thinks Waythamoorthy was never elected or appointed by anyone as Hindraf chairman, then he should not have rode on the Hindraf-inspired Makkal Sakti wave in the last general election to register his first ever electoral success after series of flops. Vasanthakumar and Ganabatirau can dream on to hijack Hindraf or Indian masses. One needs talent to lead a community. Both severely lack it.