Monday, January 31, 2011

An analysis of the Tenang by –elections from the Indian perspective.

Here is an initial analysis of the Indian votes in Tenang:
Total Indians voted1104694
Indian votes for BN550555
Indians voted for PR554144
This analysis is very telling.
1) What BN got in 2008, it was able to defend in 2011.
2) PR lost support of almost 400 Indian voters 2008- 2011.
3) But that did not mean BN got those lost votes. These Indian voters very smartly just abstained from voting either PR or BN– they just stayed home on a rainy day. The rains make more difference to them than either BN or PR.
Now, playing HRP and HINDRAF into this Tenang election could produce a picture like this –
1) 90%,of the Indians would have come out to vote if HRP/Hindraf were a factor in this election- in spite of the rain.
2) That will be 1500 voters who would have voted.
3) All those who abstained would very likely have voted HRP/HINDRAF.
4) That is already about 950 voters.
5) Then add about half those who voted BN vote for HRP, that will be another 275.
6) That makes for a total of 1,200 votes.
7) A swing of over 1000 votes would have occurred.
8) If PR takes HRP as its equal partner then all these votes would have gone to PR.
9) The margin here would not have been 3707, it would have been 1707.
All fthe above does not even consider the “oomph” factor that HINDRAF/HRP would have introduced into this election, hed they been a factor.
Does PR have the vision to see where HRP/HINDRAF stands or will they foolishly keep repeating that the HINDRAF factor is all but lost.
Clearly there is a serious leadership vacuum for the Indians that only HRP and HINDRAF can fill . No amount of screwing around this idea by PR or anyone else is going to help PR in the least. Getting to Putrajaya seems to be an increasingly receding vision for PR, the more they screw around. Latest, is their attempt to get Surendran on their side. Did that help? They still lost Indian support, big time,in Tenang.
What we see increasingly in these by elections is a sample from which to conclude about what could happen in a General Election. If PR wants to get to Putrajaya there is no alternative for them but to sit down and hammer out a deal with HRP/HINDRAF, before the window shuts

Best Regards

Police Report against the Minister of Education of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin Yassin for including the book ‘Interlok’ into the SPM curriculum 30th Jan 2011

I N.Ganesan i/c # 510725715223 would like to make this Police Report against the Minister of Education of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin Yassin for including the book ‘Interlok’ written by Abdullah Hussain into the SPM curriculum for the Malay Literature subject. This book contains demeaning and degrading statements about the Indian community. This whole book has a very subtle sense of disrespect and disregard for the feelings of the Indian community and is in my opinion intended to remind us Indians in Malaysia that we are still “pendatangs” and we should be grateful to the UMNO Government for allowing us citizenship in Malaysia. This is in gross violation of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

Let me quote some of the offensive and demeaning statements in the book:

In page 211

Mereka yang dari arah ke utara sedikit bercakap bahasa Malayalam atau Telugu, tetapi hampir semuanya tahu bahasa Tamil. Malayalam dan Telugu pun berasal dari satu rumpun bahasa Dravidia. Satu perkara besar yang membuatkan mereka senang berkaul adalah kerana mereka tergolong dalam satu kasta Paria.

Also in page 211

Mereka tidak perlu takut akan mengotori sesiapa kalau bersentuhan.

In page 218

Maniam seperti orang India yang lain, tidak pernah khuatir tentang keselamatan isterinya.

Also in page 218

Dia gembira hidup di negeri ini kerana untuk pertama kali dalam hidupnya dia berasa dirinya sebagai manusia seperti orang lain.

In pages 218 and 219

Disini dia tidak sahaja bebas bercampur gaul dengan orang lain sama sebangsanya, malah dia tidak takut dengan pantang larang yang terdapat di negaranya apabila seorang India daripada kasta rendah menyentuh orang India daripada kasta tinggi.

In page 219

Di negeri ini, orang daripada keturunan kasta tinggi, kasta Brahma memakai punul yang

melintang di tubuh, tetapi dia tidak takut menyentuh orang itu

Dia boleh membeli barang daripada penjaja dengan memberikan wang dari tangan ke tangan; tidak seperti seperti di negaranya, dia mesti meletakkan wang itu di suatu tempat dan penjaja itu akan menyiram wang itu dengan air sebelum diambil dan dimasukkan ke dalam petinya.

In page 220

Apatah pula lembu ialah binatang suci bagi orang Hindu; dan kalau binatang itu mati, seperti ibunya sendiri yang mati.

In page 224

Tidak makan tengah hari tidak mendatangkan masalah, asalkan dia dapat mengunyah

sirihnya seperti lembu atau kambing memamah biak

In page 229

Setelah menjalani beberapa upacara yang meletihkan, maka pesta perkhawinan Maniam dan Malini pun berakhir.

In page 253

Dia gertak sahaja, orang kulit hitam ini tentu takut kecut

In page 256

Suppiah menerpa ke hadapan dan sujud di kaki orang putih…… Lantas, dia menendang

Suppiah. Suppiah terjungkir.

It is not just these statements but also the overall sense that this book projects that I find totally objectionable. Making it a compulsory text for the SPM Malay Literature language inspite of clear disapproval from the Indian community tantamounts to sedition on the part of the Minister of Education according to the Seditions Act.

1) Section 3.1.e which states that seditious tendency is “A “seditious tendency” is a tendency to promote feelings of ill will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia and

2) 4. (1) Any person who— (a) does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act which has

or which would, if done, have a seditious tendency; and shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable fora first offence to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both, and, for a subsequent offence, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years; and any seditious publication found in the possession of the person or used in evidence at his trial shall be forfeited and may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of as the court directs.

I would like you to prosecute the Minister of Education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for violating the above sections of the law in particular by authorizing the said book to be continuously used in schools pending the amendments if any and which is undefined. We also want criminal prosecution for sedition against the author, the syllabus panel of which approved the book for use in school and the relevant Education Ministry officials inspite of hundreds of Police Reports lodged nationwide against the said book.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kugan’s mom: Give me back my son

The family's lawyer also urges the government to form a Royal Commission of Inquiry to probe the youth's death in police custody two years ago.

PETALING JAYA:  Crushed by the court’s decision to free a policeman charged with causing grievous hurt to her deceased son, N Indra broke down in tears at a press conference here.

When asked to speak, the 42-year-old housewife could not find the words, and muttered to her lawyer N Surendran amid sobs, “I want my son back… give me back my son.”

Kugan’s aunt S Renuga, who was also present, said that the family was saddened by the Session Court’s decision to acquit Constable V Navindran this morning.

“When his death was highlighted, (Attorney-General) Abdul Gani (Patail) said there were 11 suspects. Now, not even one has been convicted. So where did his injuries come from?” asked the ashen-faced woman, urging the public to support the family’s call for justice.

Meanwhile, Surendran urged the government to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the 21-year-old youth’s death in police custody two years ago.

“The commission must be given wide powers to find out who murdered Kugan,” he said.
Kugan, whose body was found riddled with scars, was detained to facilitate investigations into a car theft syndicate.

While the initial post-mortem concluded that he had died of fluid accumulation in the lungs, a second post-mortem commissioned by the family claimed that he was beaten, starved and burnt with a hot iron.

Surendran, who is also PKR vice-president, called on Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail to resign for failing to secure a conviction.

“Gani should be held personally responsible for the prosecution’s incompetence. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak should personally answer for this,” he said.

MIC urges Najib to form IPCMC
Meanwhile, MIC information chief S Murugesan said a proper mechanism must be put in place to check the alarming number of death in custody cases.

“The acquittal in Kugan’s case just goes to show that we do not have a proper mechanism to monitor and bring to book those responsible for such deaths.

“At the moment, the police investigate death of inmates in its custody. Justice must not only be done but seen to be done as well,” he added.

Murugesan pointed out that in circumstances where the investigators were from the same agency under whose watch death occurred, the issue of impartiality and transparency arose.

Furthermore, he added, the number of convictions secured for death in police custody cases spoke volumes on the ineffectiveness of the current system.

In view of this, Murugesan urged Prime Minister Najib to set up the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

“The commission should have full powers to receive complaints, investigate, publish reports and prosecute those responsible in cases of death in custody.

“It will help restore public confidence in our police force and show the seriousness of the government in dealing with the issue,” he added.

No prima facie case
This morning, Justice Aslam Zainuddin said that Navindran was not required to enter his defence at the end of the prosecution case.

He added that the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the constable.

Navindran, 28, faced two counts of causing grievous hurt to Kugan, 23, at the D9 interrogation room at the Taipan police station, Subang Jaya, at 7am on Jan 16, 2009. The offences carry a maximum 10 years jail and a fine upon conviction.

Navindran also faced two alternative charges of causing hurt to Kugan at the same place and time, which carry a maximum seven years jail and a fine on conviction.

Interlok retention condemned

PETALING JAYA: Various groups have condemned the government decision to retain the novel Interlok as a Malay literature text in schools, and their anger is directed mostly at Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also Education Minister.

Klang MP Charles Santiago called it a “slap” on the face of Malaysian Indians and accused Muhyiddin of pandering to ultra-Malays to win votes in the Tenang by-election.

Muhyiddin, who announced the government decision today, said there would be amendments to the Abdullah Hussain novel to avoid hurt to Indian sentiments. Many groups are offended by what they describe as the novel’s stereotyped and misleading characterisation of Indians in Malaysia.

“He is pandering to the conservatives within Umno to secure his position in the party at the expense of the Indian community,” said Santiago.

This morning, Santiago led a group of 25 people representing non-governmental organisations and opposition parties to the Tenang police station, where they lodged a police report against the Education Minister and demanded complete withdrawal of the novel from schools.

Government misled?

The International Movement for the Preservation of Tamils, one of the NGOs, said it would hold a special prayer tomorrow in response to the Muhyiddin’s announcement.

“We will hold the prayer in Subramaniyar temple in Labis,” said the group’s public relations officer R Suresh Kumar.

He urged MIC to condemn the decision, saying this was the best time for the party to prove its mettle.

“If the MIC president has any clout in BN, he should act now,” he said.

The chairman of the Coalition of Malaysian Indian NGOs, A Vaithilingam, said the decision went against the government’s 1Malaysia campaign.

“I believe the government has been misled,” he said.

The Malaysian Indian Business Association also condemned the decision, with its president P Sivakumar arguing against the establishment of another panel to amend the novel.

He added that the Indian community’s view on the matter was very clear.

“The book should be taken out from schools,”said Sivakumar, who warned that the Indians may punish the ruling government for this in the next polls.

P Uthayakumar, the secretary-general of the Human Rights Party, meanwhile said he would respond only after seeing the amendments to the novel.

Kavyan welcomes it

However Kavyan Writers Association welcomed Muhyiddin’s decision to retain Interlok with necessary amendments.

“The decision is proof that the government is willing to listen to the plight and voices of the Indians,” said its president Uthaya Sankar SB.

He also reiterated the association’s stand that it was the Education Ministry and Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka(DBP) that should take the blame, instead of National Laureate Abdullah Hussain since the copyright for the students’ edition was held by DBP.

Kampung Buah Pala returns to haunt

A banner put up during the Thaipusam festival has irked nine former residents, who claim to have been shortchanged by the state government.

GEORGE TOWN: Some issues just refuse to die, and the now extinct Kampung Buah Pala is one such case.
Despite the Pakatan Rakyat state government’s attempts to lay the ghost to rest, the demolition of the Indian village two years ago continues to haunt Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s administration.

A political banner put up during last week’s Thaipusam festival claiming that Lim had delivered his promise to the village folk had irked nine ex-residents.

Kampung Buah Pala Residents Association chairman M Sugumaran called it a misrepresentation of facts.
“The banner implied that all affected residents have been compensated. Regretfully, nine more families are still waiting for compensation,” he told reporters.

The nine included two cowherds who were also seeking alternative land to breed their cattle.

“Our ranches were demolished ruthlessly by the developer two years ago. But until today, the state government refuses to give us alternative land to rear our cows, which are sacred to us,” said cowherd K Sivanantham, 41.

He said the state land office once offered a swamp-like waterlogged land near the Kuala Sungai Pinang coastal area in the Southwest district.

“Any cowherd will know that one cannot breed cows in a wet area. It has to be dry land,” he said.
Sugumaran blasted the state government for still refusing to compensate the nine “merely because they stood
up to defend their  rights”.
“Where are the houses for the nine? Why are we not compensated?” he asked.

Court hearing next week

The banner presumably was put up by former villagers thanking the Pakatan government for compensating them with double-storey houses.

It featured portraits of Lim, Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy, and photographs of the ongoing construction of the posh Oasis condominium project on the land.
The banner was put up near the DAP thaneer panthal (refeshment shed), located outside party national chairman and Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh’s house in Jalan Utama, Waterfall.

The 200-year-old Kampung Buah Pala was demolished in September 2009 to make way for the Oasis, undertaken by landowner Penang Civil Servant Cooperative Society and developer Nusmetro Venture (P) Sdn Bhd.

The 6.5-acre plot was sold to the cooperative for only RM3.21 million.

The village was once known to the locals, especially Indians, as the Tamil High Chaparral due to its high population of Indian cowherds and livestock as well as unique cultural features and festivities.

Originally, some 33 families lived in the village when the Oasis project was hatched by the previous Barisan Nasional state administration some six years ago.

However, the Gerakan-led state government inserted a clause to compel the developers to settle the compensation issue with the villagers first before the land title could be transferred.

Nine families moved out from the village some six years ago after agreeing to the original compensation package offered by Nusmetro.

The package was either a RM75,000 worth 800 sq ft low medium flat unit in the Oasis or cash.
But 24 others stayed put to fight for the land, which they claimed was given to their ancestors under trust by their colonial plantation master, the Brown Family.

When the village was demolished, the Pakatan government agreed to compensate the families with a double-storey house each, to be built on a 1.5-acre plot of land at the project site.

However, nine out of the 24 families did not get the house.

The houses were instead given to villagers who had already left after agreeing with the original compensation package.

According to the official version, the nine families failed to ink the documents for the houses in time.
However, the deprived nine pinned the blame on Lim and his personal vendetta.

The nine families had already initiated court action seeking a full trial over the Kampung Buah Pala land status.
They argued that since the land was under a federal trust, the state government had no right to transfer the land to a private developer.

Moreover, there had been no documented evidence to show that the federal government had ever transferred the land title to the Penang government, read the affidavit.

The case is up for hearing at the High Court next Monday.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A.G. Tan Sri Gani Patail and Malay-sian police have started bullying young 14 year old boy. 6 months & not ready with prosecution documents so court sends back 14 year old poor child Mughilan back to jail to continue with 2 ½ months jail before even being found guilty.

Arising out of a swimming pool misunderstanding where Mughilan (14) was alleged to have at worst  accidently touched a young girl while swimming. The policeman slapped Mughilan 3 times on the cheek, handcuffed him to his motorcycle and brought him to the police station. Mughilan started sobbing and repeated that he had not done any wrong.

Children are naturally naughty and should be protected and not punished under any legal system in any part of the world. Just because two police reports were lodged by Mughilan against the police, he was slapped with a charge under Section 354 of the Penal Code for outraging modesty and criminal force in outraging modesty which carries a ten year jail term whipping and a fine.
1How could a 14 year old boy use force on an 8 year old girl in a public area swimming pool at 6.15 p.m which is peak time with scores of other swimmers? Yang Arif Attorney General Tan Sri Gani Patail and the Malay-sian Polis Raja Di Malay-sia will now applying Malay-sian standards of justice.
P. Uthayakumar appeared before the KL Malay-sian Juvenile Courts Magistret Puan Suhaily binti Samsudin this morning, 26/1/11, applying that Mughilan be released after advising (if necessary) further to Section 93 (1) (9) or (b) of the Child Act 2001.
P1010022The DPP objected when the DPP wanted another mention date as the documents under section 51A of the Evidence Act for purposes of the trial were not ready. Uthayakumar urged the Court to dismiss the charge on the grounds of it being groundless further to Section 173 (g) of the Criminal procedure Code and mala fide especially so when Mughilan has already served 2 ½ months jail without even being found guilty.
Uthayakumar also submitted that Mughilan was denied his Birth Certificate and Identity Card and given it only last year. So he could not attend secondary school (The Tamil school headmaster admitted him to school off the record). But the secondary school Malay-sian headmaster refused to admit Mughilan  to school (like thousands of other Indian poor). Mughilan, his parents and grandparents are all born in Malaysia but have been made stateless together with an estimated 450,000 other even 4th, 5th and 6th generation Indians.
The racist and biased Magistret Puan Suhaily Samsudin turned down Uthayakumar’s application.
Uthayakumar repeated that Mughilan’s mother, a cleaner who only earns RM 450 per month could not afford the RM 1,700 bail despite 2 ½ months now since Mughilan’s imprisonment. Uthayakumar took out his wallet and appealed that he had RM 300 to help out and asked for the bail to be reduced to RM 300 so that Mughilan could go home with his mother.
The Malay-sian Magistret yet again turned down Uthayakumar’s appeal and sent Mughilan back to jail upholding the racist malay-sian standards of justice.
Would the Malay-sian Magistret have done the same had Mughilan’s name been Mohamed bin Abdullah?
Both Mughilan and his mother were in tears as Mughilan was taken back to jail. No bail money and no legal fees, no justice, and long jail sentences to thousands of Indians in One Malay-sia. Uthayakumar is attending to Mughilan’s case on a pro bono basis.
Uthayakumar is preparing a Revision (Appeal) to the High Court.
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice

Final Malay-sian Court nail on Hindu Corporal Moorthy’s coffin who lived as a Hindu but buried as a Muslim against his wife and family’s wishes.


(See The Sun , 26/1/2010 at page 10 and NST, 26/1/2010 at page 22)
Final Malay-sian   Final Malay-sian 2

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Krishnan's family does not accept 2nd autopsy result

(Malaysiakini) The preliminary report on the second autopsy on electrician M Krishnan, who died in police custody on Jan 7, concurs with an earlier finding that he died from stomach ulcer.

NONELawyer Gurmit Singh Hullon (left), who is representing Krishnan's family, said his clients could not accept the finding of the second autopsy. 

“We are not happy with the result and we do not accept it because it is conflicts with evidence provided that Krishnan was assaulted, beaten and left to die, without medical attention, for five days,” he Gurmit said.

The second post-mortemm performed at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) by pathologist Dr K Mathiharen, carried out after the family refused to accept the outcome of the first autopsy. 

Krishnan's wife P Revathi, 37, told reporters she did not accept the UMMC preliminary post-mortem report, insisting that her husband died from assault by the police. 

NONE“I will fight this in court, no matter how long it takes. I will wait for the official first and and second post-mortem results,” she said, fighting to hold back her tears. 

“We have two eyewitnesses, who saw everything, and there are photographs of his bruises.”
First report still not out
Gurmit said Mathiharen told him that there were several contusions on Krishnan's body but this was not reflected in the autopsy result. 

The lawyer said the family would wait for both the official documents on the first and second post-mortem findings before considering further action. 

Mathiharen is expected to release his report on Feb 7. 

Krishnan, 37, was arrested on Jan 3 for what police said was a drug related offence. He was remanded for four days.
On Jan 6, he was sent to hospital after developing stomach complications, and was pronounced dead the next day. 

The first post-mortem, conducted at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, concluded that Krishnan died from stomach ulcer. 

On Jan 19, both the police and Attorney-General's Chambers gave the family the green light to seek a second post-mortem following an application filed in court.

Media Event 2: 26/1/2011 @ 9.00am, 14 year Mughilan in jail 3 months now because can not afford RM 1,700 bail & lawyer. Vindictive police prosecuted him because he lodge police report against bully police for beating him up. P.Uthayakumar & M.Manoharan to press KL Magistrate Court to release him tommorow.

Media Event 2: 26/1/2011 @ 9.00am, 
14 year Mughilan in jail 3 months now because can not afford RM 1,700 bail & lawyer. Vindictive police prosecuted him because he lodge police report against bully police for beating him up. 
P.Uthayakumar & M.Manoharan to press KL Magistrate Court to release him tommorow.
For more information contact: 012–6362287
Information Chief

Krishnan's family cannot accept 2nd autopsy results

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interlok: Thousand ready to sue government

GEORGE TOWN: At least 1,000 people will file a joint civil action against the federal government if the controversial Interlok novel is not withdrawn from the Form Five syllabus by this week.

Breaking his silence over the issue, Hindraf Makkal Sakti supremo P Waythamoorthy issued the stern ultimatum to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

“Withdraw the fictitious and seditious Interlok from the education curriculum immediately or face a people’s civil action,” he said.

Waythamoorthy said Hindraf had some 1,000 people ready to file the suit to seek the withdrawal of the novel written by national laureate Abdullah Hussain.

He said the civil action would also seek a court declaration condemning the novel for allegedly sowing the seeds of racial hatred.

In view of this, Waythamoorthy said the Cabinet must make a decision, during its weekly meeting tomorrow, to revoke the book.

He warned that Hindraf would carry out a cohesive campaign to mobilise thousands of its supporters, both here and abroad, to force the issue if the Cabinet decided against the withdrawal.

He also claimed that the government’s sanction of a flawed, fictional and racially slanted novel as a compulsory study material underlined Umno’s “racist” agenda.

Why is Pakatan silent?

Waythamoorthy pointed out that no rational government would sanction a novel containing demeaning and degrading elements about a certain community for study in schools.

“The novel will only create disunity and misunderstanding among students but will also plant seeds of hatred, contempt, mistrust, ill will and hostility among students,” he said.

He also chided the government for dragging its feet even though there had been an uproar against the novel.

“Yet all the Umno government does is hold endless dialogue sessions with its Indian mandores and suggest various assuaging formulas, instead of making a straightforward decision to withdraw the novel. It’s a typical Umno delay tactic,” he said.

In the interim, he said, students would be compelled to read this racially tainted book for exam while Umno hoped to ultimately sweep the issue under the carpet.

He reminded the government that a curriculum philosophy was to contribute to an individual’s holistic development of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual growth by imparting knowledge and skills, fostering healthy attitudes and instilling accepted moral values.

“But, in contrary, this fictitious and seditious Interlok novel will contribute to producing bigoted attitudes among the young,” added the London-based activist.

Waythamoorthy also took a swipe at Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders over the issue.

He said Hindraf was equally disappointed and upset with Anwar for claiming that Interlok did not contain any racial elements.

He also questioned other “multiracial” Pakatan leaders for being absolutely mute over the issue.

“Their deafening silence over such an important issue does not augur well for our multiracial nation and ethnic Indian community,” he said. - Free Malaysia Today

Anwar Ibrahim plays to Malay muslim gallery, supports Interlok and use of word pariah against Malaysian Indians.

url anwar
As was reported in December 2010 in Malaysiakini and Freemalaysiatoday that he thinks that there is nothing wrong with Interlok.

In today’s MN 24/1/11 at page 3 the ex 16 year UMNO up to No. 2 skirts around the issue refuses to condemn Interlok and the use of the word Pariah for fear of losing the 60% Malay muslim votes but pushing the buck to the Education Ministry.

Note the row of his PKR Indian cari makan mandores a la MIC he prefers to do wayang kulit with, in the photo below.

Res Ipsa Loquiteour – the facts speak for itself.
(see Malaysian nanban 24/1/2011 at page 3)
Karunai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice.

anwar ibrahim

PKR, DAP & PAS excludes HRP in seat negotiation. Even evil UMNO gives MIC 9 parliament & 20 state seats. HRP & Hindraf to go on solo with Project 15/38 irrespective.

url pkr
Without even lifting a finger or even opening their mouth even the evil  UMNO grants at least 9 Parliament  and 20 state seats to the MIC mandores.  And P.R. are having their seat distribution  meeting among PKR, DAP and PAS, and is not prepared to make way for HRP and Hindraf  (see BH 24/1/11 at page 9).
PKR, DAP & PAS P.R fairer to the Indians than UMNO/BN?
Just because HRP and Hindraf are not prepared  to assume the PR Indian mandores  role, PKR, DAP and PAS has even refused to talk to HRP and Hindraf. Our official letters asking to meet Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang have never been replied to.
HRP and Hindraf has even written in and asked PKR, DAP and PAS to make way in HRP’s targeted 15/38 Parliament and State seats to make way for a straight fight between HRP and BN and so as not to split the Opposition votes and to end our common enemy UMNO/BN’s 53 year rule without a break of the chain of Putrajaya. We are even prepared to get Indians to support PKR, DAP and PAS/PR in the rest of the 207 Parliament and 538 state seats as is the arrangements between UMNO/BN and MIC. Also to support PR form the next Federal government in Putrajaya and even for Anwar Ibrahim to become the next Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Yet, PKR, DAP and PAS as it stands appear even more evil cruel and greedy than UMNO/BN.
Irrespective, pushed to the wall and out of no other choice, HRP and Hindraf would proceed with it’s Project 15/38. And if BN wins as a result of a three concerned fight and a split in the opposition votes and BN gets to continue to rule Putrajaya by just a slim majority of these 15 seats, then PKR, DAP and PAS’ responsibility for the continued injustices by the evil UMNO/BN is going to continue to be meted out to in particular the Indian poor.
Note:     1)    That Julia Gillard party is now ruling Australia by a two seat majority.
    2)    PR got to rule Perak in the March 2008 General elections also by a two seat majority.
    3)    In the March 2008 General Elections the popular votes was 51%  for BN and 49% for the Opposition.
    4)    PKR, DAP and PAS are again accepting for free Indian votes as what swept them to power in Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor (and Wilayah Persekutuan K.L) and denying  UMNO/BN their two thirds majority all for the first time in the history of Malaysia because of Hindraf’s political directions to vote en block for PKR, DAP and PAS. But this time around in the General Elections 13, PKR, DAP and PAS are no longer going to get the free Indian votes.
If they don’t make way for HRP in its Project 15/38 HRP, then Hindraf’s political directions would be to abstain from voting PR or BN in the rest of the said 207 Parliament  and 538 state seats!
The ball is in PKR, DAP and PAS’ court on ending the evil UMNO/BN regime’s rule of Putrajaya.
P. Uthayakumar

Std One pupil slapped for not lining up

KUALA LUMPUR : A parent of a seven-year-old pupil in SRK Sri Delima in Jalan Ipoh has lodged a report against a teacher who beat her daughter for not lining up in the correct row after recess.

L Savatharaja, a journalist from Tamil daily, Malaysian Nanban, said his daughter Shanya had come home last Wednesday crying after a teacher known as Virda, hit her on the head, pinched her ears and slapped her hands.

“The incident frightened my daughter. Now she is too scared to go to school and is crying everyday,” he said, adding that he decided to lodge a police report against the teacher and the school authorties after failing to get a proper explanation from the school.

Recalling his visit to the school to inquire about what happened, Sarvantharaja said: “On Friday, I went to school to find out what had happened. But when I approached the teacher, I was shocked by her action.

“She told me off with ‘kalau encik tidak suka anak belajar disini, tukar sahajalah! Encik hendak pergi polis atau media, tiada masalah. Lebih baik tukar sahaja ke sekolah lain!’ (If you don’t like your child studying here then change lah! You can go to the police or the media, no problem. Better you change school.”)

“It was a irresponsible response to my question which was why she hit my daughter.

“I was angry and tried to take her photograph. But she covered her face and ran a few steps before stopping to turn back and say ‘janganlah ambil gambar saya belum solek lagi! bawa cermin dulu.(do not take my picture yet. I have no make-up. Bring me a mirror first!)

“I then went to see the afternoon session supervisor Rohizan Ibrahim. She promised to look into the matter. But there has been no reply from the school,” he said.

He pointed out that teachers handling Standard One pupils should be more understanding of the situation as the children were barely out of kindergarden.

“This is not a racial issue… it is not about a Malay teacher hitting an Indian student. This is about a teacher’s lack of patience and understanding of the situation. How can you beat a child who is just two weeks into her first school year? What kind of training are these teachers getting?” he asked.

As for his daughter, Sarvantharaj said the family had decided to find her another school with hopefully better teachers.