Saturday, January 15, 2011

Manmohan Singh: Stop awarding $ Trillions infrastructure projects in India to racist UMNO Malay-sian companies in text of P. Uthayakumar’s speech at New Delhi Pravasi International Conference on 9/1/11.

Five Chief Ministers present said that India on way to becoming a world super power and the role of the PIO.

Yesterday morning’s session we had Chief Guest Mr. Anand Satyanand, a first generation PIO who is the Governor General of New Zealand.

· But the 4th, 5th & 6th generation PIO of Malaysia are not as fortunate, they cannot even get a job of a peon in any government department.

· Some 450,000 PIOs in Malaysia are / have been made stateless by Malaysia’s apartheid policies

· Skills training, University places & scholarships are denied to some two thousand over top PIO students each year.

· Thousands of licences are denied to PIOs to do business every year.

· Top jobs in govt and private sector denied to PIOs.

This is just the TIP OF ICEBERG

· Malaysia has the world’s only failed Indian diaspora by being segregated a la apartheid.

· If we cannot appeal to mother India where else can we go?

· Give our students scholarships. Out of 74 students taken by Jawaharal Nehru Medical College in 2010 only one PIO was given a place, ie 1.35%.

· A further 14 Indian Medical Colleges in India are taking in Malaysian scholarship students whose criteria is Malay muslim and not on merit. P10 segregated. Malay muslim supremacy exported to Indian soil has to be stopped.

· RM 3.3 Trillion infrastructure development projects in India in next 5 years where the lions share is to be bidded by UMNO linked Malaysian companies.

· Stop awarding infrastructure projects in India to Malaysian companies on the above basis

· Appeal to India to also reconsider business deals with Malaysia!

· Give Malaysian Indian poor scholarships!

· India is the 4th largest World Economic Power!

· Emerging World Superpower!

· Mother India please help us!