Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Behind the revolt : Hindraf Rally 25-11-2007 ( Video Clip)

http://www.malaysia 16048.html
[url=http:// www.malaysiakini .tv/video/ 16048.html] Behind the revolt :: Hindraf Rally 2007[/url]

Hi all,
This is a good piece of research clip done by Malaysiakini team.
To Malaysiakini team, you guys deserve the recognition by Alexa to be number 1.

This clip reveals many issues of Malaysian Indians and core reasons that brings HINDRAF out.
It is must watch video clip by all Malaysians to truly understand the revolt of Hindraf rally and thier struggle.
Let us focus on the primary issues tht still have not be resolve and stay united.

Our Hindraf leaders have done the awakening and awareness, it is our responsibility to be be apart of historical struggle of right.
The truth is known by the world on the relaity of Indians in Malaysia, the Umno led government still being blind and ignorance.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi

Kannan Ramasamy
Hindraf National Event Coordinator