Wednesday, July 23, 2008

VOH- UMNO demolishes 2nd Hindu temple since GE2008

Voice of Hindraf:

UMNO demolishes second Hindu temple since the 8th March 2008 General Elections without a valid court order and in total disregard for Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

UMNO has also committed a crime punishable with a two years jail term, contrary to 294 (defiling a place of worship), 295 (disturbing a religious assembly), 296 (inciting religious hatred) and Section 441(criminal damage) of the Penal Code (Tamil Nesan 18/06/08 pg 4).

Even one cartoon of Nabi Muhammad caused so much anger in UMNO and the "multi –racial" community in Malaysia. But here the very idols the Hindus had been praying to at the Port Dickson Sri Muniswaran Hindu temple was demolished using a bulldozer and backed by 10 Port Dickson Land/District Officers and 20 Policemen.

This does not happen to any Malay Muslim Mosques and suraus. But it is only in Malaysia that the supposed "multi-racial" opposition parties PKR, DAP, PAS, Civil Societies and the Print and the Electronic media does not raise even their little finger. So UMNO has had a free hand over the last 50 years in bullying the mere 8% minority Indians and backed up by their police force, army, and the civil service.

M. Ravi PKR the state assemblyman could not stop the said demolishment. His boss Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would lose Malay Muslim votes if they condemned this Hindu temple demolishment. So they pretend that they see no evil, hear no evil and therefore speak no evil. But have to acknowledge that in the PKR, DAP and PAS ruled states, no Hindu temples have been demolished since the March 8th General Elections.

The Indians and forces of "Makkal Sakthi" people power must go for self help which is allowed in law. They must form a legally trained group who invoke the citizens arrest power even if it means arresting the authorities themselves. But "Makkal Sakthi" must be prepared for the consequences and be prepared to pay the price for the eventual abuse of power and malicious and vindictive action by UMNO's police, Attorney General and UMNO's Courts. This is the only way to stop any further Hindu temples demolishment in Malaysia.

Send large scale SMSes and get as many people as possible to come to the temple which UMNO wants to demolish.

Vote UMNO out completely in the 2012/13 General Elections and vote for People Power "Makkal Sakthi".