Saturday, July 19, 2008

VOH - Education Rights, Malaysian Indians is still been marginalized !!

Voice of Hindraf 18 July 2008

Tamil kindergarten not allowed in vacant wawasan school building which also houses the SRJK9T) Mukim Pundut Ipoh (NST 03/07/08 Pg 23).

In fact almost all Tamil schools do not have kindergartens to cater for the Indian poor. To the contrary almost all Malay schools have kindergartens in almost every Malay Muslim village. This is the height of UMNO’s racism extremism and with impunity. PKR, DAP, PAS, BAR Council, Suhakam, NGOs, Civil Society, Activists and the Print and Media does not care very much.

11A and no PSD scholarship for Indian student (Tamil Nesan 27/06/08 front page).

Not only did Samuel Raj from Klang get 11As but he has also active in sports, played badminton, school debater etc. Samuel Raj’s father is security guard with the Klang Municipality and his mother is a kindergarten school teacher. Raj’s ambition of doing medicine is now dashed by the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government. UMNO will play wayang kulit and ask you to appeal to PSD. Samuel Raj did so and his appeal again rejected without basis. Had he been a Malay Muslim, Raj would by now have been in the some medical university. The opposition PKR, DAP and PAS would argue that not all Malaysians are rich but they divert away from the fact that for all Malay Muslim students the sky is the limit when they want to pursue their education in any field of their choice but not for Samuel Raj who never asked to be born as an Indian.

As his parents could not afford to earn send him for tuition Samuel Raj studied very hard and made the grades for Medicine but now denied a PSD scholarship because he is of ethnic Indian origin. Samuel Raj is one of the thousands of Indians who are suffering in silence and deprived of their fair opportunities to realize their academic dreams because of UMNO’s racist and religious extremist policies. This UMNO control Malaysian Government is about the only government in the world which would stop a citizen from realizing his full academic potential on the grounds of race and religion. Start early. Spread this word that the evil racist and religious UMNO must be completely wiped out in the 2012/13 general elections. As PKR, DAP and PAS too does not care for the Indians, keep a look out for Makkal Sakthi people power who would speak out without fear or favour especially for the Indians. We make no promises but promise to stand up. Speak up and fight for the thousands of injustices as in the case of Samuel Raj.

Vaalge Hindraf Makkal Sakthi.