Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Letter from WMP to Mr Thanethiran (Hindraf National Coordinator)

135-3 Jalan Toman 7
Kemayan Square 70200

7TH July 2008.

Dear Tanendran

I have been monitoring the Tamil press for the last few days and am sorry for the predicament you are involved in.

I note with concern that suddenly there appear many groups who claim to be representing HINDRAF and founders of HINDRAF and have thrown various allegations against you. Many of the allegations are unfounded, unwarranted , trivial in nature and are calculated to break HINDRAF and portray that HINDRAF is a disorganised organisation.

There is no doubt that HINDRAF is a young organisation which has been deliberately refused registration by the Government so that they could continuously accuse us of running an illegal organisation.

It is also clear that the Police Special branch which have been working hard to break this powerful organisation is gaining limited success with the help of irresponsible individuals and Media.

In the current circumstances I urge you to remain calm and refrain from issuing any statements for the next few days at least. Let us give our detractors an opportunity to fulfil their Karma. In this way we would also know for certain who is with us genuinely and who are the opportunists who reaps at our cause and at the cause of our struggle.

I also take note of individuals who mislead the community by pretending to be championing our cause. There also appear to be people who are only interested in monetary factor and do not see the larger community interest.

I once again urge you to remain calm and apologize for putting you in a difficult position to face such criticisms.

P.Waytha Moorthy