Monday, July 7, 2008

Letter to Mrs Vasantha on her recent remark in Star

by G. Kanchana

I would like to refer to Mrs. Vasantha Kumar's (Mrs Vicneswary) statement in the STAR (02/07/08)
The wife of ISA detainee and Hindu Rights Action Force coordinator K. Vasantha Kumar seems oblivious to the fact that all the Hindraf wives and families are very much in the same shoes as her, some even worse with their elderly parents seriously ill and others having to close down their legal firms.
Mrs. Vickneswary doesn't seem to understand that all the families were left in a lurch and suffering just like her. This applies to the Hindraf 6 and all ISA detainees. This is the cruelty of ISA. Every wife travels the six hundred kilometers on their own, to their husbands. I wouldn't at all like to sound childish and attack her on what support she has given to the other families. After all Uthaya did suffer serious medical issues in detention and Waytha's daughter underwent surgery, did Vickneswary help or morally support any of these families let alone visit them. What is this attitude of some of the wives waiting for those in the front-line of Hindraf to visit them and keep them informed. There is a lack of communication between some of the wives and Hindraf, however it must be remembered the circumstances and events that contributed to this division. Was it Mr. Vasantha Kumar's false police report or some of these wives preference to make their own and secret dealings with Government officials and politicians for the release of their husbands. Why was Hindraf or its coordinators never informed or what was was the purpose of the so called "secret" meetings and appeals. Many thought this as betrayal as it involved persons that Hindraf accused as the reasons behind the downfall of the Indians.Despite this Hindraf made no comments and preferred to be of the opinion that it was the individuals right to pursue the matter in which ever manner they chose. However ties were severed. Hindraf has and is still openly fighting for the release of ALL the ISA detainees. Further, Hindraf as it had before Nov 25th is still continuously fighting for the rights of the Indians. Day after day its chairman Waythamoorthy the coordinators and supporters are constantly fighting for the Indians. Everyone knows, it is Hindraf that brought about the changes in this country today. You only have to flip through the papers and the internet to see the amount of works still being done. What may I ask is Mrs. Vickneswari's contribution or infact some of the other ISA wives participation in this continuous struggle for the Indians. Infact there is a particular wife who has come into a lot more power since the General Election 2008 but has yet to bring out any issues concerning the Indians that would complement her husband's struggle.. As to the lack of financial assistance all the wives individually received some sort of financial aid directly from the persons/individuals/groups giving it. Although the money's were given to the individual wives it was given in spirit because of Hindraf. So whatever money you received was from Hindraf. Please don not expect a cheque signed by Waythamoorthy at your door step, the HIndraf struggle is a struggle from the heart it has no monetary value. We know of all the financial assistance you received, right up from the Al-Jazeera collection, the donations from temples and well wishers up to K.P. Samy's contribution. It would be totally unappreciative for you to now say you did not receive any. Totally ungrateful ! Ask Mr. Raidu he would have more knowledge in this matter.We noticed soon after the Dec 13th arrest how Mr. Vasantha Kumar's mindset seemed to have drifted towards money alone. His involvement in Hindraf had only been three months (and under scrutiny as well ) and yet his expectations were very high and very monetary. While Mr. Uthayakumar behind bars is still very much active in HINDRAF and its future plans, Mr. Vasantha Kumar, your husband was busy asking for Hindraf money. And now it you! Utter humiliation. My serious advice to you would be to stop listening to the ill advices of some who are keen to cause a division in Hindraf. The struggle for the Indians by Hindraf will carry on regardless of those who betray it.Some Hindraf wives, their children, mothers, siblings, families, friends, coordinators, supporters and many others are still in the front-line of this struggle and continuously doing the job.Sitting back, depressed, complaining and blaming others is not going to do you any good. Making such remarks and statements to the press is not damaging to Hindraf but rather to yourself and your husband. You are a HINDRAF 6 wife, be proud of it……. but most of all ACT it !