Sunday, May 16, 2010

HINDRAF accounts: Home Minister and Police clears Hindraf and P.Waytha Moorthy. Shame on Mandore Ramasamy.

This Mandore Ramasamy sidestepped thousand of questions on the critical Indian problems. The latest and most obuious being the shooting to death of two Indian brothers in Taiping last month by the police sharp shoothers in their shoot to kill policy and there being at least three eye witnesses. Neither did this or the 11 other Indian mandore MP’s or the 78 PR MP’s move an emergency motion in Parliament as was rightly done in the case of police shot dead victim Aminulrasyid Amzah (15).
We have never had a single argument let alone a quarrel with this Ramasamy mandore. But just because we had campaigned against and criticized his towkay Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng for demolishing Kg.Buah Pala, the last traditional Indian village in Penang, this nutty professor went all out against Hindraf by making up and creating the Hindraf financial mismanagement allegations.
This is the very same Hindraf wave he rode to victory in DUN Prai and Parliament Batu Kawan and power as DCM2 of Penang. Shame on this mandore. Victory against Mandorism!  by this Home  minister clearing Hindraf.Would you believe it that this “esteemed” academic turned mandore was the country’s top political scientist in UKM!
Knowing that the full and transparent accounts was made public on  this mandore still tried his luck to defame and slander us. But now it has back fired on him with the truth surfacing and no other that the Home Minister himself clearing P.Uthayakumar and P.Waytha Moorthy.
This mandore is so desperate so as to also implicate P.Uthayakumar who was then under ISA detention.
With this reply in Parliament  we now wish him all the best in defending his RM10 Million defamation suit which P.Waytha Moorthy had filed against him.