Sunday, May 16, 2010

UMNO Malay-sia: World’s most successful racist regime. RM 1.03 billion Maybank quarterly profit but Indians excluded from sharing this wealth.

The Starbiz 14/5/2010 at page B3. For the year 2010 Maybank’s profit is expected to be about RM 4 billion.
To start off with an Indians however capable or qualified will never get to become the Chief Executive Officer of Maybank. Indians will also similarly be excluded from the top twenty positions, and all Executive and Managerial positions in this or any bank.
PNB with  100% 8.9 million malay muslim shareholders own a controlling interest in Maybank
1) PNB equity from RM540 million in 1981 rose to RM76.7 billion in 2008 today. PNB is the world’s largest and most successful unit trust that spread ownership to 8.9 Million Malay shareholders an increase to 10 times from 840,000 in 1981. PNB today controls Maybank, Sime Darby, MIDF, Island and Peninsula and UMW Holdings. Since 1981,RM60 billion was paid out to 8.9 Million Malay shareholders at an average of RM6,741.57 per shareholder (NST 21/04/2008 page2).logo-maybank
2) Unlike Maika, UMNO on the contrary tasked professionals under a government instituted body for PNB. Had UMNO done the very same PNB style strategy for Maika Holdings, 80% of these 66,459 poor Indians, would have come out of their lower income status and perhaps moved up to at least the lower income group. But because of the UMNO’s malay muslim racist and supremacist agenda and design, these 66,459 low income Indians have now most likely slipped from the lower income group to the poverty level if not to the hardcore poverty level.
But UMNO would never accord shares for example in Maybank to for example Maika Holdings for the Indians to also share Maybank’s RM 4 billion yearly profits and wealth of the country.
Who speaks for the Indians PKR? DAP? PAS? Elite Indians? NGOs’? Bloggers? Malaysian civil society? The Malays? The Chinese?
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