Sunday, May 16, 2010

Najib Razak:“BN sahabat sejati sekolah China”(UM 13/5/10 page 2) Sekolah Tamil sahabat sejati siapa?

This is UMNOs’ racist agenda:-
RM 120 Million for MRSM Trolak,RM 18 Million for Sibu Chinese schools and RM 3 Million for Hulu Selangor Chinese school. But for Hulu Selangor Tamil school it is piped water electricity, hampers and five thousand ringgit by UMNO, PKR, DAP and PAS. This is racism to the core but when we raise the racism, we instead are accused of racism by even PKR, DAP, PAS, NGOs’,, NGOs’ Bloggers etc to divert attention away from the real racism.
Karnnai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
13-05-2010 - STMT - 1  
BN sahabat sejati sekolah China