Monday, May 17, 2010

Indian girl shaved bold (partly) by headmaster of Rawang Malay school (SH 13/5/10 page N 25)

UMNO42_091107_MUHYIDDIN This is the racist UMNO system we are living in and fighting against.
Hundreds if not thousands of acts off racism of this nature and others are inflicted on the Indians on a day to day basis by the 1,016,799 racist Biro tatanegara graduates(UM Buletin 21/6/09 at page 19)
This is the racist UMNO system which we are fighting to end.
But to divert attention away from this real life and serious racism even the PKR Supremo, NGOs’, P.R,, Bloggers etc will say that this is the Hindraf racist agenda.
Karnnai Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
13-05-2010 - STMT
 - Indian girl shaved bold