Saturday, August 15, 2009

Updates on Press Conference from Buah Pala

Press conference has just started, Dr.ganesan, Mr.Tamaraj and Lawyer Darshan is answering and explanining to the reporters, this is a life report so more details to be updated after the press conference.

All details will be in point form :

By Mr.Tamaraj

- Buah Pala Villager was harrassed by the Nusmetro Gangsters on the 13.08.09.

- 24 july Lim Guan Eng said he will do something for kg.Buah Pala Village for the second time. and it has been going on again and again

- Karpal was sick is one of the reason.

What Lim Guan Eng said ; using my authoruty as the chief Minister to direct MPPP to immediately revoke the development order issued to Nusmetro!

Dr.Ganesan. .. The changes in need from the BN government and now the DAP government has no changes in any of it's policies,Its a waste in of Human Potential in terms of Culture and Heritage.

The opressed and the marginalised people are kept that way even with the new Governme

Tamaraj has explained the agreement by Nusmetro.. details on my previous article.

- the agreement does not look like an agreement and has not been stamped and signed with name and no company chops!

Mr.ganesan continued that non of the POlitician from the State Government has visited the village before and after the incident on the 13th Aug. We were abondoned said the villagers.

A meeting has to be arranged between the Villagers, Developer, State Government and Land Owner, and the developer cannot contact my clients said Lawyer Darshan. The meeting has to be arranged on a written form, not through calls.

No one has invited the Villagers for a meeting in the State Government but the residents went and saw Prof.Ramasamy by their own will, and were asked to sign an empty Paper as an agreement, said some residents!

On the 13.08.09 the bailiff has produced one agreement which has been hand written and the villagers were asked to sign the paper, but non of the villagers has signed the paper and only 3 members from the Makkal Sakthi political Party has signed the paper, including its leader Thananthiren.

Lawyer Darshan said that all the Land Transaction will be freezed at the first week of his nomination as the Chief Minister, but nothing has been utilised so far, and he also said that all land as the Lease Hold will be converted to Free hold! Not even one land has been converted so far by Lim Guan Eng!

100 Gangsters from Chong Nam Gangsters has assaulted the villagers on the 13th Aug 2009. it has been assured by the Villagers whom recognised them and willing to be sued if they are wrong!

Lawyer Darshan also added that there is an agreement between Nusmetro Ventures and the Koperasi pegawai pegawai kerajaan Pulau Pinang but the state government or any one of them refused to produce the agreement to the the villagers Lawyer.

Linked house 2storey building has been signed by only 6 resident in an invalid agreement and 4 of them has signed a blank paper at the Ramasamy's office, by residents!