Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kg.Buah Pala is not safe for High Rise Building!

Source: Cryingvoices

Why? Ex-Adun for Sri Delima said early this year that the Land in Kg.Buah Pala is not a safe place for Highrise building due to the condition and structure of the earth in this area which contains flowing underwater passage, this can be proven with the amount of Wells that's available in this Village till today!

One of the village is suprised to know that a portion of cement cracked and fell as deep as 2metres and shocked to see water rushed and made a well, the well is not man made until the villager realise the changes in the ground and made it as a well now.. check the photos below :

This is the portion of the well that has collapsed unexpectedly and re-built by the Owner as a well last month!

in the middle of house! Think .. what will happen to the oasis condo!

This is one more well and there are many other around this area!